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    Ralph Nimmann
at his 'Positive Hour'
     on 209radio
   January 2006

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'Ralph's Positive Hour' 
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Ralph's Positive Hour

Current 'Ralph's Positive Hour' (from Tue 19th Dec.'06):
Subud - a spiritual path for all - with Ghofur Woodruff & Emmanuel Martin, Cambridge

This show was available 24 hours on www.209radio.co.uk until Tuesday 17th Jan. '07.

What is Subud? A modern mystic interfaith order? An exotic Indonesian cult? A bunch of spiritual anarchistic freedom fanatics celebrating sacred chaos? A new age, gurus and masters defying organisation? An assiociation of servants of God?
We explain the meaning of the word Subud and what the spiritual practice, the "latihan" is about.
Find out, why this international sister- and brotherhood is so unique.

Ghofur comes from New Zealand and has been in Subud for 15 years. He was opened as soon as he finished High School. He has spent time in Indonesia teaching english in a Subud enterprise. His main forms of employment have been as a music and english teacher and as a musician. Ghofur is currently living with his wife in Cambridge and has just started a PhD in music at the University of Cambridge.
Emmanuel: "I am 35 and live in Cambridge. I am not in work at the moment but I'm an artist and Musician. I have been in Subud for around 8 years. And at present I am the Chairperson of the Local Cambridge group. I have one small cat."

We discuss the following questions and details:

At the end we read some quotes of the Subud founder "Bapak" about the birth of Christ (it's Christmas coming!) from the book "The Light of Christ", edited and compiled by Luqman McKingley, Starlight Press.


Songs we played during this show:

  1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack (show title song)
  2. "Pastime Paradise" by Ray Barretto, track no. 1 (sorry - faded out).
  3. "Livin' Thing" by Elo (Greatest Hits 1973-1977, track 2)
  4. "Ave Sanctissima Maria", Jean Mouton, track no. 6
  5. "Aguas de Marco" Elis and Tom by Tom Jobim. Track 2 from 'Bossa4two'.
...What I forgot to mention in this show:
  • Merry Christmas - and a happy New Year to all listeners!
  • Of course I invited Subud women - but they all were out working at the time of the LIVE broadcast...
  • special thanks to Ghofur and Emmanuel for coming!
  • An excellent introduction by Sharif Horthy (Bapak's translator): "My Personal Introduction to A Spiritual Path - Subud" www.subud.ca/index.php?id=56
  • If you are interested in joining Subud: you are most welcome to meet your local Subud Group (usually after their latihan) - please check contact details on the links provided above.
  • ...that Subud has it's own web radio - see link above!

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Ralph's Positive Hour

Ralph's Positive Hour from Tue 21st Nov.'06 with Margaret Amina and Ralph:
"The Magic of Dances of Universal Peace"

This show was available (not any more...) 24 hours on www.209radio.co.uk until Tuesday 19th December '06.

Margaret Amina and Ralph Nimmann are Cambridge based peace dance teachers.
They share their insights and experiences with the Dances of Universal Peace, give background information about the dances and some acustic examples.

Margaret Amina became interested in the Dances after meeting Ralph at Circle dance and finally plucking up enough courage to join Ralph's DUP sessions in 1998. The following year she attended her first International Dance Camp at Ralph's suggestion and found it changed her life. She has since trained to lead dances (partly because she thought Ralph was going to leave Cambridge and she didn't want the dances to stop!) and runs a monthly group in Cambridge and co-leads a group in Hammersmith, London. She has also joined the organising Committee for the Sacred Arts Dance Camp to co-ordinate the DUP.
Read about Ralph and the Dances of Universal Peace

The Dances of Universal Peace are a form of meditation through sacred sounds and devotional movements. Singing and dancing are elementary creative expressions of our being.
Focusing and using our bodies, hearts and souls, brings our whole being into balance and harmony.

The feeling of chanting simple, sacred phrases with devotion in English, Greek, Latin, Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, Sanskrit and many other languages gives, especially when combined with movement, an immediate, accessible feeling for another tradition.
Rhythm is life: every step - every heartbeat - breathing in and out.
The human voice is a gateway to the soul.
Forming a circle is a symbol and reminder of us being part of a community. In synchronised movements of the group as one organism, the separated individuality may dissolve into a blissful state of oneness.
Singing in harmony with others resonates with all creation: sun, moon and the planets, the elements around us - and the dancing atoms in us.
The soul can rejoice - and worries fade away . . .

