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R a i n b o w Care - homehelp with heart.
Trustworthy and reliable help in Cambridge by Ralph Nimmann

NEWS: Ralph & Vitalija will move to the Hebden Bridge area
in Calderdale / West Yorkshire in September 2012

Rainbow Care - "work is love in action".
If you need somebody you can trust and rely on for various tasks in and around your life and home, I may be the right person to ask.
Personal care, cleaning, organizing your household, man about the house, listening and councelling, loving and undogmatic support for your wellbeing and soul.

I have 14 years of experience and am fully qualified as a home care assistant - see Ralph's Home Care CV 2012 (Word.doc).

I am also happy to help you sorting out your mess - physically as well as emotionally. I also offer spring cleaning or regular cleaning "with German efficiency" in your house and organizing your household.

Please feel free to invite me for a free initial consultation and contact me (subject = 'work')

I charge £10 / hour + £1 calling charge for coming

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I also offer

Heavy garden work with German efficiency. I expect that you provide the necessary tools. Please feel free to invite me for a free initial consultation.

Spiritual councelling: if you have some things you are concerned about and do not know to whom to talk to: I am happy to actively listen to you and - if you like - give you insights, inspiration and understanding from a different perspective. You may understand "why" things happen. Please feel free to invite me for a free initial consultation.

Pranic healing (by cleaning your aura, your body and organs get cleaned and healed (suitable for headaches, fears, pain and more) or laying on hands

I charge £10.- / hour + £1 calling charge for coming.
Please contact me


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