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    Ralph Nimmann
at his 'Positive Hour'
     on 209radio
   January 2006

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'Ralph's Positive Hour' 
     on 209radio

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Ralph's Positive Hour

Ralph's Positive Hour (from Sun 4th Dec. '05, 12-1pm LIVE):
Mill Road Winter Fair - celebrating diversity - unfolding community spirit & creativity
interview with organider Suzie Oakes & reports from the day.

SORRY - 209radio hard drive crash just before archiving this show -
there was no sound archive of this show available!

It was such an good programme about such an amazing event....
Mill Road was celebrating itself! Check the amazing programme (10-5pm!) & vision at www.mill-road.com.
Along the whole street was a historical exhibition with photographs in the windows of the present-day building. The main exhibition was at the Bath House - sorry - it had to be removed now.
The Mosque, the Hindu Bharat Bhavan, the Baptist and other churches along Mill Road are participating alongside a rich diversity of community groups, shops and businesses.

Attractions included: Rickshaws, Arco Iris Samba Band, The Greater Bibleway Gospel Community Choir, Morris Dancing by Coton, with Cambridge Morris Men, Gog Magog Molly Dancers, Irish Children’s Band, a Storyteller with puppeteer, stilt walking, juggling, unicycling, 'Good Vibrations' natural voice choir, Irish children's band, Open Studios, Greek musicians, Victorian games, food tasters, 'Learn to Dance’ Lindyhop demonstration, Hair braiding, Face painting, a marquee, Thai cookery demonstration, Mulled wine and mince pies, Insect Circus, guided walks & much more, including Father Christmas.

On 209radio you hear original interviews & sound tracks from this historic event and what motivated Suzy to organise all this - and if she will do it again....

LINKS you might like to follow while listening to this show:

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Ralph's Positive Hour

Ralph's Positive Hour (from Sun 6th November 2005, 12-1pm):
The state of the environment in Cambridge
with Ian Ralls, Friends of the Earth Cambridge

Was available 24h as sound archive from Tue 8 Nov. until Mon 9th Jan.'06 on www.209radio.co.uk.

We talk about simple things, where YOU can make a difference, like:

And more, like: transport in the city, nature & trees in Cambridge, the current state of recycling in the city, a potential waste incinerator in the region (dioxins!), waste reduction, climate change, the coming cold winter...
Informative link: www.frontofpipe.net

Friends of the Earth: get involved! The environment needs you!
After several years, the Cambridge FOE's web page will be updated in November: www.telinco.co.uk/camfoe
See also Friends of the Earth UK: www.foe.co.uk

The following music is played during the show:

  1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack
  2. Jethro Tull - Boiree (Stand up)
  3. Crowded House - Weather With You
  4. Free - Heavy Load

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Ralph's Positive Hour

Ralph's Positive Hour from Sun 2nd Oct.'05:
profile: Dr. Michael Meredith - a life of changes

Was available 24h from Tue 4th Oct. - Mon 7 Nov. '05 on www.209radio.co.uk.
Still Online at Mike Meredith's web page(MP3 file)
Michael Meredith
         2003 The guest today is Dr. Michael Meredith. A physiologist and former vet who now works as a stress management trainer and shamanic healer. He will be discussing his forthcoming book and personal journey "From Doing to Being" and inviting listeners to write the 2005 chapter in their personal life story (research / books of Dorothy Rowe: "Creating Your Life Story" see www.stress-counselling.co.uk/sunflower/BOOKS/SUCCESS.HTM).

Michael speaks about Shamanic healing (see www.lovehealth.org/tools/shamanic.htm), the use of his intuition, adventures, mystical psychic experiences, healing, farm animals, meditation, dancing, the Leper Chapel Cambridge (Newmarket Road / railway bridge) - and his personal "main headline story" of his 2005 life story chapter, about St. Edward's Church Cambridge (see www.st-edwards-cam.org.uk).