In this show you may find out what's the magic of the Dances of Universal Peace from the dancer's as well as from the dance leader's point.
Hear what Samuel Lewis (the founder of the peace dances) says about "The Goose-step and War". We also demonstrate the "Element Walks" acustically.

LINKS: More info about the peace dances
Cambridge peace dance Programme
international & UK LINKS Dances of Universal Peace

We play the following music & sing the following chants during the show: (sorry - we faded out most of the songs)

  1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack (show title song)
  2. chant with drum: "Sha-a-a-alom - lai lai lai..."
  3. "Umma Mariam" (by James Burgess), CD: "Return to Love" - Dances of Universal Peace UK V
  4. chant: "Radhe Radhe, Radhe Govinda bolo"
  5. Pir Shabda Khan zikr
  6. "Abwūn d'bwashmāja", CD ABWUN - The Prayer of Jesus
  7. "The Gods Have Meant That I Should Dance", CD by Anahata Iridah & Prema Dasara (http://homepage.mac.prematara/LinerNotes/WEB%20Lr%20Notes%20TGHMTISD-1.htm)

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Ralph's Positive Hour

Ralph's Positive Hour from Tue 17th Oct.'06 with Simon Penton:
Natural health and disease prevention, climate change, the Sun-Earth connection and prophecy

This show was available 24/7 on www.209radio.co.uk until Tuesday 21st November '06.
Today, 17th October, is the world event "Mission 1017" - YOU are asked to use the power of your mind in a positive way.
In the first minutes of this show we discuss this subject - find out, if 'Mission 1017' is a hoax or not and listen to the show!

Then we focus upon simple and essential ways to maintain good health through nutrition and the elimination of toxic products from everyday use.
Find out how to live longer - and healthier. Learn what things to avoid to prevent disease and stay healthy.
Later we also look at the issue of 'global warming' and climate change, and the amount of evidence available of the influence on Earth's climate by the Sun and Cosmic energy, including the cycles which have been proven by science and which have been specifically referred to in various prophecies, and some of the effects upon humans and other life.

Simon is truely inspiring, challenging and mind stretching. He has gained in depth knowledge about healthy nutrition, studied the mayan calendar with shamans in Mexico, healing and knows about some scientific results you will not find in the main stream media.

Simon's background: he is a gardener and horticulturalist, trained in Landscape Construction with some training in Landscape Design. Involved with the Organic movement; worked on community projects, a city farm, organic farms; Permaculture Design Course; travel in Mexico to be involved with Mayan ceremonies, to stay at Permaculture, organic and community projects; now with own organic gardening small business. Teaching Reiki in UK and Mexico, trained in various forms plus Chi Gung and Chi healing (studied Yoga and some martial arts, principles of shamanism; used natural medicine and personal study of nutrition and diet, preventative medicine and supplementation, and now involved with Neways and various networks for the awareness and prevention of cancer (since his father died of cancer in 2000) and other degenerative conditions.

Web links you may like to follow while listening to this show:

Questions we discuss: We play the following music during the show:
  1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack (show title song)
  2. Deva Premal: The Essence. Gayatri Mantra
  3. In Lakesh: The Dreaming Gate 'Grain and Bowl'
  4. Robbie Robertson & The Read Read Ensemble: Music for native Americans 'Twisted Hair'
  5. Kangeroo Moon: Belongil 'No One's Stone'

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Ralph's Positive Hour

"Ralph's Positive Hour" (from Tue 19th Sept. '06):
Talking Peace in the Middle East - with Prof. Tony Booth (Jewish) & Stewart Hemsley (Pax Christi)

This show was available 24 hours on www.209radio.co.uk until Tuesday 17th October '06.
Tony Booth is Jewish with close family in Israel. His home is in Cambridge, though his time is divided between Cambridge and Canterbury, where he is Professor of Inclusive and International Education at Canterbury Christ Church University.
Stewart Hemsley is currently chair of the British section of Pax Christi, which is an International Catholic Peace Movement (President is Michel Sabbah, Patriarch of Jerusalem and a Palestinian). Pax Christi are active in Palestine and have programmes of work ongoing with the Arab Education Istitute in Bethlehem where the main work is with both Christian and Muslim young people. Stewart has been out there monitoring the Presidential (Palestinian) elections in January 2005.
(sorry - the Palestinian guest could not come.)

