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Ralph's & Vitalija's home
(& headquarter of Ra in bo w Network Cambridge)

NEW: Ralph & Vitalija have moved to Hebden Bridge
in Calderdale / West Yorkshire in September 2012

Postal Address:
Ralph Nimmann & Vitalija Zelenevska-Nimmann,
45 Walpole Road, Cambridge, CB1 3TH, England
telephone: 0(044)1223 510 442

View photos of our home below. See Ralph's & Vitalija's previous home in Cambridge

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How to find us:
Click here to see location with arrow in Cambridge on (you can zoom this map out)

  45 Walpole Road is off Cherry Hinton Road (opposite the 'BP' gasoline station, near the corner of St Philips Catholic Church), between Birdwood Road and Cherry Hinton Road, opposite Cherry Hinton Park. Watch out for the only cherry tree in the street - and a car trailer in the front garden...
We share the house wioth our friend Tony Higgins and with Patricia and her daughter. Our room faces the garden.
Just over the road is the beautiful Cherry Hinton Park with big old trees, Cherry Hinton Hall (now an international school) and duck ponds.

Busses to us:

  • "Citi 2" towards Addenbrooke's, stop "Heatherfield" / Cherry Hinton Road (2nd stop after right turn into Walpole Road from Birdwood Avenue).

  • "City 3" to Cherry Hinton (via rail station), stop Cherry Hinton Park (just before or after the BP station on your right)

    visiting us by bike:

    By car:

  • From Hills Road into Cherry Hinton Road, over the roundabout (Budgens on the corner), then just when the BP gasoline station is on your right, turn left & 100 meters later we're on your left.

  • From Mill Road end: drive right, along Perne Road until 1st roundabout, then left into Birdwood Road to the end, then right into Walpole Road. 100 meters after the letterbox on your right is #45

    Parking: in the front garden if space, on the road side (make sure the bus will not be blocked!) - or opposite is a council flat car park.

    We considered to move to Riga, but our financial & the Latvian economic situation makes that seem unlikely now - if you want to know why moving country is a good idea, click here.

    Garden  view from our room
    Street view of our home at 45 Walpole Road Garden view from our room

    We have moved here on 31st July '04 - to see more photos of our move click here.

    More flat photos of our previous home (at Hills Avenue) | Vitalija's ART home page

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