Find out, if Michael can inspire you risking steps into the unknown as he did...
Check his web sites for more information:

  • Michael's Home Page at www.stress-counselling.co.uk/ADMIN/mikemeredith.htm (Stress Management Tips - Relaxation advice - Training resources)
  • www.stress-counselling.co.uk (Stress Management Tips - Relaxation advice - Training resources)
  • www.lovehealth.org (Path of Healing - Heal mind body spirit - Holistic health)
  • Sunflower Health: http://www.sunflower-health.com (Holistic Lifestyle - Meditation training)
  • "The Medieval Chapel of Healing" at www.brothermichael.org.uk (spiritual healing)

    The following music is played during the show:

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack
    2. "Return to Innocence" - Enigma
    3. "Ancient Mother" - Robert Gass & "On Wings of Song" (all holy names of the Goddess)
    4. "Rockin All Over The World" - Status Quo
    5. "Aramaic chant of the 3rd Beatitude from Sermon on the Mount" - Dr. Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz (see more at www.lovehealth.org/books/genesis.htm )

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    Ralph's Positive Hour (Sun 4th Sept.'05 LIVE):
    profile Jo Stubbings - a beacon of light

    This sound file was available from Tue 6ht Sept. - Tue 4rd Oct. '05 on www.209radio.co.uk.
    Jo Stubbings died one month after this interview was recorded.
    We play an interview with Jo Stubbings living in the south of Cambridge. We talk about her life and how to stay positive with cancer and how she manages to "always look on the bright side of life" (her favourite song)...
    Jo Stubbings in her garden
 Cambridge, August 2005
    Jo Stubbings in her garden
    Cambridge, August 2005

    Jo speaks about how her near death experience changed her life. The virgin Mary appeared 3 times to Jo and she describes what she saw and felt.

    Jo is an amazing woman, radiating optimism and spreading the light wherever she goes.
    She is planning to travel to Lourdes in France (www.lourdes-france.com) for a pilgrimage (this interview was held in August before she went). Other stories are about her church (the big catholic church 'Our Lady and the English Martyrs’, Hills Road / Lensfield Road - see www.olem.org.uk) and religion, why she is not afraid of dying and more.
    75 years of life and a recent radio therapy don't seem to affect her. She remembers when she made a strip show in Brookside Hospital as preparation for a x-ray to be taken and tells some other little stories.

    We play the following music during the show:

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack
    2. Val Doonican: "Windmills Of Yyour Mind" from the album "Rocking Chair Favourites" (PHILIPS)
    3. The Spinners: "Black And White" from the album "An Evening With The Spinners" (contour records)
    4. Glen Campbell: "Gentle On My Mind" from the album "Tribute to Glen Campbell" (contour records)
    5. Herb Alpert: "Green Sleeves" from the album "UP CHERRY STREET" (DEACON)

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    Ralph's Positive Hour (from Sun 7th August '05 12-1pm live broadcast):
    'Humanity's Team' - The Civil Rights Movement for the Soul

    Was as sound archive available from Mon 8th August - Mon 5th September on www.209radio.co.uk. The grassroots Spiritual movement 'Humanity's Team' acknowledges that all truth resides within each individual. They posit sole authority for the truth of who we really are and who God is, in every individual human being. 'HT' endeavors to make no human being or belief system wrong.' HT' invites each human being, religion, and culture to expand their belief systems to include the New Spirituality. This New Spirituality holds that we are all One.

    logo 'Humanity's Team' 'HT' was founded only 2 years ago and is now already a worldwide support network of kindred spirits with groups meeting up regularly in over 50 countries world wide and approximately 20 groups in the UK. They have a deep desire for the world to be a more loving and compassionate place to be in.
    'HT' recognises that there are many paths to God and embrace people from all religious backgrounds. They recognise that the only way to make a positive difference in the world is to first connect with our own hearts individually and then moving out from there, spreading that love and compassion out into the world. They meet regularly to support each other in living the New Spirituality. Drawing from a wide variety of inspirational literature, of which 'Conversations With God' by Neale Donald Walsch is included, the intention is to take the wisdom in the books and live it fully and joyfully.

      David, Carla & Dee
from Humanities Team
    David, Carla & Dee from Humanity's Team London
    guests at 209radio studio Cambridge
    Living the New Spirituality means seeing that we are all connected and interdependent. It means understanding that we are the source of love and we don't need to look outside of ourselves for it.
    Small groups meet up in communities and work on two main areas: "Beingness" and "Doingness".

    'HT' are holding a "What on Earth does God want?" Day in September, (based on Neale Donald Walsch's new book: "What God Wants").
    Listen to this radio show to hear the answer to this question.....

