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All about Ralph Nimmann, ex-Cambridge, now Hebden Bridge

Ralph & Vitalija have moved to Hebden Bridge in Calderdale / West Yorkshire in September 2012

NEW: FREE HUGS (from Ralph) in Hebden Bridge

Ralph on YouTube:

  • singing "Varado" with CHELA Aug '08 @ St Edwards Church Cambridge:
  • Ralph & Vitalija leading Dances of Universal Peace:

    Ralph translates, interprets & coaches English - German - English

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    The Gift of Life - a wake up call & inspirational message

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    Foto Ralph Nimmann with his portrait from Vitalija (Ilona) Zelenevska
    Ralph Nimmann with portrait from Vitalija Zelenevska
    "Everything is about something else" - so what am I really doing here? My latest inspiration to this question is: "networking on various levels".
    I often answer: "I am studying life - outside the University". Who am I? You might find out, if you browse through my home page and all of my Ra in bo w Network Cambridge and read & feel behind the lines... At the moment I am working part time as a cleaner, home carer and do some gardening - a good practice in humility. My actual profession is as a town planner with focus on environmental and transport aspects. Now I build bridges of understanding between people and groups and encourage co-operation.
    I worote several Articles about the Dances of Universal Peace".

    After September 11 '01, I felt a strong inner call to help finding out the truth about what's the REAL agenda behind all this war propaganda. I am convinced, that knowing the truth behind the surface appearance of things will bring huge changes, resulting in peace (see World Peace Pages). Read more about Ralph's Peace involvement

    My spiritual home is the SUBUD group Cambridge. From Nov. '01 to May '04 I had the honour of chairing this group.
    After being a regular attender at the Hartington Grove Quaker Meeting for 6 years, I became a member at the "Religious Society of Friends ("Quakers") in October 2003. Occasionally I like to visit the Unitarian Church.

    Ralph & Vitalija in Latvia
    - summer 2008 - Vitalija and I married on the 30th of March 2002 in the Unitarian Church Cambridge. She is an artist, writes poetry, and shares the passion for the Dances of Universal Peace with me by accompanying them with her gitar. We usually lead groups in England, Latvia and Berlin together (see our dance programme)
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Dances of Universal Peace:
       circle of hearts
    Dances of Universal Peace

    My heart is in my main hobby, the Dances of Universal Peace & Chanting. Since 1997 I am leading peace dances in Cambridge (see programme). Since December 2002 I am the UK outreach contact for the peace dances and also activ in the working group preparing the world's biggest peace dance camp: Sacred Arts Camp. Read more about Ralph and the Dances of Universal Peace or see a list with all Dances created by Ralph.
    Twice monthly I am also leading Taize harmony chanting.

    In May 2007, I joined "Chela", the Cambridge Georgian choir - see - hear us "let's sing for peace in Georgia" on wed 20th Aug in St Edwards Church Cambridge on
    My wife Vitalija & myself used to attend classes and milongas of Argentine Tango in Cambridge for a while - a fascinating new dimension in beauty, harmony, sensitivity, striving towards perfection....

    I am a member of the Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum (, to support ethnic minorities.

    I was also chairman of the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group for 6 years - I strongly feel the importance of dialogue between different religious and spiritual groups. I have been a member of the wonderful social CamLETS - Local Trade & Exchange System in Cambridge; unfortunally my jobs and my web page R a i n b o w Network Cambridge keep me too busy for time currency jobs. I am rather passively involved in the project 'Enlinca' Co-Housing Project, because I like the idea of kindred spirits living together.

    In the mornings I work part time as a home carer in Cambridge ("Rainbow Care - work is love in action").
    In the afternoons Im a self employed as a gardener ("heavy garden work with German efficiency") and sometimes cleaner. For the tax people my Rainbow Dance also counts as a business.

    Since October 2012 Ralph lives in Hebden Bridge in Calderdale / West Yorkshire.

    For more information about me see also:
    Ralph's Gardening CV - Ralph's Home Care CV - Ralph's Community worker CV - Ralph's town planning CV - Ralph's spiritual CV

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    The internet is great - but not the REAL thing. I love direct communication; so why don't you get off your screen and come to the next Ra in bo w PARTY or visit me or meet me at one of the groups listed in Hebden Bridge?

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    Please let me know your phone number & e-mail address, if you want to join my free email lists
    see my e-mail list overview.

    If you should ever feel depressed, here is an easy remedy:
    Just hum a little while. See you soon!


    I like hugs - even via e-mail

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    Ralph & Vitalija, autumn 2011

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