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    Ralph Nimmann
at his 'Positive Hour'
     on 209radio
   January 2006

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'Ralph's Positive Hour' 
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preparations as show guest & location of 209radio

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Ralph's Positive Hour

'Ralph's Positive Hour' from Tue 11th December '07:
"Cancer Healed Anna" - Anna Libby about Breast Cancer

Hear about Anna's process of healing, triggered by breast cancer. Anna has founded a Cambridge support group for women with breast cancer and is writing a book about her experiences. More about Anna at www.breast-buddies.org.uk

        Anna Libby
after her chemotherapy
    in Cambridge 2007 Anna about herself: "Professionally I have worked as an occupational therapist in the rehabilitation of clients suffering from physical or mental disability and have worked for NHS, Social Services or as a private consultant for 25 years.... I am also a qualified LifeCoach, Colour Counsellor and Reflexologist. My whole life has felt extremely stressed and an uphill struggle.
I was fit and well, I had never smoked, I have always had a normal BMI with a healthy vegetarian diet and cycle and swim regularly. I am happily married with healthy children and I am employed fulltime in work
I was diagnosed with breast cancer (07.12.06). Two days later I had an MRI scan and shortly after that I was advised that I required a mastectomy and was referred to a plastic surgeon. I had an 11 hour operation on 06.01.07 which included a DIEP/TRAM procedure... Almost as soon as my surgical scars healed my chemotherapy started with my consequent hair loss.
Since then I have set up "Breast Buddies", shortly to become a charity, which offers an informal support network and professionally I now wish to combine my skills along with this personal experience to provide a one-stop-shop for women suffering from of with my own.
I am now writing a book entitled: "Cancer healed Anna", which has been part of my own reflective and cathartic process."

Questions we are discussing:

Hear Anna's message for YOU at the end of this show.
You can contact Anna at 51 St Andrews Road, Cambridge, CB4 1DH, phone 01223 329992

Interesting LINKS to visit while listening to this show:

  • Anna's web site: www.liberty-works.co.uk or www.breast-buddies.org.uk
  • www.liberty-works.co.uk/7rays.htm the 7 Rays to Empowerment (a rainbow technique combined with therapeutic skills)
  • "The New Start" www.liberty-works.co.uk/pdfs/THE%20NEW%20START.pdf (100 questions for a self coaching beginning)
  • Cure for Cancer? on Rainbow Network Cambridge
  • Healing & Health Page on Rainbow Network Cambridge
  • Details for Cambridge Events in December mentioned at the end of the show

    We play the following music during this show:

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack (show title song)
    2. She’s Not There – Santana, track 1
    3. Truly Colours Shining Through – Cindy Lauper, track 2
    4. Slow - Kylie, track 3
    5. Survivor - Destiny’s Child, track 4

    This show was available 24 / 7 on www.209radio.co.uk from Wednesday 12th Dec. to Tuesday midnight 8th Jan. '08.

    E-mail Ralph: If you want to be invited or want to suggest some special guest for one of the next shows, or contact Ralph on 01223 510 442
    Guest @ Ralph's show? What to do - where to go...

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    'Ralph's Positive Hour' (from Tue 13 Nov. '07):
    Interview with Bernadette Darnell - Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach

    This show archive sound file was available LIVE on 105FM in Cambridge & 24/7 from Wed 14th Nov. until Tue 11th Dec. '07 on www.209radio.co.uk - How to listen to this show...      Bernadette
- Joy Detective -
    Bernadette about herself: "...my creative dream is help people rediscover, uncover, rekindle their own dreams, take the steps to start living them and feel confident share their most magnificent gifts with the world.... I run The Artist Way Group and Mannifest your Dreams Groups (using art, sparkle and glitter to create your dreamboard and thus make your dreams real)... All in all I am a Joy Detective....looking for joy in everyday moments.
    My philosophy for life is: 'Stop Listen and learn, then go go go with all your might...never let anyone tell you it can't be done...remembering to give back along the way.' I would like to add something I found from an artist called Tony Pinfold who has invited anyone to use this...."Question everything and rejoice in the honesty that we know very little, understand all life is precious and is to be respected. Have regard for those with different beliefs to our own. Fight the egos wish for separation and see we are all one. Understand that in our current form the only certainty is there is none."

    Questions we are discussing:

    • What have you been doing in your life so far?
    • What's so georgious about glitter?
    • What is life coaching - and for whom?
    • What does 'Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching' mean?
    • How important is creativity?
    • What about your Luscious Life Clubs?
    • Isn't self development hard work? Can one really change with chocolate and hanging around on your sofa?
    • You say: "Everyone has a pot of magic sometimes hidden, inside of them" - can you explain?
    • What is your "Splendidly Imperfect" philosophy about?
    • You are working with 'The Law of Attraction', also called 'The Secret': could you tell us something about that?
    • What is the system you use, called 'Your Life Purpose'?
    • Why do you love women who are ready for a mid~life adventure, and men who have unfinished lives?
    • Why do you organise the Pyjama Party on Dec. 8th in Cambridge?
    SORRY for the technical trouble at the beginning of the show!