    More details on www.humanitysteam.org.uk.

    We played the following music during the show:

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack
    2. Bliss: Be who you were born to be
    3. India Arie: Strength, Courage & Wisdom
    4. Alanis Morrisette: Thank U
    5. Robert Norton: By the Seashore

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    Sun 3 July: "Voice as a therapeutic tool" - with Felicity Cook

    was available from Wed evening 6th July - Mon 8th August on www.209radio.co.uk.

    Felicity Cook (ARCM; LTCL; DIP MUS CCAT, DIP ET; EFT) is a Cambridge singer & a fully qualified Energy Therapist and Vocal Consultant with 26 years experience - a very inspired personality... . She studied at the Royal Academy of Music with Joy Mammen and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama with Peter Harrison, later with Paul Farrington. She has undertaken an intense 4 year course in Energy Therapy which included, Core Energetic Bodywork, Reichian Character Structures and other psychotherapeutic skills. She is also an advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner.
    Her current work is a synthesis of these varied approaches and is unique and transformational.

    We are talking about the human voice, how it reflects who we are and what we have experienced, cymatics, soundhealing & more.
    The book Felicity mentioned is: Stewart Pearce: The Alchemy of Voice, ISBN 0-340-82621-5 (published by Hodder Mobius).
    For the 'Natural Voice Practitioners' Network mentioned see: www.naturalvoice.net.
    For more info re. the Buddhist chanting check Sokka Gakai International
    Half way through Felicity sings a sound healing improvisation, demonstrates some voice characters and gives simple practices you can do to improve your voice and whole being.

    Also: Is the voice connected with the soul? What is it, which can make voices so magic? "In the beginning was the word..." - can the human voice create, similar to the Creator? Can the voice heal? Is the human voice more perfect than any other instrument?
    Contact Felicity on or call 01223 438166 or mobile: 07960 635595, if you are interested in more information about her work & workshops.

    PS: Felicity wants to form a professional band to do Spiritual Jazz/New age music with a view to gigs and recordings. She is looking to find other musicians who have a strong spiritual Practice and are of a professional standard on their instrument.

    The following music was played during the show:

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    CHANGE of rota of Ralph's Positive Hour!
    Due to the special Taxi art weeks Sat 21st May - Sat 4th June '05 the fourtnightly rythm will have a 3 weeks recording interval

    The next of Ralph's Positive Hour will be on Sunday 19th June.
    CHANGE of System: all LIVE shows will be only 1st weekend / month from June to relief the producer

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    Sun 15th May:
    Julie Dore & Ashley Scott, medical herbalists, about the use of herbs

    Was as sound archive available from Mon 16th May - Mon 20 June '05 on www.209radio.co.uk.
    Julie Dore (BA BSc MNIMH MCPP) is a medical herbalist, member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) and the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP) and university lecturer in natural sciences. She is working at the Oakington Therapy Centre (just north of Girton, Oakington Road, Girton, tel: 01223 237459).
    Ashley Scott lives in Cambridge-Arbury and studied herbal medicine with the School of Phytotherapy, and reflexology with the Scottish School of Massage. Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, a friend of the Association of Reflexologists (www.aor.org.uk) and accredited as a Dr.Hauschka Esthetician (www.drhauschka.co.uk ). Ashley also teaches children, is the potions person at the Fairyland Fairs and teaches Wild Food Uses at Milton Country Park.
    She works as a herbal consultant from home (tel: 07719 410 719 - e-mail:

    We talk about what herbal medicine (also known as phytotherapy) is, what is a qualified western herbalist and what do they do, types of illnesses seen/treated by herbalists, things you can treat yourself and how to use herbs, safety of herbs, harvesting etc.
    We talk about colds, sinusitis, skin rushes, depression, PMS etc. and what you can do.
    Some important herbs people could use themselves are described in detail like: Dandelion, Nettle, Garlic, Chamomile, Ginger, Lemon Balm, ..... also why you should not drink orange juice when having a cold nor garlic when you take blood thinning pills... and more.

    Coming events: during the National Herbal Awareness Week 23rd-28th May Julie has an interesting information display at the Cambridge Central Library (other NIMH members will be doing a range of activities across the country to promote public awareness of herbs).

    Sun 22nd May 2pm: Ashley will be leading walks in Milton Country Park - see her herbal display board.

