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    Ralph Nimmann
at his 'Positive Hour'
     on 209radio
   January 2006

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'Ralph's Positive Hour' 
     on 209radio

preparations as show guest & location of 209radio

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Ralph's Positive Hour

The 50th & LAST show of 'Ralph's Positive Hour'
was available from Tue 24th June '08 to 29th Oct. '08 on www.209radio.co.uk
Presentor and special guest: Ralph
+ Sat 12th July '08,1pm-2pm LAST FM repeat broadcast on 105FM
This show WAS available 24 / 7 on 209radio until 29th October 2008 to download

Foto Ralph Nimmann Nov. 07 Ralph is talking about his interests, what the Rainbow Network Cambridge is, some highlights - & challenges at his previous radio shows, the usual stress before & during the show, what his views are about spirituality and religion, his opinion about mobile phones, computers and the Internet (including a story about Bapak, founder of Subud, and his wife Ibu), a bit about him being German, why he thinks the human voice is important for the spiritual development, what motivated Ralph to put the World Peace Pages after Sept. 11th up on his web site - and of course about his beloved Dances of Universal Peace... Ralph stepped down being the chair of the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group earlier this year. He has joined Chela, the Cambridge Georgian choir.
The question:"Who do you think you are and what is your task? (in 12 words)" stays unanswered....

Ralph came to the conclusion, that his life is too busy and that "less is more"- so he decided that this 50th radio show will be his last one. He wants to focus more on the sharing Dances of Universal Peace.

LINKS to visit mentioned in this show:
- All about Ralph
- The Gift of Life - a wake up call & inspirational presentation
- Dances of Universal Peace
- Spiritual Web Page Cambridge
- German Language & Culture in Cambridge
- The Cambridge Crop Circle Web Site
- World Peace after Sept. 11th 2001
- www.cam.net.uk/home/subud
- The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group: www.cam.net.uk/home/interfaith
- CamLETS - Cambridge Local Exchange & Trading System
- Health risks of mobile phones
- Rainbow Network Cambridge Events Page for details of events mentioned at the end of this show.

PS: See & hear CHELA (with Ralph) singing "Varado" 20th Aug '08, St Edwards Church Cambridge on www.youtube.com/.
Ralph on YouTube: Lieber Lebendig als normal - Part 1 - www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7AxXSaPU5U and Part 2 (the film students forgot the last "n"of my family name... the title means: "Better alive than normal")

The following music is played during this show:

  1. "Always look on the bright side of life" - Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack (show title song)
  2. "V'Somachto" ("..and be joyful") on CD "Jewish Soul" by Mike Tabor, EUCD 1705, LC0511, ADD, www.arcmusic.co.uk track 4 (2:58)
  3. Chickpeas on CD “This Being Human – poems and stories of Rumi” read by Duncan Macintosh, track 13 (2:06)
  4. “Eternal Ecstacy Of Being”,on CD “The Gods Have Meant That I Should Dance", by Anahata Iridah & Prema Dasara, track 8 (3:09)
  5. “Mevlam Sana Ersem Diye Nuri Cemali” by Hosh Neva, on CD “Hu” (meditative Sufi music) tracks 13 (1:33) + 14 (2:01)
  6. Sasei Perchuli by Mtiebi, CD “Traditionelle Gesaenge aus Georgien, track 24 (4:41)

E-mail Ralph:

Sorry - you can't listen to Ralph's show any more

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Ralph's Positive Hour

'Ralph's Positive Hour' (from Tue 29th April - 24th June'08) on www.209radio.co.uk:
Georgian singing - with Ashlyn Armour & Kati Preston from Chela, Cambridge Georgian choir
+ Sat 17th May 1pm-2pm repeat FM broadcast on 105FM

Geographical map of the country of Georgia in the Caucasus Sorry - Miranda Armour could not come to this show. Find out what Georgian harmony singing is about (not to be mixed up with Gregorian chanting or the English King George). Hear about Edisher Garakanidze, who made Georgian singing popular in Britain and stories from the country Georgia in the Caucasus, also known as "Sakartvelo".
Georgian folk music possesses what is the oldest tradition of polyphonic music in the world, predating the introduction of Christianity. Most Georgian songs, are sung unaccompanied in three-part harmony, symbolically associated with the Trinity. Unlike western music, the Georgian scale is based on the fifth rather than the octave. There are considerable regional differences in singing styles.

