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Articles written by Ralph (and where they have been published)

You can find Ralph's comments all over the Ra in bo w Network Cambridge web site, which was written or compiled by him.

Below is a list of articles, which contain a bit of a message or opinion by Ralph:

Articles by Ralph:

Consider This When Voting On Thursday 7th May 2015 In The UK General Election - web posted 29 April 2015

Measles can prevent cancer and degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage - web posted 5 june 2014

  • Christmas and Yule - traditional and spiritual aspects incl. pagan origins & the 12 days after Christmas (Dec 2000)
  • The Gift of Life - a wake up call & inspirational presentation (Dec.'06)
  • The Meaning of Life - article by Ralph, Dec. '07
  • Ralph's Christmas Message 2002 (with graphic design from Vitalija)
  • Ralph's Christmas Message 2003 (with graphic design from Vitalija)
  • Ralph's Christmas Message 2004 (with graphic design from Vitalija)
  • Ralph's Christmas Message 2005 reflections about The Way, meaningful moments & enlightenment (with graphic design from Vitalija)
  • Ralph's Christmas 2008 & New Year's wishes 2009 (with Vitalija's graphic design)
  • Questions about Students attacking Royal Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla London Thu 9th Dec. '10 - web posted 13 Dec. 2010

    World Family of Friends Conference UK, 3-5 Sept. 2010 - article by Ralph Nimmann
    Report written for the Quaker Cambridgeshire Area Meeting & the Cambridge-Hartington Grove Newsletter November 2010, web posted 1 Nov. 2010

    Election on May 6th 2010: Hopes for a "hung" parliament, opinion from Ralph (25 April '10)

    Introduction to "Mission 1017" - world wide event on 17th October 2006 and
    Comment and Reflections after 'Mission 1017' has been classified a hoax
    by Ralph Nimmann

    Introduction to the theme of "Tolerance"
    by Ralph Nimmann, chair Cambridge Inter-Faith Group, 4th Dec. '05

    'London explosions distract from G8 - who benefits?' - critical article on Rainbow Network Cambridge, 9th July 2005

    Articles about the Dances of Universal Peace:

    Publishing and Advertising the Dances of Universal Peace
    written for the DUP UK Network Newsletter Autumn/Winter 2010, web posted 28 Oct. 2010

    Dances of Universal Peace - an Inter-Faith experience (3 Feb 2010)

    International Dancing Heart Camp Latvia, July 2009 - articles by Ralph & Matthew Heyse-Moore (13th Dec. '09)
    1st published in the UK Network for the DUP Newsletter Autumn/Winter 2009

    Credit Crunch and the Dances of Universal Peace - a positive perspective (1st Feb. '09)

    Introducing the Dances of Universal Peace at the 12th Subud World Congress
    (September 2005) - This article was first published in the European Journal fo the Dances of Universal Peace (#31, Dec. 2005)
    to be published in the "We Circle Around" magazine of the International Dances of Universal Peace Network in 2006

    About Dances of Universal Peace outreach
    by Ralph Nimmann, UK Newsletter Dances of Universal Peace January 2003

    Articles about Subud:

    Subud - a spiritual path involving sound and movement
    by Ralph Nimmann, European Journal for the Dances of Universal Peace, issue 26 Spring/Summer 2003

    About information, advertising and new members
    by Ralph Nimmann, Subud Bulletin September 2002

    Peace dances, rainbow parties, inter-faith and a full(filled) life
    by Ralph Nimmann, Subud Bulletin August 2002 (SICA page)

    Articles by other authors

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