    Interesting LINKS to visit while listening to this show:

  • www.splendidlyimperfect.com (Bernadette's web site)
  • www.AcreativeWoman.com (Bernadette's web site) - was: www.thepurplejellybean.com
  • http://coachcreativespace.ning.com/profile/justbea (Bernadette's blog & ramblings, artwork, poems...)
  • Tony Pinfold (artist) www.imagefusion.co.uk
  • www.ashesandsnow.org ~ fantastic imagery make sure volume is turned down!
  • www.worldvision.com - building a better world for children
  • www.duirwaighgallery.com ~ gorgeous video and art
  • www.oriahmountaindreamer.com (author of the books: 'The Invitation', 'The Call' and 'The Dance')
  • www.teraswish.com - A free informational resource about Creativity
  • www.forthelittleonesinside.com - Words and Stories to Inspire and Empower Your Journey (an oasis of calm, soothing gentleness, compassion, loving-kindness and self-nurturing)
  • Planet Sark: www.planetsark.com (very colourful)
  • You can contact Bernadette on 01638 751040 / 0791 560 5961

    We plan to play the following music during this show:

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack (show title song)
    2. Eva Cassidy ~ Songbird
    3. James Morrison ~ You give me something
    4. Marco Antonio Solis ~ Si No Te Hubleros ido
    5. Van Morrison ~ Brown Eyed Girl

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    The following show will be re-broadcast on Tue 27th May '08, 12noon - 1pm on 105FM + repeat Sat 14th June 1-2pm: Ralph's Positive Hour
    'Ralph's Positive Hour' (from Tue 16th Oct '07):
    The current Cambridge Mayor, Councillor Jenny Bailey

    This show archive sound file was available 24 / 7 from Wednesday 17th Oct. until Tuesday 13th Nov. '07 on www.209radio.co.uk

    Councillor Jenny Bailey, Mayor of Cambridge
    - volunteering at Jimmy's Nightshelter - Jenny is a rather unusual interesting and inspiring person as Cambridge's 801st Mayor. She is a Buddhist and will take spiritual guidance during her mayoral year from faith leader Vajrasadhu. She likes goth & death metal music, scuba diving and aliens and is vegetarian - and she has changed her gender...
    ... one of the best of Ralph's shows!         How to listen to this show...

    Here are some snippets from her CV: Cllr Jenny Bailey has served continuously on the City Council since 2002 when she was elected to represent East Chesterton ward. Jenny has a strong interest in environmental issues, promoting cycling, waste management and recycling. She has been proactive in promoting public transport.
    Jenny was born in Doncaster Prison where her father worked as a prison officer. She was inspired at school by her physics teacher, Mr Lee, who ran the radio club and introduced her to the idea of a career designing radio systems.
    At the time the best radios in the world were being designed in Cambridge so she felt Pye Telecom, later to become part of Philips, was the only place for her to work.
    Since then Jenny has worked as a telecommunications engineer for a number of companies.
    In her leisure time Jenny enjoys sailing her yacht 'Serenity' and scuba diving with the BSAC240 Chesterton diving club. Jenny also helps at Jimmy's night shelter (see photo on the right and www.jimmysnightshelter.org.uk) as part of the St John's Ambulance care team.
    Jenny has chosen two charities to benefit from the fund-raising work she will carry out as part of her mayoral duties over the coming year.
    Her first charity is Press Relief (www.pressrelief.org), an organisation that raises money for facilities that aim to improve the education, health and social welfare of disadvantaged people across the county.
    Jenny's second charity is the Cambridge Museum of Technology (www.museumoftechnology.com), which is based on Cheddar's Lane, Cambridge.

    The show presentor, Ralph Nimmann, is also shortly introducing himself and the Ra in bo w Network Cambridge to the new Cambridge audience on 105FM.
    Ralph also introduces his idea of opening the "Blue Lagoon" (Burnside) for public swimming and planting more trees in Cambridge

    Q U E S T I O N S we discuss:

  • How shall I call you: Jenny - or "The Right Worshipful the Mayor" (why this phrase)?
  • What do you have to do as Mayor of Cambridge?
  • Is your job as Mayor well paid?
  • How much influence do you have on politics?
  • Would you agree, that getting involved in politics will spoil one's character?
  • Christians go to Church, Muslims to the Mosque - what is your spiritual practice as a Buddhist?
  • I heard you are interested in or even involved with aliens? In what way?
  • You changed your gender - how do you feel, being a woman?
  • You have a strong interest in environmental issues: what do you think about opening the Blue Lagoon (Brookside) to the public for swimming?
  • What do you feel about planting more trees in the city?
  • Why are you supporting the Cambridge Museum of Technology?
  • Isn't all the new technology bringing us more away from our true human nature and emotions? Will we become like robots or slaves of computers and more dependent on machines?
  • I heard you will have a radio show here on 209radio?

