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And when I die . . .

... the dance goes on.

I will see, if the angels only sing - or if they also dance.

I will see, if I can convince the angels to dance to their singing - like we do on earth at the Dances of Universal Peace.

I also wonder, if the Jewish and Islamic angels are practicing separately from the Christian angels and I would love to suggest shared practices (I got this inspiration from my involvement in the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group and the Subud Group).

It is my wish, if you would sing at least a chant and dance a Dance of Universal Peace, when my body shall get buried. E.G. the chant "Return again" (recorded by Rabbi David Zeller) would be lovely.

By the way: "I am safe, it's only change..." - please read the wonderful poem "Steps" by Hermann Hesse, on my Farewell Cambridge page

Ralph, Cambridge 2004

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