NEWS: Ralph & Vitalija plan to move to the Hebden Bridge area
in Calderdale / West Yorkshire in September 2012

Foto Ralph Nimmann - March 2004

Foto Vitalija at the Sacred Arts Camp May 2003

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Thanks you to all, who helped us move house on 31st July '04. You can see photos of our new home and also how we moved house.

We still have 10+ banana "give away boxes" with useful, nice, private and various things we have sorted out - contact us if you want anything or have a look.
We also have some furniture &bigger things - check the list below.

Ralph and Vitalija.

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One day we may move away from Cambridge to Riga in Latvia
WHY we want to move away

We had already a farewell celebration weekend 3-5th Sept. '04 (but we're still in Cambridge - that's life....

Apart from lots of little useful things we want to get rid of the following items (preferrably for a money donation - moving country is expensive).
Some things like our futon bed we need to keep until we move to Riga - we'll have a 2nd final "give away session".

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