We have a co-operative, critical and peaceful dialogue in today's show, which demonstrates, how important it is to talk and to listen to each other. We share in our personal views and backgrounds and point out, why part of the problem originates in Britain and the US.
The presenter Ralph shares his vision about future generations in the Middle East - the Berlin Wall came down rather fast, due to people power....
What can we do here for a peaceful solution in the Middle East?
Links you may like to follow while listening to this show:
- BBC In Depth - Middle East Crisis: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_depth/middle_east/2001/israel_and_the_palestinians
- Negotiate Peace - a citizen's peace initiative: www.negotiate-peace.org
- Jews for Justice for Palestinians (London) - www.jfjfp.org/links1.htm
- Ministry for Peace - www.ministryforpeace.org/
- www.onevoicemovement.org (The OneVoice approach involves appealing primarily to enlightened self-interest of the Israeli and Palestinian people )
- STOP THE WAR COALITION www.stopwar.org.uk
- World Peace Pages after 9/11
Islam never approves of any kind of terrorism.. " - by Fethullah Gülen

We'll discuss the following and more questions:

  • how can we understand both sides in the Middle East??
  • what is the real root of the conflict?
  • Which forces are interested in maintaining this conflict?
  • Who benefits from war?
  • Is there a realistic solution for a peaceful future in the Middle East?
  • What can we do here in Cambridge?
How to listen to this show

We play the following music during the show:

  1. Eric Marchand & the Balkanics: "Ar Foll"
  2. Thomas Tallis: "spem in alium nunquam habui" (the 40 part motet)
  3. Youssou N'Dour: "Set me free"

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Ralph's Positive Hour

Current "Ralph's Positive Hour" (from Tue 18th July '06)
Pagan Life in Cambridge - with Prudence Jones and Derek Wood

This show was available 24 hours on www.209radio.co.uk until Wed 21st Sept. '06.

Prudence Jones
     - Pagan -

Derek Wood
  - Pagan - Prudence, a Pagan, chairs the regional inter-faith organisation EEFA (East of England Faiths Agency www.eefa.net) and has been president of the Pagan Federation (www.paganfed.org/). She's also in the steering committee of the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group (www.cam.net.uk/home/interfaith
Today she is sharing some of her knowledge of ancient history with us.

Derek is co-ordinating Pagan activities and The Cambridge Moot (see http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/CambridgePaganMoot/). He has studied the Bible and came to some interesting conclusions...

We discuss Pagan life in general, how it is in Cambridge, what influences Paganism has in Christianity and Islam, the parallels with Hinduism and questions like:

Cambridges independent alternative and spiritual book shop "Libra&Aries" (www.libra-aries-books.co.uk) on 9 The Broadway, Mill Road, has a good selection of Pagan books and literature.

We play the following music during the show:
  1. "My Orcha'd in Linden Lea" poem by William Barnes, set to music by Ralph Vaughan Williams
  2. "Ombra mai Fu" (never were shadows) by Kathleen Ferriuk from Handel's Serse 1968, Ace of Clubs
  3. "Use The Force" by Jamiroquai
  4. "Planet Home" by Jamiroquai

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Ralph's Positive Hour

Ralph's Positive Hour(from Tue 20th June '06)
Tom 'the Pom' on being a community musician and leaving Cambridge

This show was available 24 hours on www.209radio.co.uk until Tuesday 18th July '06.
Tom Harding is one of the best music workshop leaders in the country. He is a professional didgeridoo player and percussionist, specialising is teaching large groups of people Samba, the Brazilian carnival music. Tom 'the pom', Cambridge He delivers high quality and fully resourced drum based training events to corporations and schools.
Drumming and rhythm can be a catalyst for team building, roles and responsibilities, listening skills, communication methods and leadership.
Tom's first project was for Mental Health Charity MIND for which he won the 'MIND Best Practice' award of 1998

