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Spiritual Wisdom for the time after September 11th
(created 12 Nov 2001 - last update: 24 May 2002)

Thich Nhat Hanh in Shangai on 19th October, after the 11th September tragedy

"Terror is in the human heart. We must remove this from the heart. Destroying the human heart, both physically and psychologically, is what we should avoid.

The root of terrorism is misunderstanding, hatred and violence. This root cannot be located by the military. Bombs and missiles cannot reach it, let alone destroy it.

Only with the practice of calming and looking deeply can our insight reveal and identify this root. Only with the practice of deep listening and compassion can it be transformed and removed.

Darkness cannot be dissipated with more darkness. More darkness will only make darkness thicker. Only light can dissipate darkness. Those of us who have the light should display the light and offer it so that the world will not sink into total darkness."

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Inspirational & Informative Thoughts after September 11, 2001

Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 - From: "Philip A. Kratzer"
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Dear Friends:
I would like to share with you a something I heard the Dalai Lama say in Los Angeles a couple of years ago.

The stage was set for his appearance. There was a Tibetan rug on the floor, a beautiful flower arrangement and a grand Louis XIV chair. The Dalai Lama entered, blessed us and sat down. The chair was so big that his feet did not quite touch the ground. He looked down and began to swing his legs. He looked up at us and sat there grinning and swinging his legs for a few minutes.

At the end of the talk someone from the audience asked him, "Why didn't you fight back against the Chinese?"

The Dalai Lama looked down, swung his feet just a bit, then looked back up at us and said with a gentle smile, "Well, war is obsolete you know." Then, after a few moments, his face grave, he said, "Of course the mind can rationize fighting back... but the heart, the heart would never understand. Then you would be divided in yourself, the heart and the mind, and the war would be inside you."

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The Time of the Great Change - Mayan Wisdom

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For thousands of years we have known that this is the time for which we have all been waiting. This is the time of the great change. We have known it because we have read the prophecies and listened to the messages of those who work with us. The year 2012 has been predicted to be the year that is referred to by all the seers and prophets of old.

According to the Mayans the fifth world finished in 1992 and the sixth world starts in 2012. We are currently "between worlds". This time is called the "Apocalypse" or the revealing. This means the real truth will be revealed. The power of this revelation is such that all things that are hidden will be revealed in this time period. During this remaining ten years to 2012, we will each need to work on that which we have hidden deep within our psyche. The external world will serve to reveal and expose our innermost fears, in order to be challenged and transmuted. We will be called to face the enemy within.

On a global level the deeper darker secrets of our world will also be revealed. This is a necessity for us to go through the transformation. As it says in the Bible you can't take a camel through the eye of a needle. The higher truths and the greater light of our divinity will also be revealed. That which we have kept hidden, or is yet to be revealed, will also be brought into our awareness. It is the time of the great awakening on all levels. The darker side, for transformation and transmutation, and the lighter side for integration and expression.

For the Mayans, as also for us, the sixth world is still blank. It requires us to create that new world. We have been as little children and now we have grown up. We have come of age and we are being challenged to take on the responsibility of becoming a co-creator with All That Is.

The laws of creation are very simple. The only requirement is that you begin to use those laws with conscious awareness. You need to make willed choices; be clear about your vision for the future, recognise what you really desire, change limiting beliefs, and think and feel in harmony with what you would really like to create. Your emotions need to be engaged in all their fullness. Pray, ask, imagine, decide, hold the resonance, feel the reality and the gratitude for what you are creating. Believe totally in what you are creating. Above all else be loving and compassionate in your creative process.

During the Apocalypse, or the time "between worlds" many people will be going through very significant personal changes. When terror strikes, people respond in familiar ways. The temptation to avoid the enemy is one of our most common patterns. In truth, there is no real "enemy", except that which lies within the individual and the collective psyche of a culture or country.

What is not owned is projected onto another. Who is our enemy ? The one who attempts to destroy us by dis-empowering, devaluing, condemning, hating and terrorizing. The enemy is that part of us that devalues us, takes away our sense of power, seeks to punish or condemn by beating us up, hates who we are and terrorizes us into impotence and fear.

The impact of the enemy, both within and without is that we lose our will power. The will to take action in our personal lives is severely impacted. We don't speak out for fear of being punished. We don't take the necessary actions that would change the strangle hold that our own sense of terror or dread has over us. Who or what were we most afraid of as a child? In what way did we expect there to be some divine retribution/justice and we would have to suffer the consequences? What secrets do we still feel lie deep within our psyche that if anyone else found out about them they would surely hate us?