    Hear more about her views and what Buddhist meditation she practises - and be surprised when listening to Jenny's favourite music.
    At the end of the show some interesting upcoming Cambridge events are read out (follow link to Ralph's events page for details)

    This show will be available 24 / 7 from Wednesday 17th Oct. until Tuesday 13th Nov. '07 on www.209radio.co.uk
    and Tuesday 16th October noon on 105 FM, 5 Kilometres around the big Catholic church "Our Lady the English Martyrs" (OLEM)

    LINKS you may like to follow while listening to this show:
    - Cambridge Buddhist centre - Friends of the Western Buddhist Order FWBO www.cambridgebuddhistcentre.com at 36-38 Newmarket Road, Cambridge
    - 'Bhuddhist Page Cambridge' with listing of all Buddhist Groups in Cambridge

    The following music is played during this show:

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack (show title song)
    2. Lumsk - Trolltind
    3. David Rovics - A kiss behind the barricades
    4. Haggard - Awaking The Centuries Lyrics
    5. Tom Waits - Small Change
    Back to Ralph's current show

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    All sound files are on Ralph's page on www.209radio.co.uk, then click MP3 or OggVorbis link.
    On the 209radio web site you can listen live or choose the "archive" or "shows" or "schedule" button, choose "Ralph's Positive Hour" (or another show) and start by clicking the "ogg vorbis" or "mp3" button.
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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    'Ralph's Positive Hour' from Tue 18th Sept. '07):
    Presenting the Presentors of 209radio for the FM launch in October

    The sound archive file of this show was available 24 / 7 on www.209radio.co.uk from Wednesday 19 Sept. morning until Tuesday night 16th Oct. '07

    The following 209radio presentors have come today and give some examples of the many shows you can listen to on 105FM in Cambridge city from 1st October:

    • Pete Butchers: 'Close to the Edge' - challenging, contemporary jazz from around the world. A 2hr show once every 4 weeks (Thurs nights at 7pm). Next show Sept 20th
    • Mark - Homeless Truths - from a team of homeless and ex-homeless People. The only radio show in the world produced and presented by homeless people (magazine style programme), Tuesdays at 2pm
    • Pete Monaghan - CLUBGLOBAL- World Music ( 'music without borders'), the best in world and roots music, every Tues 7-8pm + 2hour Sunday special 4-weekly
      & STAGGER - Indie show (old and new indie sounds), Friday 7-9pm, 4-weekly. Next Show 21st Sept
    • Lisa Pearce - Nature's Voice. The show that aims to get people interested in nature on their doorstep. Presented by Clive Woodman, Anna Lacey, Malcolm Busby and Lisa. It covers anything from the value of having a pond in your garden, to what's happening on the allotment, from how to measure your carbon footprint to a local events guide so you can discover nature first-hand. Our next show goes out on Thurs 20 Sept at 9-9.30PM with our first FM show to be broadcast on Wed 3 Oct 7.30-8pm and 4-weekly thereafter.
    • Lucas Keen - Toujours Afrique - Celebrating the creativity and diversity of Africa. Music, guests, news and local listings. Four weekly Sundays 16-17:00 from 7th Oct.
    • Jon Wells. - winddown with wellsey (enthralling downtempo vibes, relaxing tunes & chilled-out beats), Sundays 21:00-23:00
    • Marina Burrell & Masha King - Russian Radio Show project (this show is still in a planning stage)
    • Karl Hartland - 209radio station manager is updating us with latest news about the launch on broadcasting on 105FM.
    Thanks to the following presenters, who submitted idents or text to be read out at this show. I am very sorry - there was no time to do it!
    Anne Ryan: "Moving Tone News" & "Blue Tone", Rishi Nag: "Bare Minim" (classical), Elaine Cusack: Flavour of the Month (show dedicated to food and drink) and Phil Pethybridge: Transmission Failure (a multi-dimensional sound-trip)

    Questions we discuss:

  • Please introduce yourself - and present your show
  • What is motivating you?
  • What's planned for your next show?
  • Have you got a message or vision for 209radio?
  • Karl: how many volunteers are active at 209radio - and how many programmes are currently running and planned?
  • What can we expect from 1st of October - and how far will the Cambridge FM transmission reach?
  • has 209radio become a charity by now? This show is available 24 / 7 as accessible sound archive on www.209radio.co.uk from Wed 19th Sept. - Tue 16th Oct. midnight.

