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This information is very important. So I decided to put it on this web page. For more and updated information see: www.sacredsites.co.uk/sites/ceremony - Ralph

The Reconnection of the Human Biocircuitry
through coded Ceremony

- - - rainbow line - - -

THE SEMINAR: Sun 5 December'99: "The Reconnection of the Human Biocircuitry through coded Ceremony" 2ish - 5:30ish pm

Another CEREMONY for those who could not come on Nov 21st; An amazing opportunity to upgrade your body from the current 2-string DNA (double helix) to the full power body with 12 activated circuits as designed in the Divine blueprint! Simon Penton will conduct this Sacred Ceremony. Simon is a master of several Reiki systems. He is living in Mexiko & Cambridge and has done this ceremony in Mexico and other places. This is a PERMANENT reconnection - it is tested by kinesiology and works! Healing effects have been reported after the ceremony by various people. A new book on this subject by Juliet Carter is just released in November: "Original Innocence" (£11). Here's the link for more details: www.originalinnocence.com
Start about 2ish PM until 5:30pm or later, at The Hermitage Cambridge.
LIMITED PLACES. Symbolical price: only £13 - £20 !

- - - rainbow line - - -


At this time there are fifty-five wars raging on our Planet. We share a morphogenetic field with those who instigate and carry out ethnic cleansing and set our watches to the same measurement of time that wakes the generals from their slumber. Our seconds keep time with the marching feet of armies. Amidst all this we can no longer chase a shallow dream of happiness honing our abilities to maintain our ever-expanding comfort zones. Neither are we here to repair this degenerative phase of our world age but to harness the powerful energies of culmination. To, through our own transformational energy, gestate and give birth to a new planet together. A planet that reclines gloriously in the future, dressed not in the tattered hand-me-downs of a patched up world age, but in a gown spun with the gossamer threads of a new frequency gridwork an altogether separate reality.

Now is the time to engage the radical mutation within our human biocircuitry that will accommodate, anchor and transmit the higher frequencies needed to create the springboard for the quantum leap.

The process of moving out of habitual response patterns into non- dual conscious perception cannot be directed by the intellect alone. We must reconnect the circuits and create the neuro- pathways that support our move away from our addiction to the illusions of this third dimensional reality stabilizing the deprogramming process. The Ceremony of Original Innocence connects the twelve major circuits and supports this process.

The ceremony is a combination code the resonant receptor for which is held within your genetics. It is as simple as that this is your ceremony you are the ceremony - see www.originalinnocence.com Email ceremony [at] sacredsites.co.uk ( replace [at] by @ )

- - - rainbow line - - -


Ceremony is an alchemical combination of physical, psychological, and instinctual responses that impress in a balanced way our holistic nature. Ceremony when used in healing honors all of us, reaching deeper than psychological analysis. Unless we are impressed on this deepest level, the realization of our perfection is only temporary and in time we revert to the dis ease of our conditioning. Ceremonies invoke new patterns of response that break down the walls of our social isolation and loneliness.

They are a proclamation of unity, harmony and cooperation that returns us to the knowledge that we are holographic focal points in the unified field, not only independent entities.
FROM "The Reconnection of the Human Biocircuitry" by Juliet Carter
More information: www.originalinnocence.com

- - - rainbow line - - -


As units of human biocircuitry we are the culmination of a variety of life force energy systems. The new frontier of healing lies in the knowledge that these systems are not fully connected. A clue leading us to the knowledge that Humans have been genetically manipulated is the cerebral cortex volume-to- use ratio and the presents of what is termed "junk helixes" in the DNA. In nature absolutely nothing develops unless it is used or needed first.

For Humanity at this time the difference between the pedestrian Human living in slavery and the super-conscious being that belongs to no one, is a matter of no less than cellular mutation.

The human bio-computer is not capable of sustaining its molecular structure in a state of super consciousness as several of its major circuits are not connected, resulting in an insufficient supply of electromagnetic input rendering the electromagnetic field at a density more resonant with a reality stabilized by fear.

We bring to you a ceremony that by its very design and progression, initiates through resonance with your genetic codes the spontaneous reconnection of 12 major circuits within the Human biocircuitry PERMANENTLY This ceremony is an impeccable system, holonomically resonant with each individuals point of soul evolution, organically regulated by their capacity for change.

Through the testing procedure of kinesiology before and after the ceremony, you will see without a shadow of doubt that where there was once weakness there is strength.

Before the ceremony begins there is an in depth discussion covering;

  1. The origin of the ceremony.
  2. The short and long term effects of the ceremony.
  3. The events that have led to the disconnection of the various circuits.
  4. The new consciousness grid created by the acceleration of electromagnetic input to the biocircuitry, and much more.

All question will be answered and at the end of the discussion it is then up to you to decide if you are ready THE POWER BELONGS TO YOU

- - - rainbow line - - -


The Neptune/Uranus conjunction that began in 1992 represented on a cosmic scale the partnership between electricity and magne tism. The resulting fusion of these two energies is interacting with the ethereal electromagnetic fields of earth, highlighting the energetic functions between the male and female potencies and awakening us to the awareness that it is the exchange of these two eternal potencies that creates the source of all manifested existence.

It is in the perfection of this love that you will find true cosmology. The higher vibrational influences now entering this world age is heralding a time of balance between the male and female energies in both man and woman. A time of freedom, of love without conditions the refinement of the ego.

The awareness of spirit that is permeating every part of our lives inspiring us to be more conscious of our environment is evoking a new level of integrity within our relationships as we are loosing our tolerance for anything other than truth and equality. In the past religions have taught that union with woman was an impediment. Perhaps the reflec tion the celibate priest sees in a woman's eyes is more than he can live with. For in striving for a deep harmonic union with another, you approach the gateway to a rare level of consciousness that allows you to access and explore not only your ecstasy but also the dark side of your being where lives the memory of abandonment, betrayal, and loneliness.

These wounds cannot be covered by the band-aide of philosophy that speaks only to your intellect and asks that you disown a part of yourself by the practice of dry abstinence and discipline. In entering a relationship with another in whatever capacity you will come face to face with all that is conditional in your way of being and loving. Finding all those spaces inside you, only you can fill. It is in the dynamics of partnership that you discover your individuality.

The Ceremony of Original Innocence will tune you into the programming within your self that has resulted in co-dependant and conditional relationships. Bringing you out of denial and accelerating your path towards co-creative unconditional love.

- - - rainbow line - - -

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