Ashlyn is a geologist (and Miranda an artist). They are hosting the weekly rehearsals of the Cambridge Georgian choir Chela. Katie is a Cambridge story teller, who joined Chela only recently.
We will hear 5 different examples of Georgian harmony songs during this show.

questions we discuss today:

  • What is so special about Geogian singing?
  • Please tell us about Edisher Garakanidze
  • What is a Georgian "supra"?
  • Can you say anything about the Georgian scale "quintave system"?
  • Where are the Georgian songs usually sung in Georgia?
  • Have you been to Georgia - and what experiences did you have?
  • How is Chela, the Cambridge Goergian choir, organised?
  • Is it true, that in the end of May this year a famous Georgain choir from Georgia will come to Cambridge and give a concert?

    LINKS to visit for this show:
    - Chela - Cambridge Georgian choir: http://georgianchoircambridge.wordpress.com
    - Wikipedia about Georgian singing and tuning: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_of_Georgia
    - Derek Willcox (leader of Chela) Homepage with scores of Geaorgian songs: www.sibeliusmusic.com/cgi-bin/user_page.pl?url=derekjwilcox
    - Maspindzeli - London Georgian choir: www.maspindzeli.org.uk
    - Georgian Harmony association UK: www.georgianharmony.org.uk"
    - Georgian voices online: http://georgian-music.com/index.php3?sc=25
    - Mtiebi: Georgian Song and Dance – Emmanuel United Reformed Church, Cambridge 30 May 2008 (please send positive thoughts, that they'll get their visas!) - event details: www.movingtonenews.com/features/previews/mtiebi.asp
    - see Rainbow Network Cambridge Events Page for details of events mentioned at the end of this show.
    PS: see & hear CHELA singing "Varado" on 20th Aug '08 in St Edwards Church Cambridge on www.youtube.com/.

    We play the following music during this show:

    1. Eric Idle (show title song): "Always look on the bright side of life", from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack
    2. Maspindzeli with Geoff Burton: Orovela
    3. The Chanter's Group of the Church St Panteleimon the Healer : Romelni Kerubinta (on Georgian chants, track 12)
    4. Maspindzeli: Svanuri Perkuli
    5. Chela (Cambridge Georgian choir, 8th May 2007): Shen Khar Venakhi
    6. Anchiskhati Church Choir: Gvimgheria
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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    'Ralph's Positive Hour' from Tue 1st April '08 on www.209radio.co.uk:
    Natural Nutrition - with Glenys Collings
    + Sat 19th April 1p-2pm repeat FM broadcast on 105FM
    Sorry - last minute CHANGE: Shazzie could not come today to talk about raw food

    Glenys CollingsGlenys Collings is a Complementary Health Nurse and naturopath with "a practical approach". She practices a unique and individual holistic approach that integrates orthodox and complementary therapies, together with eastern and western philosophies.
    "Having lived through the idealism of youth, raw foodism of the 80’s,subsequent vegetarianism, followed by the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I now believe that vibrant health is dependant upon eating accordance to one’s constitution and ethnicity.
    An ability to relax and appreciate, share and enjoy, love and nourish oneself with nutritious food is essential to wellbeing as we struggle in this stressful and toxic world."