    Sat 4th June at 2pm: Plant Safari at Fowlmere RSBP reserve (between Cambridge and Royston) when Julie will show people the plants and telling them about the medical uses, folklore etc. Free, but donations for RSPB will encouraged and bookings must be made as numbers limited phone 01763 208978 Doug Radford Warden.

    Useful links:

    Music we play played during this show:

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack
    2. "African and White" by China Crisis, on "Difficult Shapes & P. Rhythms"
    3. "Running Up the Hill" by Kate Bush
    4. "Fragile" by Sting, on CD "Nothing like the Sun"

    If you want to be invited or want to suggest some special guest for one of the next shows,
    please contact Ralph

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    Ralph's Positive Hour (from Sun 1st May) Election Special:
    reflections on politics, election, voters and media.

    Was available as sound archive from Mon 2 May - Mon 16th May '05 on www.209radio.co.uk.
    More and more people seem to have given up on voting and getting involved in politics.
    Today's talk show hopes to rise above the usual verbal mud slinging between political parties and will ask more general as well as personal questions like: All political parties have ben invited (as required by law during election campaign time).
    The following party representatives came: You are welcome to check the web sites of the other parties who are not present at today's discussion:
    Conservative Party: www.conservatives.com - Labout Party: www.labour.org.uk - Liberal Democrats: www.libdems.org.uk - Green Party: www.cambridgegreens.org.uk and http://www.greenparty.org.uk
    Want to know Ralph's conclusion and suggestion for this election? click here

    General LINKS re. the 2005 election:

    Music we play played during this show:

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack
    2. “My forever friend” by Charlie Landsborough (track #10)
    3. "Highway Star" by Deep Purple
    4. "The first time I saw your face" by Marcia Grifith

    If you want to be invited or want to suggest some special guest for one of the next shows,
    please contact Ralph

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    talk show from Sunday 17 April (12-1pm):
    The Cambridge Local Exchange & Trading System (CamLETS)
    Was available AGAIN as Archive Special from 28 July - 10 Nov. '07 (1st re-broadcast on Sun 22nd Jan.'06, 12-1pm))

    SORRY - due to expanding radio programmes on 209radio there is no space on the 209 web server for permanent 'Archive Specials' shows any more since 10th November '07. This show was available as sound archive from Tue 19th April - Mon 2nd May '05, 24/7 on www.209radio.co.uk
    This barter system is very social: instead of money the trading unit is a time unit (10 Cams for 1 hour). You get things done for yourself by doing things for other people. And you get to know people. Cambridge has had its own CamLETS since early 1993, and it continues to grow. The membership has been stable around 200 during the last years. They trade nealy everything you might find in the Yellow Pages + some inventuos services like "Hamster taming", "rent a granny", dogwalking, "holding the ladder", "hugging" and lots of other services, specialist jobs, tool hire and much more.
    LETS / barter systems and time banks are officially recognised as being socially beneficial.

    See the CamLETS web site: www.camlets.org for more information
    (in the "Eco / Alternative" folder on Rainbow Network Cambridge you find the preceding private CamLETS web site)
    CamLETS guests in the studio:

    Are you inspired to join this thriving system and happy to pay £5 per year + 20 Cams admin costs (=2 hours work)? Please
    contact CamLETS at their NEW address:
    P.O. Box 483, Cambridge, CB5 8WX

    and you will be contacted with more information and invited to the next monthly trading meeting Sunday afternoon.

    Music we played during this show:

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack
    2. "Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares Vol. 2", first track "Kaval Sviri", trad., arr. Peter Liomdev, sung by 'Ensemble Trakia'. ©1988 by 4AD, licensed from Disques Cellier
    3. Compay Segundo (Buena Vista Social Club), Track:: Chan- chan, artist: Compay Segundo
    4. sound track to Dancer in the Dark (film by Lars von Triers), track title: Overture, artist: Bjork
    5. Dansa by Heitor Villa-Lobos, sung by Kiri Te Kanawa (the second movement of his Bachianas Brasileiras No.5), CD: Decca 411 730-2

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    Sun 3 April '05: Ghosts in Cambridge? With "Mysterious Worlds" Cambridge

    Special Guests today are "Mysterious Worlds", based in South Cambridgeshire, a group of dedicated investigators with an open minded approach to the Paranormal. See their web site at www.mysterious-worlds.com

    - Could ghosts be real in our modern time?
    - Are they just phantasie, or can it be proven that ghosts exist?
    - What is the spiritual explanation of ghosts or lost souls?