Hear Tom playing the didgeridoo! Meet Tom at his Djembe workshop Sunday 16th July 1pm in the Fringe tent on Parkers Piece (see www.cambridge-summer.co.uk)
In today's show we discuss:

  • why Tom's music workshops can raise morale, invigorate minds and bodies, enhance clarity, focus and physical co-ordination, stimulate creativity and risk-taking & release stress - and be fun!
  • what are Surdos, Ganzas etc.
  • what is the magic of the didgeridoo
  • why Tom is about to leave Cambridge and move to Sydney, Australia with his wife Maria on the 4th September 2006.
  • the therapeutic and healing effects of music and rythm
  • what inspires Tom - and his experiences
See his home page at www.tomthepom.com

We play the following music during the show:
  1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack (show title song)
  2. batucada - by inner sense
  3. "into my arms" by nick cave
  4. "just can't get enough" by nouvelle vague

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Ralph's Positive Hour

Ralph's Positive Hour (from Sun 7th May '06):
Healing for everyone - the Andreasen Wholistic Healing Centre Cambridge
interview with Suzanna, John and Dennis

This show was available 24 hours on www.209radio.co.uk from Tue 16th May until middle of June '06. On the 17th of June this year the Andreasen Wholistic Healing Centre will be celebrating it's 20th anniversary - time to look back - and forward - and reflect a little about the use of this healing centre, the motivation of the healers involved and healing in general. The healers Suzanna, John and Dennis will be special guests today.
"The wholistic approach to health, as practiced at this centre, emphasises enhancing the quality of life, whatever the condition. This approach is complementary to orthodox medical care, and in no way replaces conventional treatment. Through a broader understanding of how health can be improved, healing is encouraged by treating the whole person as an individual, not just the symptoms. This affects not only the physical, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual needs as well, brought about by the gentle, positive techniques." - read more about the Andreasen Centre

Today we are discussing teh following questions - and more:

  • what is healing?
  • what motivates healers to heal?
  • examples of successful healing (arthritis)
  • how many healers are you - and how many visitors do you get?
  • what does "wholistic healing" mean - and which kinds of healing are offered?
  • who was Dr. Andreasen?
  • are illnesses there to help us learning a lesson?
  • if yes, doesn't healing people deprive them to learn their lesson?
  • can healing interfere with the karma of the client?
  • what about distant healing?
  • can you send healing energy to our listeners?
  • what are your visions for the future?
Towards the end of the show we make an experiment and send healing energy out to our listeners - see if you can feel anything! If yes, please E-mail Ralph at

We play the following music during the show:

  1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack
  2. Iso Tomita: "Clair de Lune" by Debussy,
  3. Rufus Wainwright: "Vibrate"
  4. Tim Weather: "Green Dream"

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Ralph's Positive Hour

Ralph's Positive Hour (from Sun 2nd April '06, 12-1pm) repeated Sun 21 May 12-1pm
Arjuna Whole Foods & "Daily Bread" - 2 Cambridge food Co-operatives, with Mark Ashton & Lucas Keen

Was available 24 hours on www.209radio.co.uk from 9th April until 15th of May '06).

With special guests: Mark Ashton, Daily Bread, and Lucas Keen, Arjuna wholefoods.
Both work in Cambridge co-operatives selling food. Find out, what is wholefood, what it means: 'People before Profit', if both co-operatives are co-operating or rather competing - and what motivates the workers, who all get the same salary regardless of what work they do. We'll also talk about the idea behind a co-operative , if being Christian makes a difference, what they are doing, how they work and make decisions, and why they are rather successful.
Hear news about an American company, which wants to buy Cambridge whole food shops.