    Music played during this show:

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack (show title song)
    2. Michel Portal playing 'KO' from his album 'Dockings' on Label Bleu
    3. House of the Rising Sun - music track performed by Street Voices (into by Mark)
    4. Eva Cassidy: "Over the rainbow"
    5. "one world " by Remy Ongala
    6. Lucas is playing live one of his own compositions on a "Donso n'goni" from Burkina Faso
    7. Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness
    8. Marina is singing the "Moscow Coachman's song" live in the studio
  • - - - rainbow line - - -

    Ralph's Positive Hour

    Current 'Ralph's Positive Hour' (from Tue 24th July):
    Inspiral - a new spiritual / healing magazine for Cambridge
    with special guest Claire Bloomfield

    This show (the 40th!)was available as sound file for 8 weeks 24 / 7 on www.209radio.co.uk from Wednesday 25th July morning until Tuesday night 18th September '07.
    Claire (and Caroline) are joint directors of a new holistic media and events company and the proud publishers of 'Inspiral'. "We are launching Inspiral a natural living magazine for the Cambridge area. We plan to produce the magazine monthly and it will be free to pick up in many places around Cambridge and the surrounding villages.
    A number of events are also being planned in Cambridge connected to natural living and health. We hope that both the magazine and the events will help raise awareness of the diverse range of natural living and natural health options the people of this area are have and are also keen to build a sense of community for the practitioners, healers and eco enthusiasts in and around Cambridge as we feel that friendship and support are primary to getting our positive message's out there!"

    Claire: "I am a healer, I work with my guides and reiki, specialising in Dolphin reiki. I am one half of 'Karma pets'. I work with Ponies and Horses. I am also one half of 'Inspiral' (see above). I live in Cambridge and own a cat called Max! I have a part time job at Cambridge Education Group."

    Apart from talking about the Inspiral magazine we discuss the following questions:

  • What or who inspired you to Inspiral?
  • What events are you organising?
  • For whom is Inspiral: which readers - what advertisers?
  • When can we expect your 1st Inspiral issue - and when are deadlines?
  • How will you distribute your magazine Inspiral in the area of Ely, St Ives, Huntigdon, St Neots, Royston, Saffron Walden, Haverhill, Newmarket?
  • Experiences with the "Greenwave Magazine" of Dunckan MacDuffie or Liz Hale's "Light Net Works"
  • Are Derek & Terry from Oakwood-events your competitors - or do you plan to co-operate?
  • Would you be interested ingetting involved at 209radio?

    Links related to this show:

  • NEW: Introductory article for Inspiral by Ralph, August 2007 www.inspiralonline.com "Inspiral" - Holistic Media & Events
  • Oakwood Events www.oakwood-events.co.uk (Ely based)
  • www.spiritualitymatters.co.uk (magazine that covers Norfolk and Suffolk, exceeds 2,500 copies a month)
  • Archive: Greenwave Relaunch Project - Cambridge Regional Magazine for Alternative Living (until 1996)
  • Archive: The Cambridge Centre - spiritual centre for the region (until Nov. 1997)

    Music played during this show:

    1. Pink Floyd: "Great gig in the sky"
    2. Stevie Wonder: "Superstitious"
    3. Blues Brothers: "Everybody needs somebody"
    4. Tim Wheater: "Gayatri Mantra"

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Ralph's Positive Hour

    'Ralph's Positive Hour' (from Tue 26th June '07)
    "Russians in Cambridge" - with Russian speaking guests.

    This show was available on www.209radio.co.uk from Wednesday 27th June until Tuesday 24th July '07.

    Guests: Marina Burell (Russian Speaking Society), Vitalija Zelenevska-Nimmann, Anton Lokhmotov & Dima Dubovitsky.

    Marina Burell: "I consider myself a cosmopolitan but with a Russian soul. I was born in Leningrad, studied in Moscow, but lived and travelled all over former USSR and abroad - from Siberia to Tallinn (Estonia) and America. Since my first visit to Cambridge in 1991, I fell in love with this city and started a new life here in England. By education, profession, business and nature I have always been a teacher. After completing my latest degree in London, I've been teaching English and Russian at college and university.
    Only here, in England, I discovered how much Russian I am. Though I've always loved Rakhmaninov, here I started singing Russian songs and play the guitar. Here I also took up painting, through which my Russian soul manifests itself, and Argentine Tango - both are little escapes from reality. My students and friends in Cambridge helped me to discover and like Pelevin and Grebenschikov... The purpose and pleasure of life is in discovering and loving people. Maybe that's why we founded our Russian Speaking Society in Cambridge (www.camruss.com) more than 8 years ago - to discover what it is like to feel and be Russian - to discover ourselves?..."