    Glenys also works with acupuncture at the Cambridge Complementary Health Centre (01223 355344).
    Read more at www.glenyscollings.co.uk

    questions we discuss today:

  • Glenys: what is naturopathy?
  • You stress the importance of detoxification. What is it - and why do you think it's important?
  • What is Metabolic Typing?
  • Glenys: how was it for you working in China?
  • What do you think about raw food chocolate?
  • Isn't healthy food very expensive?
  • Is raw food good for everyone?
  • Can a diet isolate one socially?
  • ... and more...

    LINKS to visit for this show:
    - All about Glenys collings: www.glenyscollings.co.uk
    - Cambridge Complementary Health Centre CCHC www.CCHC.co.uk (8 Rose Crescent, Cambridge city, tel: 01223 355344)
    - Shazzie's company: www.detoxyourworld.com
    - Shazzie's web site http://www.shazzie.com
    - see Rainbow Network Cambridge Events Page for details of events mentioned at the end of this show.

    We play the following music during this show:

    1. Eric Idle (show title song): "Always look on the bright side of life", from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack
    2. Nina Simone: Ain't got No, I got life
    3. Eva Cassidy: Fields of Gold
    4. REM: All Night Swimming
    5. Enya: Orinoco Flow

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    'Ralph's Positive Hour' (from Tue 4th March.'08) on www.209radio.co.uk:
    inspirational conversation with Mark Desvaux
    + Sat 22nd March 1p-2pm repeat FM broadcast on 105FM

    Mark Desvaux Did you know that on average we only live 4,000 Saturdays during our lifetime?
    Are you aware, that grateful people live 7 years longer on average?
    Do you know the carrot experiment, which proves the power of your thoughts?
    Hear what Mark says about road rage, how his band "Urban Myth Club" made it to the Glastonbury Festival, about the "law of attraction / the secret" and other inspiring tips for our lives... For more information, please visit Mark's web site http://4000saturdays.com

    As a four year old, Mark Desvaux used to ask his mother, "What is life all about? Why are we here?". He asked those questions a lot. Twenty years ago however, he got a glimpse into some possible answers when given a book by his father that set him off on a course of personal discovery. During that time, he has studied hundreds of remarkable people and inspirational, motivational books about life including subjects on personal growth, peak performance, abundance and gratitude. He best describes himself as a 'student of life':
    "We all have our own unique journey in life, with an accumulation of experiences and beliefs which define who we are at this very moment. As long as we keep exploring, we are living. Otherwise, we simply exist."
    Inspired by national success as an athlete in his teenage years, he had the privilege of being trained by an Olympic coach. In his early twenties, Mark began to experiment with what was possible in life. His personal journey so far includes turning down a PhD, setting up businesses in the music and property industries, being diagnosed at the age of twenty-five with an "incurable" disease which now no longer affects his life and most recently living out another of his crazy dreams - having a song chart in the Top 30 and performing at Glastonbury with his band.
    As a motivational speaker, Mark shares some of his discoveries in his forthcoming book, "Mind The Gap", which helps people to refocus on what is really important in their life. Mark has appeared on many television and radio shows (including Radio 5 Live, BBC1, BBC2, ITV [and now 209radio!]), national newspaper and magazine articles. He has worked with groups and individuals from diverse backgrounds including championship athletes, entrepreneurs, cancer patients, musicians, prison inmates, students and businessmen and women.
    In an increasingly fast-paced, fast-living world, Mark continues to explore ways to help people live their lives to the fullest, in a balanced, peaceful and meaningful way.

    Some more questions we are discussing:

  • What is motivating you to go public?
  • How come you are loosing your marbles every week?
  • How many thoughts do we have a day?
  • Can we control our thoughts?
  • please tell us about "The law of attraction"
  • "Fear and Gratitude cannot co-exist in the same moment" - could you say more about this?

    LINKS to visit for this show:
    - http://4000saturdays.com
    - www.trlmusic.com
    - www.urbanmythclub.com (for Mark's music)
    - see Rainbow Network Cambridge Events Page for details of events mentioned at the end of this show.

