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Spiritual Links & Connections

GET CONNECTED worldwide. The current global situation requires global co-operation on all levels - including the internet. You find more links on the various pages on Ra in bo w Network Cambridge - Please report broken links!
( updated January 2016 )

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2012 - Year of Changes, special web sites

  • What the Mayan Elders are Saying About 2012 (by Carlos Barrios): http://lettertorobin1.site.aplus.net/id435.html
  • Wake Up World - Information From A Different Perspective: http://wakeup-world.com

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    Links to other spiritual web pages

    Regional Spiritual web links around Cambridgeshire

  • Cambridge Jungian Circle http://cambridgejungiancircle.org.uk
  • "Inspiral" www.inspiralonline.com - Holistic Media & Events Cambridgeshire
  • Oakwood Events www.oakwood-events.co.uk (Ely based, Body Mind Spirit Fairs around Cambs)
  • www.spiritualitymatters.co.uk - magazine covering Norfolk and Suffolk
  • Rudolf Steiner School www.cambridge-steiner-school.co.uk - a spiritual school in Cambridge


  • Spiritual Development Kent - www.spiritualdevelopment-kent.co.uk (e-mail training courses for all UK)
  • www.ukspirituality.org/ UKSpirituality: Spirituality without conformity for people of all perspectives
  • SpirituallyMinded.co.uk - www.spirituallyminded.co.uk
  • Beyond the Boundaries www.beyondtheboundaries.org.uk Foundation for development of the spiritual self and of healing awareness. Not for profit centre serving Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and beyond.
  • www.platonicpartners.co.uk - a "place for companionship and romance"
  • Online Psychic Readings - Free Online Psychic Readings - Free Online Psychic Chat - Psychic Phone Readings - Online Tarot Readings www.personalpsychic.co.uk
  • VIVA Vegetariens and Vegans Campaign UK www.viva.org.uk
  • THE WORLD PEACE GARDEN project England: www.fphoenix.eurobell.co.uk
  • 'Cambridge Inter-Faith Group UK & world links': www.cam.net.uk/home/interfaith/ifg_links.html
  • 'Dances of Universal Peace UK & world links': www.rainbow-cambridge.org.uk/dances/links.htm
  • 'Dancing into the New Millennium': www.hartcentre.demon.co.uk
  • Wolf Lodge web page www.wolflodge.org/mistychouse/toc.htm
  • Holland Home page WOLF SONG IX & pictures of some Peace Elders: http://home.wxs.nl/~walter.zwaans

    Spiritual Magazines

  • INSPIRAL - new holistic Cambs magazine from Sept.'07 www.inspiralonline.com
  • Kindred Spirit - Leading the way in Mind, Body and Spirit: www.kindredspirit.co.uk
  • Caduceus - healing for people, community and planet www.caduceus.info
  • Resurgence - international forum for ecological and spiritual thinking. www.resurgence.org/advertise/index.htm
  • Higher Consciousness - free e-magazine for Vedanta Yoga and Spirituality in the UK www.hcmagazine.org.uk/
  • Positive News - from around the world: www.positivenews.org.uk

    International Spiritual Communities

  • The Findhorn Foundation Scotland http://www.findhorn.org
  • Damanhur Community in North Italy http://www.damanhur.it


  • www.gnosticweb.com - an international, non-profit organization providing a wealth of information, online courses, e-books, discussion forums, audio/video lectures, live lectures & more
  • Gnostic Judas - incredible insights into The Gospel of Judas, Gnosticism and the divine mission of Judas Iscariot. www.gnosticjudas.com
  • www.onenessuniversity.org - a temple of all religions.
  • The International Order of Gnostic Templars - A Division of the Scottish Knight Templars www.gnostictemplars.org
  • MYSTICWEB - advancing esoteric knowledge (incl. free online courses) www.mysticweb.org/
  • Fountain International see http://ds.dial.pipex.com/fountain
  • About the crystal skulls: www.crystalskullsociety.org
  • The Wisdom of Kabbalah (a practical method to attain the upper world and the source of our existence) www.kabbalah.info/
  • The Quakers www.quaker.org.uk
  • SUBUD world wide www.subud.org
  • The Forgiveness Project promoting conflict resolution and restorative justice www.theforgivenessproject.com/
  • The ELRAANIS Voice (TEV) - a free on-line holistic global community magazine www.selfempowermentacademy.com.au/htm/tev.asp (C.I.A. - cosmic internet Academy)

    Interesting Web Pages of individuals

  • The Six Levels of Higher Consciousness: How to Make the Shift: www.consciouslifestylemag.com/the-six-levels-of-higher-consciousness-how-to-make-the-shift
  • The Earth Rainbow Network: "One Planet, One People, One Peace" by Jean Hudon www.earthrainbownetwork.com
  • www.ascension2000.com - spiritual, scientific and empirical, by David Wilcock
  • Indigo - a film written by James Twyman and Neale Donald Walsch, about redemption, forgiveness, and the healing powers and grace of a new generation of psychic and gifted children www.Indigothemovie.com
  • "What the #$*! Do We Know?" A new film - mindstretching and spiritual. As Radical as Einstein , As Blasphemous as Bruno , As Heretical as Galileo www.whatthebleep.com
  • Wahiduddin (daily Sufi e-mail message "Bowl of Saki", car racer and pilot, Peace dance fan... http://wahiduddin.net
  • jamesburgess.com (Astrological Consultation, Personal Development, 7 Words, Sufi Zikr, Dances of Universal Peace)
  • Spiritual Connections (around Essex & London) by Heather Andrews-Dobbs: www.spiritual-connections.co.uk (tel: 020 8529 8097)
  • Dr jim Hurtak, author of "The Keys of Enoch": www.keysofenoch.org, www.futurescience.org or www.initiation.cc
  • Jasmuheen - author of "Living on Light" web site: www.jasmuheen.com/
  • One Heart for Gaia - Hopi teachings: www.oneheart4gaia.com/ (click on the "Instructions" button, when you see the medicine wheel)
  • Mark Hughes - Spiritual Singer / Songwriter from the East of England: www.markhughesmusic.com
  • Barbara Wolf - Global Meditations URL www.globalmeditations.com
  • James F. Twyman's website www.emissaryoflight.com
  • summary of Ken Carey's sequel to Starseed Transmissions www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/Starseed.htm
  • James Redfield's website www.celestinevision.com (Celestine Prophecy)
  • 'Servers of the Divine Plan' www.vicnet.net.au/~truth
  • www.angeltherapy.com
  • ERIC VAN DER WYK'S "JOURNEY OF CROP CIRCLE ART WORK" http://kingtet.com/tet.htm
  • Margaret of Adeleide, AUS: "Re-earthing the Cities" www.merlin.net.au/~arachne
  • www.Love4OneAnother.com
  • www.AngelScribe.com

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