    LINKS you might like to visit while listening:
  • Arjuna Wholefoods, 12 Mill Road, open: Mon-Fri 9:30-6pm, Sat 9-5:30, Cambridge, CB1 2AD, phone: 01223 364 845 - http://www.arjunahealth.co.uk/
  • "Daily Bread" Co-operative, open from 9-5:30 Tuesdays to Fridays, and 9-4 on Saturdays. Unit 3, Kilman Close (off King's Hedges, opp. Regional College), Cambridge CB4 2PM, phone: 01223 423177 - www.dailybread.co.uk
  • Organic Shopping Guide for Cambridge

We play the following music during the show:

  1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack
  2. Bob Marley: & the Wailers: "Survival", track6 "Africa unites"
  3. Modern Worship Collection: Breathe (track 3)
  4. Cissokho System: Kaira, track7 "Adjua")

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Ralph's Positive Hour

Ralph's Positive Hour (from Sun 5th March'06):
David Berman about research into nature, the universe and ourselves

Was as sound archive available from Tue 7th March - Tue 11 April '06 on www.209radio.co.uk.
"I am a Lecturer in theoretical physics at Queen Mary College University of London and a Research fellow at Clare Hall College in Cambridge.
My research interests are in String theory - the unification of general relativity with quantum field theory.
I'd mainly like to talk about how research into nature is about altering our perspectives on the universe and ourselves."
(David Berman)
OK - and I am a Cambridge cyclist, home carer and gardener (with a town planning degree) - so lets see if super strings and bikes go together (Ralph)
David is very enthusiastic about being a scientist and is used to visiting schools and talking to non academic audiences. And he is playing violin and football.

We discuss the following and more questions:

  • Why did you become a scientist?
  • Quantum Field Theory for dummies
  • Why does water boil faster if we don't watch it?
  • Einstein said something like: "when you get to the furthest edge of science, you are bound to become a mystic" - is that so?
  • Supers strings and wormholes - what are they - and what's the use of them for us?
  • 4th, 5th, 6th and more dimensions: are they just theories or reality?
  • What is time? Why does time seem to run faster these days?
  • Do we really know what gravity is?
  • Religion and science - 2 sides of the same coin?
  • Science and moral / ethics
  • Science and creativity

We play the following music during the show:

  1. Ibn Arabi: Talbiya, Al Adán (track 1)
  2. Glen Gould: Goldberg Variations 1st Area (1981 - track 1)
  3. Kroke: Ajde Jasso (track 5)
  4. Elis Regina: Menino des Larenjas (track 1)

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Ralph's Positive Hour

Sat 11th - Sun 19th Feb. '06, 209radio on air in Cambridge 103.5FM ! (within about 5 KM of Victoria Road)
Thu 16th Feb 11AM-noon: Ralph's Positive Hour LIVE on 103.5 FM
"Cambridge Carbon Footprint" with guest Andy Brown

Cambridge Community Radio tests the air: Fri 11th FM broadcast test sessions, from Sat.13th Feb. full programme - More above... Today Ralph is airing all about the "Cambridge Carbon Footprint" - on www.209radio.co.uk.
Special guest: Andy Brown from Cambridge Carbon Footprint - www.cambridgecarbonfootprint.org.uk
Today's show was kindly sponsored by Ben Hayward Cycles, Trumpington Street (nr. Silver Street), tel. 352294.

Find out:

  • What is a Carbon Footprint?
  • What has your shopping and your food got to do with global warming?
  • How does bottled water contribute to global warming?
  • How does your holiday making cause carbon dioxide emissions?
  • TV standby & other things contributing to CO emissions
  • What can we do to make a difference?"
  • and more.... PS: so here is the exact result for Ralph's Carbon Footprint (last 12 months), which we talked about in this show:
    The CAT Carbon Gym calculates your CO2 footprint in tonnes as:
    1. Your House 0.4
    2. Water heating 0.3
    3. Cooking 0.1
    4. Electrical appliances 0.1
    5. Food 0.7
    6. Shopping 0.5
    7. Waste 0.0
    8. Transport 0.2
    9. Air flights 4.0
      Total 6.2
    Compare this with USA average 20 tonnes - UK average 10 tonnes - World average 4.5 tonnes - UK target for 2050 4 tonnes - Global sustainable emissions 2.5 tonnes - Tanzania 0.1 tonne
    The calculation of this footprint is a rough one, using information that is easy to ask people about.. To obtain a more accurate figure of your personal contribution, you need your annual fuel bills and travel mileage. There is a calculator that uses this data on the CAT web-site, www.cat.org.uk/carbongym/carbongym.tmpl?section=ccenter

    We played the following music during the show:

    1. John Renborn /Pentangle: Lord Franklin
    2. Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms
    3. Joni Mitchel: Big yellow Taxi
    4. Randy Newman: Louisiana 1927
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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    Ralph's Positive Hour (from Sun 5th Feb. '06):
    'Being a Hindu in England' with Dina Ridge

    Was available as sound archive Tue 7th Feb. - Mon 6 March '06 on www.209radio.co.uk.