    We play the following music during this show:

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" - Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack (show title song)
    2. I Feel It - by Urban Myth Club
    3. The Thaw - by Stillman
    4. So Beautiful - by Urban Myth Club
    5. Over the Bridge - by Chocolate Tannoy

    This show was available 24 / 7 on www.209radio.co.uk from Wednesday 5th March to Tuesday midnight 1st April '08

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    'Ralph's Positive Hour' (from Tue 5th Feb.'08) on www.209radio.co.uk:
    "Positive Spin"- The Cambridge Cycling Campaign
    with Simon Nuttall & Marie-Therese Kranz
    + Sat 23rd Feb. 1p-2pm repeat FM broadcast on 105FM

    Do you know the Cambridge Cycling Campaign (www.camcycle.org.uk)? Find out who is involved, what they are doing and more.
    If you have a question you like to have answered in this LIVE show, please mail Ralph before the show:

    About Simon: I moved to Cambridge in 1991, and have lived here longer than anywhere else. Worked in Academia, Industry and Local Government in roughly equal measure. Now self employed working on a number of projects mostly related to promoted cycling. Apart from cycling and computers, I have in interest in environmental theatre, and am currently rehearsing The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare.
    I've always cycled, throughout my life. As a child I much prefered to cycle to school. Later on in life I did have motor cars, and I am rather ashamed to say that at one point I was the registered owner of six vehicles. However they were all 'projects' rather than actual cars. The most fun I had was an open top car that I bought for 60. Well in fact it was 2 cars and I joined them together properly.
    I remember once when I was driving in London in my open top car and wanted to turn left, instead of putting the indicator on I found myself sticking my hand out - just like you would do on a bike. So I think that really I'm a cyclist through and through.
    I found that when I had both a car and a bike I used to waiver. Which one do I take to get to work? ... and used to find excuses / reasons to take the car!
    Now I got rid of the car - its never an issue. Jump on the bike and crank across town in now time - much quicker, much easier and it does me a lot of good.

    About Marie-Therese: "I was brought up in the French Alps, in a little village and moved over to Manchester in 1993 to study for a year and get an Electronic Engineering BSc. Then back to France for 3 years, I finished my studies and I took the decision to accept a job in Cambridge as a sales engineer. I came over by car, the day after I finished my studies and I didn’t know much about Cambridge... When I arrived in the city, it was a very warm summer evening 1997 and to my big surprise, I could see cyclists everywhere around me and bikes parked by the dozen around all the corners! Such a pity I hadn’t taken by mountain bike along in my small Peugeot 205 which wouldn’t be of much use for my first working year in this city full of surprise! A few days later, I discovered the small shop "CAM Cycle" off Mill road, walking around and I immediately fell for an old black Dutch bike I happily used for the next 18 months, before it got stolen. It truly broke my heart. In the meantime, I met my future husband, my fencing coach. I got pregnant with our first child not long after... A little girl was born and something like 5 days after her birth, she was already travelling on our bikes (in a sling!) and started to cycle around Cambridge on her own much before her 3rd birthday! And since in the meantime we all welcomed her twin brothers, we were lucky to invest in a bicycle trailer, a rather new means of transport in Cambridge then, when they were 4 months old. Now our family has been extended to 6 people, with another sweet little girl, who’s already travelling on a German wooden running bike when she’s not in her front Hamax seat on in the trailer."

    Actually: the presentor Ralph is also member of the Cambridge Cycling campaign....

    Questions we discuss:

    Interesting LINKS to visit while listening to this show:

  • "Cambridge Cycling in the City 2007" - a 5 minute film by Simon Nuttall :http://www.camcycle.org.uk/campaigning/film/
  • The Feb/March 08 Cycling Campaign Newsletter #76 is available at www.camcycle.org.uk/newsletters/76
  • On the Rainbow Network Cambridge Events Page you find details about the events mentioned at the end of this show.

