Reflections on Christmas, the world, meaningful moments and enlightenment

24th December 2005, by Ralph

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dear friends and readers of R a i n b o w Network Cambridge,

each year the time seems to run faster than ever. More doing than being.

The world seems to go crazy - people as well as the eco system seem to fall out of balance and harmony.
9/11, which was the beginning of a chain of war and terrorism, is still not understood by most people. Nobody is interested to listen to the voices asking for truth and revealing what happened - and still happens - behind the visible stage of politics. The media are celebrating themselves and get drunk with their power.
I sometimes feel like shouting "Wake up!"

And I? Am I staying sane - or am I going manic?
The number of unread and unanswered e-mail is increasing and it seems I get less done than before.
The quality time spent with my wife Vitalija or with friends is shrinking. Like in Michael Ende's story "Momo", where grey, cigar smoking people are puffing away people's time. It's like trying to chase my tail.

At the same time the stream of ideas and inspiration coming to me is steadily growing.
I'd love to make a web page about Tango Argentino, our latest passion.
I'd like to write an article about Subud for the Quaker magazine "The Friend"
I'd like to make a page with and for all my friends and their web pages
I want to implement Vitalija's new web page design for my Rainbow Network Cambridge and need to learn a bit more about html code....etc... to name but a few.

Now what has all this to do with Christmas?

Well - there is always hope. And even if things get worse - there's always something good in it ("blessing in disguise") - or, as we say in Subud: "everything is about something else."

If we don't do something about this, we become victims. Carrying on and struggeling a bit harder, will only use more of our energy - until we collapse or burn out.
We do need to make an effort to change the way we see and deal with the world. Make an entry in our diary: "Time reserved for me" and treat it as an important appointment.
We do need to make an effort to get away from the time sucking computer or TV. Who is the master - it, or me?

Only by creating space in and around us, spirit can reach and inspire us.
There is meaning in and behind everything.
Let us open to allow more meaningful moments in our life.
These meaningful moments give a glimpse of how life could be. If we watch out for them, invite and welcome them in our life, they might occur more often and expand in length.

This is how the light in us is born - or re-born - or awakened - or how we become enlightened.

When we commemorate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, we do this in the darkest time of the year, 3 days after winter solstice, when the daylight begins to grow.
According to my understanding, Christians don't worship the man Jesus, but the universal Christ, embodied in the historic figure of Jesus.
Jesus is showing the way to Christ, as do other saints, prophets and mystics.
"I am the way": is it "I" am the way - or "I am" the way? Who is speaking through Jesus? We can assume that Jesus has transcended his ego and speaks from the enlightened point of Oneness with God and all creation. So the "I" is God speaking, as the "I am" in us is God.

"God is the way": try and ask people from different religions, if they would agree. This statement from the Oneness of all makes it easy to accept: God is the One, uniting all religions.
Try: "Jesus is the one and only way to God, and if you don't follow him, you'll go to hell", and you may notice the separation this interpretation creates between followers of different religions.
If we are off The Way, there are always people who give us hints, direction or methods how to get on The Way.

In the last of the Narnia books the creator of Narnia said (I only summarise from my memory): "The ones who worship and follow the wrong leader, but do it from their heart and with devotion, ultimately worship the Creator - they will be saved. Those pretending to follow the creator, but cheat, they will be lost."

Coming back to my own full life: I seriously consider the previously unimaginable to become a realistic possibility: to follow the way of the mystics in all religions transcending the ego and to enter the state of Oneness with all creation, also called enlightenment, before the year 2012.

Whatever way you are on: may it be a smoothe way and may you progress
... until we meet again - in this world, or in the light.

Ralph Nimmann

P.S. from 25th Dec.:
If you want to read a moving short story about love and being loved: my Quaker friend Jan has just published a book: "Seeking the Source - a collection of children's stories". The sample story "The Suitor's Task" is available on his new web page at

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Christmas wreath at our home, 45 Walpole Road, Cambridge
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Frohe Weihnachten und ein gesegnetes Neues Jahr!

Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus!

Веселого рождествa и С Новым годом!

from R a i n b o w Network Cambridge, Ralph and Vitalija

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