    Vitalija Zelenevska-Nimmann comes from Riga, Latvia - Russian is her mother tongue. Vitalija is a painting artist and a graphic designer. She is on the Sufi path and writes poetry in Russian, inspired by Rumi - read more at her journal at http://life_in_colours.livejournal.com. Vitalija plays gitar, loves the Dances of Universal Peace, drumming and chanting.

    Anton Lokhmotov (CU Russian Society - www.russiancambridge.com/)
    On arriving to Cambridge in 2004, Anton joined CU Russian Society (CURS) and, after some thought, he proclaimed himself as Vodka Officer and eagerly started organising events as Entertainment Officers in other societies do. And he knows about Russian-style entertainment indeed, partly because he learned to play accordion and sing Russian folk songs in a music school back in his home town Mytishchi. In 2006 Anton was CURS President and is currently serving as its Consultant, advising the Committee on running the Society. In his spare time, Anton is doing a PhD in Computer Science.

    Dmitry Dubovitsky: "I came to the UK in 2000 in Leicester to develop new algorithms in Computer Science. The future development brought me to Oxford and then to Cambridge. I like to do something new in my life in the scientific field and for hobby. In my spare time I prefer having little excursions around historical sites. From the first moment I loved this country and I give thanks to my fortune that brought me to the UK and Cambridge. I would like to learn to play piano and glad to meet more friends and be together."

    We'll hope to give a glimpse of the "Russian Soul" - we'll have some LIVE Russian songs in the studio. We'll discuss, how life is here in Cambridge for Russians. Many Russians actually are not from Russia.
    Find out more & listen to this show...

    We discuss the following questions:    Anton, Marina, Vitalija and Dmitry
   as guests at 'Ralph's Positive Hour'
on 209radio.co.uk - singing in the studio
          Tue 26th June 2007

    • Why are you in England - and where do you come from?
    • What do you do here in Cambridge?
    • Are you homesick?
    • Russians and Vodka?
    • where can you buy Russian products in Cambridge?
    • The joke about the Russian spy
    • How important is Russian music for you?
    • What is "the Russian Soul"?
    • What do you miss most in England?
    • What do you love about Cambridge?
    • What are the biggest differences between Russians & English people?
    LINKS to visit while you are listening:
    - Russian Speaking Society - www.camruss.com
    - CU Russian Society - www.russiancambridge.com/
    - Russian Orthodox Church, Westcott House Chapel - see www.ephraim.org.uk

    If you are Russian speaking, and interested in community radio:
    please contact 209radio in Cambridge & join the Russian radio programme team on 209radio.

    visit the 209radio station or contact 209radio: call 01223 488418 - or contact Marina from the Russian Speaking Society (see above).

    Music we are playing during this show:

    1. Boris Grebenschikov's "Golden City" (track1 CD)
    2. Live music by Vitalija & Marina: "A Crow" - by B. Ocudzhava
    3. Live music by Vitalija & Marina: "Vanjka Morozov" - by B. Ocudzhava
    4. "Don't go back to sleep" by Jelaluddin Rumi, read by Dunckan Mackingtosh with music, on CD: "This being Human - Poems & Stories of Rumi", track 5
    5. Yulia Lomova - Ne otyosan teryom (Tower is not trimmed)

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Ralph's Positive Hour

    'Ralph's Positive Hour' from Tue 29th May '07
    Is hugging more important than sex? (pre-recorded)
    with Dave Johnson ("Free Hugs") and Suzie King ("Platonic Partners")

    This show WAS available 24 hours on www.209radio.co.uk from Wednesday 30th May until Tuesday night 26th June '07. Dave offers free hugs

    Dave Johnson: "I've lived in Camb for 3˝ years. I’m Part of the worldwide ‘Free Hugs’ movement, offering hugs on the streets of Cambridge. I assist and participate in, weekend workshops themed around Love, Intimacy and Sexuality with HAI, The Human Awareness Institute, in the UK, Germany and California. I live in a thriving Housing Co-operative where I am part of the Welfare Group.
    Suzie King: " I travelled the world, feel a world citizen, interested in the multi-dimensionality of the human being, been a therapist for 13 years, now a coach working with stress management, spirituality and relationship issues, and practising clinical massage and reiki healing, feel best when working with a team of others to put back into the world, happiest when in deep relationship with a few close friends, quietly rather than in a crowd, love giving dinner parties and going away for romantic weekends, gardening, rambling and researching stuff from the scientific quantum world to back up some interesting theories about what makes us all tick. The more I learn, the less I know - what a fun journey!"
    Suzie has just launched a new web site: www.platonicpartners.co.uk - a "place for companionship and romance".

    Find out more about the 'Free Hug' campaign. We'll discuss, why touch is so important to us as humans, instructions how to give and receive a proper hug - & more...
    the show is ending with a nearly romantic note...

