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"Ralph's Positive Hour" -
- meaningful conversations, inspired by Ra in bo w Network Cambridge -
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    Ralph Nimmann
at his 'Positive Hour'
     on 209radio
   January 2006

NEW since 20th July 2010:
@ Unit 9A, Gwydir Street Enterprise Centre, 23-25 Gwydir Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LG (opposite the Alexandra Arms pub)

Ralph's 50th & LAST show (from 24th June 2008)
is NOT available any more

(updated 10 Oct. 2010)

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Ralph's 50th and LAST radio show on 209radio from Tue 24th June '08 (all about Ralph & his past shows... & all earlier shows have submerged in the abyss of the 209radio computer and
are NOT available on-line any more -
but you can still read the text archive of all past "Ralph's Positve Hour" shows since October 2004.

28th Oct. '08: NEWS: 209radio is now sponsored by www.localsecrets.com, your online guide to eating out, shopping and what's on in Cambridge.

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Profile of "Ralph's Positive Hour" - meaningful conversations with music:

Inspiring reflections about spiritual / religious / inter-faith, green / ecologic / alternative, healing / health and other community themes.
This radio show aims to address a varyity of subjects and audiences in and around Cambridge,
reflecting the diversity on Ra in bo w Network Cambridge:

The music in the shows is provided by the invited guests.

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Ralph's Positive Hour

There will be no next show of 'Ralph's Positive Hour'
after Ralph's 50th and LAST radio show on 209radio

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Ralph's Positive Hour

Ralph's ideas for future shows included:

If you want to be invited or want to suggest someone, please contact Ralph by e-mail

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Other 209radio shows which are somehow similar to "Ralph's Postive Hour"

Actually: "Ralph's Positive Hour" is rather unique - but there are occasional overlapping themes and aspects in:

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        'Ralph's Positive Hour'
              Radio show on
Cambridge Community Radio 209

       ... may it bear fruit!
"And if I knew, the world would end tomorrow,
I'd still plant an apple tree today"
(Martin Luther)

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