    Today's guests from 'Mysterious Worlds' are: Chris Mogg, Kevin Cornwell &Steve Nicholls.
    The group consists of Mediums; Sensitives and Skeptics, giving a balance to the investigations we carry out. They investigate all aspects of the Paranormal by visiting various locations that are thought to have paranormal activities and, using the senses of thier mediums and carrying out various tests, they compile a report of the findings. The mediums have no prior knowledge of the locations visited so that they cannot be swayed by external information. This is further enhanced by ensuring that the investigating team includes a mixture of technical and skeptical members who question the validity of the mediums findings and seek out alternative confirmations of paranormal activity such as temperature changes. As a professional organization they feel it is paramount that all investigations are carried out with an open mind.

    Subjects mentioned in this show are Sawston Hall, their Wandlebury Ring & Hill Fort Investigation, The Bewitched House Letter, the nature of ghosts, details of how they investigate, what technical aids they use and what some sensitive people can see, hear, smell etc.
    Cambridge Abbey House, near Abbey Church / Newmarket Road and other places still need to be investigated....
    PS: in Huntingdon is another similar group - see: www.huntsghosthuntersparanormalgroup.moonfruit.com

    Music we played during this show:

    1. Eric Clapton: "Tears in Heaven" (Clapton Chronicels)
    2. Madonna: "Like a Prayer"
    3. Radio Head: "Pyramid Song"
    4. Lighthouse Family: "High" (Postcards from Haeven)

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    talk show (from Sun 20th March):
    Faith Groups in Cambridge
    with a Christian Science, Quaker, Brahma Kumaris and a Muslim

    Was available as sound archive from Mon 21st March - Mon 4th April '05 on www.209radio.co.uk.
    Cambridge: 108 000 people - 40 languages - 14 faiths - 1 city....
    We talk about the 3rd Cambridge Inter-Faith Fair on Sunday 20 March, 2-5pm (see www.cam.net.uk/home/interfaith and Religious / spiritual Groups in Cambridge)
    All guests answer the following questions:

    Today's studio guests are:

    1. Clarissa Campbell Orr, Christian Science (see http://www.spirituality.com)
    2. Gregory Valatin, Quaker (see Cambridge Quakers and www.cambridge-quakers.org.uk)
    3. Richard Turner, Brahma Kumaris, practicing Raja Yoga (see Brahma Kumaris and NEW web site www.cambridge.inner- space.org)
    4. Mohamed Mashaal, Muslim (see Cambridge Mosque and Cambridge Muslims Online - www.cambridgemuslims.info and CU Islamic Society - www.isoc.co.uk/)
    Other Faith groups mentioned in this show are the Russian Orthodox Church in Cambridge (see www.ephraim.org.uk
    and the Cambridge Subud group (www.cam.net.uk/home/subud)

    Music we played during this show:

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    talk show with Suresh Patel from Sun 27 Feb. '05 about
    Ethnic minorities in Cambridge

    Was available as sound archive from Mon 28 Feb.'05 until Mon 21st March '05 on www.209radio.co.uk.

    Cambridge: 108 000 people - 40 languages - 14 faiths - 1 city....
    Suresh Patel was born and brought up in East Africa. He was co-founder / board member of the VRENDAVAN PROJECT and board member of the institute of NGO. He has been actively involved for past twenty years both at local, national and international level in education and community development work.
    As a chartered architect / planner he was involved in the urban design of inner city area for Birmingham City and the design of Ram Mandir (temple) in Southall and Hindu Mandir in Hounslow.
    Now he is chairman of the Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum (62-64 Victoria Road, Cambridge, CB4 3DU, tel: 01223 315877 - www.cecf.co.uk/), chair of the Indian Cultural and Community Association ICCA (www.colc.co.uk/cambridge/indian and their hall Bharat Bhavan [Old Library], Mill Road / railway bridge).

    Cambridge is blessed with a wide cultural and ethnic diversity. We'll talk about what the CEC Forum does, the Indian and other communities in Cambridge and visions for the future.