    Questions we plan to discuss:

  • What is motivating you?
  • What does a hug mean to you?
  • Why is touch so important to us as humans?
  • Why are we so scared of touch in the UK?
  • Is the society we live in obsessed with sex?
  • Aren't sex and love about the same? Or are they two different things?
  • Is intimacy possible without sex?
  • What is Suzie's web site "Platonic Partners" about, and for whom?
  • Are you in a relationship - or are you single?
  • Any events upcoming in Cambridge?

    LINKS to follow while you're listening:

    Music we play during this show:
    1. Heartbeats, by José González, Track 1.
    2. Shake Rattle and Roll, on the CD Split Wiskas (cover by Split Wiskas)
    3. Do your thing, by Basement Jaxx, Track 2
    4. Nocturne No 1, Chopin, on CD The Love Collection

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Ralph's Positive Hour

    'Ralph's Positive Hour': (from Tue 1st May '07)
    "Germans in Cambridge" with Stephanie Gögelein, Andreas Beck & Áron Varga

    This show was available 24 hours on www.209radio.co.uk from Thursday 3rd May noon until Tuesday night 29th May '07.
    Andres Beck: "I'm 37, single, have been living and working as a technical translator in Cambridge for 11 years. I spend my free time with photography, listening to music, the internet, cooking, meeting friends, reading and travelling to some distant destination once a year."
    Stephanie Gögelein: "I am currently fully occupied as a mum of 3 children under 5 in Cambridge. Having been a teacher (Steiner Kindergarten - see www.cambridge-steiner-school.co.uk), a masseur and an Argentine Tango dance teacher for a long time here I am now establishing some new hobbies around the children such as growing food and meeting Germans. Very enjoyable!"
    Áron Varga: " I'm currently a fourth year student at Cambridge, studying materials science. and specializing in alternative energies. My hobbies are research, the CU German Society (www.srcf.ucam.org/cugs/), politics, travelling,long distance running, reading,..."
    Ralph Nimmann, (the presentor): All about Ralph

    We chat about life in Cambridge - auch ein bischen auf deutsch.
    We are discussing the following questions:

    • Why are you in England - and where do you come from?
    • What do you do here in Cambridge?
    • Have you been homesick for Germany?
    • What do you miss most in England?
    • What do you love about Cambridge?
    • What are the biggest differences between Germans and English people?
    • Any anekdotes you like to share?
    • Is it true, that we Germans tend to tell the English what to do (because we think we know better)?
    • Do you feel at home here, welcome & integrated - or are there still any animosities from world war II around?
    • Is it easy to make friends here - and do you have many German friends?
    • If England plays against Germany: which side do you support?

    Music we play during this show:

    1. "Mediengruppe Telekommander": "Steht auf" - CD "Die ganze Kraft einer Kultur"
    2. "Wir sind Helden": "Nur ein Wort"
    3. Anne-Sophie Mutter mit Wiener Philarmoniker: Carmen-Fantasie by Pablo de Sarasate(1844-1908), "Zigeunerweisen" Op.20
    4. "Wir sind Helden": "Gekommen um zu bleiben".

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Ralph's Positive Hour

    'Ralph's Positive Hour' (from Tue 3rd April '07):
    The Healing Power of Voice and Sound Vibration
    with Carolin Comberti - Vocal-Ease

    This show was available 24 hours on www.209radio.co.uk from Wednesday 4th April morning until Tuesday night 1st May '07. Carolin Comberti
from Audley End

    Carolin is a singer, voice teacher & sound healer from Audley End / Saffron Walden. She has studied the mystery of sound and the amazing effects of projecting sound with intention into the body or into the environment. She works with individuals, classes, spaces, and sees her task in healing the earth along geomantic earth energy lines.
    Carolin is convinced, that nearly all vocal problems are either emotional, psychological, or due to muscular tensions and habitual bad posture.
    We talk about Vibrational Therapy, cymatics, toning with intention, the chakras of the body, destroying gall stones with sound, Space Clearing, Planetary Healing, Wandlebury, Voice work, the Findhorn Community in Scotland and their conference "Songs of Heaven & Earth" in spring 1996, some rather fundamental aspects of sound and singing - and much more (by the way: Ralph moved to England because of Carolin).