The enemy that lies within us also consumes our dreams and visions of the future, the world we wish to create. We can no longer trust the future or believe in ourselves enough to know that we can make a difference. The enemy also takes away our happiness and joy of life and our sense of abundance. We allow the enemy within to take away our sense of value and self worth. We devalue ourselves by negating that we are significant.

It is time to renew our dreams and visions for our new world. It is time to let go our need for justice and retribution. These are attitudes that belong to an avenging God or a punishing parent. We seem to want to continue with the belief that we are to punish or be punished according to some old outmoded inaccurate sense of karma.

We somehow feel the need to take over the role of God. For those who would ask "Do we just let them get away with it?" Perhaps it is important to understand the deeper principles. If there were a punishing God and there isn't then we need to know that Divine justice will prevail. If there is no punishing God then why do we feel the need to seek some form of vindication, both on ourselves for past deeds, or the external enemy?

Forgiveness is essential for each of us on that very personal level. We really need to be able to forgive ourselves for what even past deeds we did or didn't do. Only then can we really let go of the need to feel that there will be some form of divine justice that will come to seek us out and provide due punishment. If we don't forgive ourselves both personally and as a nation, then we live in fear and trepidation as we wait for the terrorist act or the dreadful event to punish us as if some divine justice made it OK.

When a group or nation of people who have come together hold a collective memory of a regret, guilt or shame, that collective memory, overlaid with a belief in divine retribution will provide an experience that will affirm that belief. "God is punishing us because we are too wealthy, powerful, successful or because we as a nation destroyed people in our quest for power". We have enslaved others for hundreds of years through the use of tyranny. We our now being enslaved by that same tyranny expressed in another way.

The power of resonance and the willingness to forgive as a nation and as an individual, to hold true to your sense of personal power, your dreams for the future and your willingness to be happy without the need for reprisal will enable a great healing to take place on all levels.

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Sent from on 13 January 2002:

Let not your Soul be troubled by the condition of the earth, for you hold yourself away from these things and are made of firmer stuff. In the tide of man's progress, evil often rises to destroy good, but if we truly believe that good will prevail - then surely it will. We are entering a time of change, a new awakening of the spiritual nature of humanity - we are the Leaders, the Carriers of the Light, therefore we must be strong.

We are watching a struggle between the Pure Light of Spirit and the regligious and fundamental institutions that have taken control over your world and it is a battle that will cause much pain. Out of the most powerful of your earthly nations has arisen great Satan and all that follow him are walk-ins programmed to do his biding. Trust not your newspapers or your television, for they crave to take over your minds. Seek inwardly your higher being, it will only honour you with the truth.

You are watching a power struggle waged by a non-spiritual based government of the United Stages, for they enact the 'last days', written about in scripture. 'They shall rise up one against another, the Christian against Islam, for a thousand years they will hold a state of war and they will destroy one another'.

Out of the darkness a new light will be born. For in casting away earth-controlled religion, the people of earth will again look upon their God. But in the meantime, as the war rages, there will be every extreme of violence, for great Satan knows that he must conquer or die. The United States must be cleansed of its evil controllers, and in the words written at their conception - 'be again a country of integrity'.

To you all at this time of the Festival of Light become spiritually strong and active, see not the future in a pessimistic haze but in all the glory of the Divine Light. It is a time of challenge. Where do you stand? Look now to the Sacred Nature Of All Things, The Divine Love that flows from each and everyone that fully takes of the Light. It is a sacrifice of the old ways and a meeting of the new. A calling from the highest source to give totally of yourselves - a transformation that seeks the embodiment of your true being.

As we enter this New Year, we shall see the war burn between the strength of America and the faith of Islam. The fire will cause much damage and all will feel its heat. But it will be a karmic justice and in its wake will be a revitalization of the planet and a lifting of the level of the Soul force. We shall witness the falling away of ancient tribal bonds and a re-emergence of Islam back to the original folksoul from which it was born.

To those who shun Love, there will be no strength, for the Spirit will be starved. For those that walk alone, they will find only the wilderness of their own Soul. Beware therefore of separation from the Source, cast our fear and neglect of the Spirit. Allow your actions to be pure, to draw breath from the Loving Spirit to enter into the Temple of the Divine.

Finally, there must now be a separation between church and state. This will leave many over-confident Souls lost and in need - gather those who are truly seeking the Light. But remember, we owe no allegience to anyone, for we have never been a part of the forces of planetary evil, neither the shadow. If they come seeking the Knowlege, it must be because they desire to do so - not that we have drawn them.

I send to you this message at the time of the Festival of Light - in your year 2001.