    We play the following music during this show:

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" - Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack (show title song)
    2. Don't Tell Me How I Feel - Hanne Boel
    3. "A Bicyclette" - sung by Yves Montand (1969)
    4. "Jane" - the BareNakedLadies
    5. "Fietsen" - The Amazing Stroopwafels

    This show was available 24 / 7 on www.209radio.co.uk from Wednesday 6th Feb.to Tuesday midnight 4th March '08

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    Current 'Ralph's Positive Hour' (from Tue 8th Jan.'08):
    "Declutter your home & life" - with Lulu Agate

    NEW: Sat 26th Jan. 1p-2pm repeat FM broadcast on 105FM!

    The New Year has just started - a good time for resolutions like decluttering your home!
    Lulu has moved 19 times in the last 15 years. She writes about herself:

    Example of a badly cluttered sitting room
       with an unusable piano
    Example of a badly cluttered sitting room with an unusable piano
    I am a passionate environmentalist - indeed I came to Cambridge in 1995 to work for national Friends of the Earth as their East Anglian region Local Groups Development Officer. I am became the Co-ordinator of Cambridge Friends of the Earth in March this year.
    I have been dancing 5 Rhythms for over 15 years now. I read a lot of crime-fiction and I enjoy films a great deal, as well as playing board games, pub quizzes and listening to music which is the thing I do most when I am not working.
    I recently started trying to do some sculpting and am currently making a large dragon for a friend' garden,
    I'm very fond of guinea pigs and rabbits although I currently have neither. My favourite way to relax is to sleep!
    The best thing about my work is helping my clients to get un-stuck. The best bit of feedback I've ever had from a client was when he told me 'you are like an amiable Gauleiter!' He had told me that I would have to be ruthless with him and I was. He appreciated it and also didn't like it - in about equal measure I would say!

    See Lulu's web site for more info: http://www.luluagate.com

    Questions we are discussing:

    • You worked as a music teacher & as the person who dressed up as The Easter Bunny, A Clown and Wonderwoman for a marketing firm - how was that for you?
    • How do you declutter someone's house?
    • How are outer clutter and inner state of mind connected?
    • What's the Power of Saying 'Yes' and 'No'?
    • Isn't clutter like weed - it keeps coming back?
    • How do you declutter someone's mind?
    • What are the key points of Time Management?
    • Have you been to a hoarder's home - and can you help them?
    • Isn't £30 per hour (e.g. for someone on job search) a rather expensive rate?
    • What is your recommendation to our listeners?

    Interesting & useful LINKS to visit while listening to this show:

  • find a professional de-clutterer in your area: www.apdo-uk.co.uk
  • Cambridge Local Exchange & Trade System: www.camlets.org
  • www.groups.yahoo.com/group/cambridgefreecycle
  • Cambridge Friends of the Earth: www.foe.co.uk/app/localgroups?action=display&groupid=11341
  • On the Rainbow Network Cambridge Events Page you find details about the events mentioned at the end of this show.

    Places to visit in Cambridge:
    Dont't dump it - donate it! Places to bring your used bulky things:
    - CAMBRIDGE S.O.F.A., Unit H, The Paddocks, 347 Cherry Hinton Road, CB1 8DH, t: 01223 576535 www.cambridgesofa.org.uk
    - EMMAUS CAMBRIDGE LTD, Green End, Land Beach, Cambridgeshire, CB4 8ED t: 01223 863657
    - Various charity shops along Mill Road and Burleigh Street, Cambridge

    We play the following music during this show:

    1. "Always look on the bright side of life" by Eric Idle, from the 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' soundtrack (show title song)
    2. Paul Weller - Wild Wood
    3. Sade - Right By Your Side
    4. Carole King - Beautiful
    5. Nitin Sawhney - Sunset

    This show was available 24 / 7 on www.209radio.co.uk from Wednesday 9th Jan. to Tuesday midnight 5th February '08.

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