    209radio offers ethnic communities and minorities to get on board and have their own radio show (can be in your language!)

    I gave up trying to find someone in Cambridge for today's show, who has been - or is - involved in Health risks of mobile phones. One specialist is overworked, one ill, one has recently died and one is just having chemo therapy and two more said they don't know enough..

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Due to another fault of the repaired microphone www.209radio.co.uk will postpone all broadcasting for one week, restarting with 'Ralph's Positive Hour" on Sunday 20th March

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    talk show with Jan Arriens (from Sun 30th Jan '05) about:
    Prisoners, Quakers, inner & outer journeys

    Was available as sound archive from Mon 31st Jan.'05 - Mon 28 Feb. on www.209radio.co.uk.
    Jan is a Quaker (from Cambridge Hartington Grove Meeting, like Ralph). He has dedicated a lot of his time talking with and writing to prisoners, especially to some death row in America. He is a book editor (see his new home page at www.fablesandlegends.co.uk. He was Quaker prison minister at Littlehey prison near Huntingdon / St. Neots for 5 years. Jan mentions experiences from prisoners, comparable to a mystic "near death experience" and others who experienced real changes for the better during their imprisonment. Jan founded the now international 'LifeLines' organisation (now 1,700 members), who organises writing letters to prisoners on death row.
    "Look into the face of death - and you discover what life is about." (Ralph)
    Last year he sailed over the Atlantic ocean in a small sailing boat - an extremely challenging experience.

    Questions and topics raised:

    LINKS to visit while you listen: Quakers in Cambridge or www.cambridge-quakers.org.uk | www.lifelines.org | www.theforgivenessproject.com | more sites critical of death penalty: www.reprieve.org.uk | www.amicus-alj.org

    Music we played during this show:

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Ralph's Positive Hour

    "New Beginnings" - with Ginnah, from Sun 16th Jan.'05
    re-broadcast Sun 18th Sept.'05, 12-1pm

    Was available as sound archive from Mon 17th Jan. - Mon 31st Jan. '05. on www.209radio.co.uk.
    Gina lives in Cambridge-Chesterton and has made a plan how we can change our lives, about Buddhist chanting, psychic parties and more.
    In the beginning we reflect about the positive side of the tsunami catastrophe. Very inspiring. More below.

    Ginnah about herself:
    "The path to knowledge is through diversity of experience and the translation we give it. Buddhist philosophy has been a great infulence in my understanding of life puzzles. I have explored the frontiers of meditation through Buddhist chanting and in the silence of Brahma Kumaris. I have spent time with the followers of Sri Chinmoy and delved into devotion through Islam. I attended the development circle at the Spiritualist Church training in mediumship and pyschic senses. Most recently I have been practising Primordial Sound Meditation and Visualisation through Self Hypnosis. All these practises generate a different energy and lead you to engage with the sacred and the worldly - in a different way.

    "So what is the point of this spiritual and philosophical exploration? For any practise to be useful it must be tested and forged in the fire of lifes challenges. This is where the 'real' work takes place - in our daily life.

    "There are no divisions between my work or family life and the time I spend in the pursuit of self knowledge all are branches on the tree of life and support each other.

    "My path now is to help others forge connections between the material world of daily life and the spiritual or mystic journey. In truth they are one; it is only in our attitude that we separate and compartmentalise them. Duality is an illusion made possible only by denial of the interconnectedness that truly exsists beneath the surface of all things. It is by the mixing of our being and our doing that we understand the greater picture and begin to take responsibility for our own part in the creation of our experience and of our life.

    "Once we begin to work with the principles that are governing our thoughts, actions and outcomes on a spiritual and psychological level we become masters of our own destiny. (in as much as any one can) We are able to draw to us the elements in our physical world which will progress our spiritual development and so we come full circle.

    "To facilitate this further I am launching a new endeavour I have named 'Seeds Of Light'. "
    "The Truth is One , but the Teachers are many, for each has a different lesson to impart." (Srimad Bhagaratam)

    CONTACT: - phone: 01223 566 779

    LINKS you might like to visit while the music plays: www.chopra.com - www.buddhalife.org - www.blissfulmusic.com

    Music played during this show in the correct order:

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    NO live broadcast Sun 2nd Jan - 209radio winter break!
    the last show with Stephen (see below) was available until Monday 17th January '05

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