    Questions asked include:

  • Is sound connected with the creation of the universe and life ("in the beginning was the word")?
  • Why is singing important?
  • What can people do to improve their voice?
  • What are or is Cymatics?
  • What is toning?
  • What is your explanation why sound can heal?
  • Could you share some of your experiences with singing and sound healing?
  • What is "Space Clearing" and geopathic stress?
  • What about your ambition to become a "singing troubadour"?
  • What's the connection with crop circles?
  • Why is the Findhorn Community in Scotland important for you?
  • What is " the Law of Three" (the relationship between pulse, wave and form) - and what is the implication for us?
  • ... and more. Show related LINKS:

    Music we play during this show:

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack (show title song)
    2. John Renbourn (from folk group Pentangle) John Dowland's "Pavane", 1 1/2 mins
    3. Choral singing Mozart's "Ave Verum Corpus" from CD Agnus Dei, 3 mins
    4. CD Songs of Heaven and Earth, Track 11 "Caribbean Hallelujah", 2 1/2mins
    5. CD Songs of Heaven and Earth, Track 6 "Santo Santo"
    6. Michael Ormiston on CD "The Winds of Heaven" Koumi singing 5 mins (sorry - the newly automated 209 archiving software cut this song) off)
    If you want to be invited or want to suggest some special guest for one of the next shows,
    please contact Ralph on 01223 510 442 or by e-mail

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    'Ralph's Positive Hour' (from Tue 6th March '07 - pre-recorded):
    The Cambridge Steiner School - School for Life

    Very sorry - due to a technical glitch at 209radio, the mp3 file could not be opened before Monday 19th March. This show was available 24 hours on www.209radio.co.uk until Tuesday night 3rd April 2007.

    Special guests: Ludmilla King & Rachel Bell (school teachers), Sharon Furr (Kindergarten teacher) & Charlie Gilderdale (parent).

    What is so unique about the Steiner Schools, the Waldorf Kindergarten and the way the children are taught? We talk about various aspects of how children are taught at the Steiner School and hear examples. A guiding principle of Steiner Education is to awaken to consciousness from our feet and arms, through our hearts to our head. Why are art & creativity so important for the child's development?
    Rudolf Steiner (1864-1925) was the founder of Steiner Education, Biodynamic Agriculture, Anthroposophical Medicine, Architecture & Eurythmy. Steiner felt that schools should cater for the needs of the child rather than the demands of the government or economic forces in society.
    Hear about their move to a new location in April this year - and much more....
    This school project is a registered charity and part of the worldwide network of Steiner Waldorf schools.

    Questions we are discussing in this show:

    • What is a typical school day schedule like?
    • Why the importance of rhythm in education (weekly, seasonal festivals, birthdays)?
    • Do the classrooms look differently to usual ones?
    • How are the parents involved in the Steiner School organisation (without a head master)?
    • Why is the school called "Project" - and how did it all begin in 1987?
    • Do you teach children spirituality and moral?
    • How is the alphabet introduced to children?
    • An example, how a main lesson (geography) is approached
    • Why does nobody use television?
    • What is the connection with Waldorf Kindergartens, and why the name "Waldorf"?
    • How are children treated in the Kindergarten and the toddler group?
    • Is the Steiner School open for all children (incl. learning difficulties), or are there any conditions?
    • How do children cope changing from Waldorf into a state run school & how are they coping when confronted with the tough pressures of society afterleaving school?
    Next INTRODUCTORY TALK & TOUR: Saturday, 5 May & 2 June,11.00am to 1.00pm. The event begins with a talk at 11.05 am and is followed by a tour of the school and one of the kindergartens. CONFIRM VENUE! @ Meadowlands, 662 Newmarket Road (opp. Ditton Lane), Cambridge, CB5 8RS, tel: 01223 415492.

    Read more at their web site: www.cambridge-steiner-school.co.uk
    LINKS page: www.cambridge-steiner-school.co.uk/links.php

    Music we play during this show:
    All songs from the 2 CDs are of High Schol choirs of the Ubuntu Waldorf School Pretoria, South Africa & the Bergen Waldorf Schoo, Norway. The recordings are a result of visits between the 2 schools, which led to a musical project between them.

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack (show title song)
    2. CD: "A Bridge of Concerts" track 5: "Township Marimba" (trad. arr.)
    3. CD "Gloria", track 7: "Sofu" (Icelandic traditional)
    4. CD "Gloria", track 8: "Locus Iste" (Anton Bruckner)
    5. CD: "A Bridge of Concerts" track 3: "Shozolosa" Mandela (trad. arr.)

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Ralph's Positive Hour

    Current 'Ralph's Positive Hour' (from Tue 6th Feb.'07):
    "Alphamusic" - with John Levine, budgie snuggler extraordinairre

    From Fri 9th Feb. until Tuesday 6th March 2007 this show was available 24 hours on www.209radio.co.uk (how to listen). John

    No doubt you've heard about the horse whisperer, but today we're here to introduce you to the budgie snuggler.
    Yes, you heard right. The Alphamusic of John Levine put three budgies Cziko, Czako and Dako to sleep. They usually only slept in the dark, and were very chirpy birds on the whole. This showed us that John's theories about music affecting the brainwaves can't be a placebo effect...you can't ask a budgie to fake it! Alphamusic has been growing steadily since then, with even releasing two Alphamusic books at the beginning of next year - one on the miracles and history of this phenomenon and another on the science and structure.
    Alphamusic has been known to calm dogs and cats, not to mention hyperactive children and stressed out teachers and parents. Alphamusic has been composed in a way that encourages the brain to actually slow down the brain waves. In alpha, the body is at it's most productive; completely relaxed yet fully alert, sending the right amount of energy to all areas of the body.

