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Ralph's & Vitalija's previous home
in Cambridge, 25 Hills Avenue

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Drive of 25 Hills Avenue Cambridge Hills Avenue Cambridge -
# 25 is on your right)

This was our previous home:
25 Hills Avenue, off Hills Road [half way between Addenbrookes Hospital and the railway bridge), between Hills Road and Baldock Way.
Click here to see location in Cambridge street map

From August 2004 we have a new home. You can see some pictures of us moving house - click here


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                 former headquarter of 
Rainbow Network Cambridge
            with Ralph
         January 2003      Sitting room
- ready for chanting
headquarter of Ra in bo w Network Cambridge
with Ralph
sitting room, ready for chanting.
We'll light the candles, when you come.

See Vitalija's & Ralph's current home | See Vitalija's ART home page

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Ra in bo w Network Cambridge

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