Old Sage

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The Deal we made before we came here - by Don Ferrari

From: "Healer of Hetaris" - Subject: Some Thoughts - That's The Deal - Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001

Jean: This seemed to want to get written so I followed it and here it is. If you think it is worthy please share with your list. Thank you
Don Ferrari

As any who have read my writings, you will know that I truly believe that the only real, and the best way to change the consciousness of this nation/world is on the vibrational level and starts with and within each individual. We truly create and interpret our own reality based on our beliefs and intents.

It is hard to accept that personally when I look and see the state of being presently existing. It is beyond my comprehension how such a low level of consciousness could have become dominant, (my viewpoint), but when you look at the fact that this country's first act was to annihilate the native inhabitants already here, and then adopt the mandates of a country that was responsible for the inquisition, you can see that we did not have a very "nice" start. Were it not for the work of a few, those lightworkers who drew up the constitution, we would not have made it to this point.

I look and listen to the speeches made by the "leaders" and see where they are coming from, and shake my head, for it is like being back in grade school and listening to the adolescent bickering. But, I guess, I have also contributed to this in many ways. So be it, - no more.

I am reminded of what my friend/teacher Almine told us at a workshop: That before we came here this time, we were standing together and made a deal. Some agreed to come back and be the good guys and some agreed to come back and get lost in the darkness. The ones going to the darkness made us promise that we come and find them and bring them back to the light. We agreed, and now is the time.

The brothers and sisters of the many nations are all now up against their individual cultural karma and there are many fronts to fight upon, all specific to the region and past energies. As a citizen of the U.S. I find my duty here, though that in no way lessens the fact that we are all connected and ultimately one, and that the light from each of us, travels to all. No one of us is alone, whether we be in Africa, the Middle East, or here.

The details may be different, the conditions, the reality, but we all search for the love that has been taken from us, the seed of the Christ consciousness within each of us in whatever name you apply.

In the Toltec teachings, one of the "four agreements" says, "Don't take it personally."

This is a vast statement and invites great contemplation. We forget our heritage, who we really are, and that life is just a small, and yes, most precious and unique, part of it all. Those who are making the transition at this time, from whatever source, still are, just on a different level with no more pain or worry.

All is changing, we ARE in the transition times mentioned in all the great books. The energies have changed, the planets are changing, our earth is in the process of ascending, our sun is changing, all is in a great movement to bring forth that which was promised, and man seems to be the only aspect that is holding so dearly to an illusionary reality. Makes you smile and shake your head. Especially when you hear statements from the leaders saying, "Go, take your families, fly away and have fun. We will take care of this."

I send my love, our love, to all, and remember my pledge to find my brothers and sisters that went to the darkness and bring them home. You see, they are waiting for us to make good on that pledge, even though they have forgotten.

Back in the U.S. of A.

There is time left from our work in the higher realms to take a look at what may be done on a tangible level. You must realize that to change this, there will, with no doubt, be a major depression as all the corporate monsters fall. I would love to see the people stand forth and state: "Okay, enough is enough. You are to cease spraying the chem-trails over us. You are to immediately disable all HAARP facilities. All foreign troops within our borders are to be sent home within 30 days. All victimless crimes will be removed from law and all persons imprisoned for such released. Individual states will be given back their sovereignty. All major decisions involving this country will be put directly to the people by their elected representatives via e-mail and sites will be set up for this. We will withdraw from the Federal Reserve. The Internal Revenue Service will be eliminated. We will make public all inventions that serve the public and have been withheld."

The list is endless and you probably have many more. What is important is that we stay in the LOVE while we do these things and not get trapped in the movie and give it energy. It is obvious that the Light is winning for those who hold dearly to their game of control and power are "coming out of the closet" for all to see. There is much to do, for it has been created that most are too busy "surviving" to have any time for this and just go along with whatever, giving away their power.

As all things exist now, simultaneously, multi-dimensionally, and it is just a matter of what reality or vibrational level you are tuned into, I do believe that we can and are creating our future, heaven on earth, on an entirely new dimension and those that hold tightly to power and greed and all, will be given their own reality to play out their dream on their own planet. Back in the sixties we heard of concentration camps being prepared, just as now, and we knew we would be there if it happened, and wanted to, for that was where all our friends and the "real people" would be. I can see it now, - the guards watch as everyone they are guarding disappears and ascends right before their eyes. I still love the old saying-bumper sticker, 'What if they gave a war and no-one came." Seems time to live that statement. Also I propose that we follow Nica's advice from my book and make "Imagine" by John Lennon our national anthem.

Don Ferrari


Please also read about Terrorism and Nonviolence - by Arun Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi's grandson)


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