    Australian-born graduate composer, pianist and teacher of meditation John Levine has been composing music since he was 6. At Sydney University School of Music, he studied composition under such luminaries as Peter Sculthorpe and Moya Henderson. He began experimenting with music's effects on the brainwaves in 1984. Hardly a day goes by when he does not receive a thank you from somewhere in the world for the profound impact that he's had on someone's life. His aim is to "help the greatest number of people with the healing properties of music. Now he lives in Cambridge - you may meet him on the Sunday Market at his stall in town...

    Alphamusic is not only a great stress relief for adults and helps getting into a state of deep relaxation within minutes. E.g.: Alphamusic is being used by the Wannabee Foundation who help highly sensitive children who may be diagnosed/misdiagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Research conducted by the University of Cambridge has shown that using Alphamusic in a class room can reduce off task activities by 60%, talking by 80% whilst improving overall academic results by over 100%. (Bridgeman Report, 2005).
    Find out more about brain waves, chemical hormones, alpha music and productive calmness and listen to this show.
    John's music - a wide, ever expanding range of timeless, therapeutic compositions - and much more information are available at www.silenceofmusic.com.

    Questions we discuss:

    Useful links while listening to this show:

  • All about alpha, beta, delta & theta brain waves, Acethylcholine, Dopamine, Somatostatin, Noradrenaline, Melatonin & Serotonin: www.silenceofmusic.com/articles/brainwaves2.htm
  • What happened to some budgerigars and a dog: www.silenceofmusic.com/letters/animals.html
  • "The Power of Music" - Four Part Series by BBC World Service Radio: http://music-for-all.org/PowerofMusic.html If you want to know even more details, you better wait until John has published his new book.

    Music we play during this show: All sound tracks (except show title song) are from John Levine's CDs.

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack (show title song)
    2. 'Silence Of Peace', by John Levine [first minutes, rest played as background to our discussion]
    3. 'Orange Grove Siesta', track 6 'Orange Grove', by John Levine
    4. 'Amber, track one 'Provencal Languedoc', by John Levine [rest played as background to our discussion]
    5. 'Emerald Forest', track one: 'Gratitude', by John Levine [faded out]

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Ralph's Positive Hour

    'Ralph's Positive Hour' (from Tue 16 Jan.'07):
    Interview with Karl Hartland, founder and station manager of 209radio.co.uk

    This show was available 24 hours on www.209radio.co.uk until Tuesday 6th February 2007 and as 'Archive Special' until 27 July '07.

    Karl is not only the founder of this Community Radio for Cambridge, but also the motor in 209radio, who holds everything together and gets everyone going and functioning. We'll discuss what is motivating him and why he spends endless hours on this unpaid voluntary job in the new Cambridge Community Radio station. Karl talks about his background, how he got into making community radio, what community radio is and does - and why all local Community groups should go on air. He appears to have bags of enthusiasm.
    Find out, what important role Karl's partner Lucy plays and more...

    Questions discussed in this show:

    • Karl, what motivates you?
    • how much time do you spend weekly at and for 209radio?
    • do you have time for a private life?
    • why should individuals and community groups get involved in 209radio?
    • what changes can we expect at 209radio within the next months?
    • what is your vision? Do you have a "message" for the listeners?

    Summary of past achievements and future challenges of 209radio:

  • 209radio has over 2000+ visitors to the website www.209radio.co.uk every day
  • 209radio has around 80 volunteers at the moment and around 40 programmes either running or in training
  • 209radio won an FM licence for Cambridge and will go on air in July 2007
  • 209radio has new premises with studios and everything
  • 209radio will be registering as a charity early in 2007
  • 209radio were shortlisted for their second New Statesman New Media award
  • 209radio won a County Council Volunteering award
  • 209radio has gained a worldwide reputation as an upcoming example of excellence in Community Radio and promoters of specialist music and arts
  • 209radio performed a live webcast from the Midsummer Common during Strawberry Fair 2006
  • 209radio webcast the 2006 Battle of the Bands from the Junction
  • 209radio had an excellent FM broadcast in February '06 from the Cambridge Artworks Gallery
  • 209radio started being of great benefit to the Voluntary Sector and disadvantaged groups.

    Music we play during this show:

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack (show title song)
    2. Klaart, The Raver
    3. Edward Elgar, Cello Concerto in E Minor, Op. 85 (Excerpt)
    4. THR, iRiver Found Sound 2006 (Excerpt of Radio Art made by Karl)
    5. Albireon Trio, Balkan Air
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