    Special guest Dina Ridge will share her views in a refreshing and yet simple way with us today. Dina Ridge
    Dina about herself:
    "I am a practising Hindu and was born in Uganda. Came to this country in 1969 under the government quota system. Went to Pitmans College in Golders Green to do a secretarial course and over the years diversified into doing various things. One of the things I love doing is giving talks on Hindu Culture and Customs to various organisations; I do school assemblies on Hinduism and also help to organise diversity events.
    Cooking Anglo Indian Vegetarian food is another passion of mine. Whilst living in a rural setting for the last 20 years my faith has grown due to my English friends asking me questions which I never thought of examining deeper. I feel we are all equal and belong to one God."

    We'll chat about various subjects such as:

    • What is Hinduism?
    • Do Hindus believe in one God - they have so many Gods and Goddesses?
    • Why are Hindus worshipping an elephant (Ganesha)?
    • What about the frightful Kali, pictured with skulls round her waist?
    • In what way does being a Hindu influence daily life?
    • Is there a holy book for Hindus?
    • How is your relationship with non Hindus?
    If you want to follow up some themes mentioned, here are a few useful links:

    We play the following music during the show:

    1. Frank Sinatra: "Come Fly with Me" ( I like the concept of being in love and fly away and be with angels)
    2. Ma Bap ko Bhulana Nahi by Kumar Vishu ( I just love this song it says as I had so much love for my parents and this song expresses the sentiments I have for elders)
    3. Cliff Richard: Millennium Prayer (he is my hero I just love to hear his voice when I do something positive)

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Ralph's Positive Hour

    Ralph's Positive Hour (from Sun 8th Jan. '06):
    The Magic of Tango Argentino - with Samantha Wynne & Mike Rose

    SORRY - due to expanding radio programmes on 209radio there is no space on the 209 web server for keeping this show permanently as 'Archive Specials' from 10th November '07 on www.209radio.co.uk.

    Special guests in this show: dance teachers Samantha ('Sam') Wynne from Cambridge Tangamente - www.cambridgetango.com and Mike Rose, Cambridge Tango Bar - www.latindance.fsnet.co.uk/tango.htm
    Mike is the partner of Stephanie Gögelein, who founded Tango Bar and brought Tango Argentino to Cambridge in 1997.
    Sam (and James) started Tangamente in Cambridge in January 2001.

    We play some of their favourite tango music, have an inspiring conversation, a good laugh and dig a bit deeper under the tango surface. Why can't some people stop doing it for 48 hours in a row? What makes this warm feeling in the tummy?... and other interesting subjects.
    This radio show is digestible by people with no Tango Argentino experience at all, up to advanced level.
          Mike Rose 
at 209radio Cambridge
    Mike Rose and Sam Wynne
    discuss Tango Argentino
    at 209radio Cambridge
      Sam Wynne & Ralph
at 209radio Cambridge

    Questions we discuss are:

    • What is Tango Argentino and where does it come from?
    • Why these high heel shoes?
    • Is Argentine Tango sexual?
    • Where do people dance?
    • "Leaders" and "followers" - is that a macho style culture?
    • What makes emancipated women love to surrender?
    • Why should "leaders" not be called leaders, but "shapers"
    • What's the difference to ball room tango?
    • What is Tango Waltz?
    • Why people often change partners?
    • What is the magic attraction of Tango Argentino?
    • Is Tango Argentino a spiritual practice?
    I made a new special web page for this show: About Tango Argentino (incl. many links)

    We play the following Tango music during the show
    after the show title song: "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack:

    1. La Cumparsita by Juan D'Arienzo
    2. El Espiante by Osvaldo Fresedo
    3. Desde al Alma sung by Nelly Omar
    4. Mala Junta by Color Tango
    5. Tango Negro by Juan Carlos Caceres

    If you want to be invited or want to suggest some special guest for one of the next shows,
    please contact Ralph
    on 01223 510 442 or by e-mail

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