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This text was sent to me by Marie Therese, who translated it from French. It certainly works!
(unless you firmly believe it will not to work - then this your belief will prove to come true)

Ralph - R ai nb ow Network Cambridge / UK
(ABOUT the Ra in bo w Network / UK)


Obtain what you want.
Co-Creation with the Divine!

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You often wonder what is the best way to create your life in consciousness. How to obtain what you really want.
The base is rather simple:

  1. It is necessary to know what you want roughly, the general idea.
    ( A new job, a house, a new car, a talent to exploit, to travel, to meet an soul sister/brother, to be happy).

  2. It is necessary to refine your choice when it is well-defined and write down your ideas by giving a maximum of details.
    - For example, a secretary’s job, in an active average company, with nice colleagues and a fair boss.
    - Situated not too far from you, so many miles maximum, easy to access and to park.
    - A pleasant work with schedules which fits you.
    - A very honorable pay with premiums and social advantages...
    You put all that you want, what is the best for you - the only limits of imagination are those you allow -

  3. Also note what you do not want:
    - I refuse a repetitive job and a bad atmosphere and assert the opposite immediately:
    - I create that the work is very interesting and varied and that the atmosphere is very good.

  4. Read your choice aloud to verify that you put everything.
    Put everything in the present:
    - I find a good secretary’s job, very well paid, in a dynamic company.
    - I am surrounded with nice colleagues and I have a good and fair boss...

  5. At bedtime in the evening, read these sentences 7 times in succession with faith, by trying to visualise 'Better job' and go to sleep you with the idea that this work arrives. The Spirit is going to work to create this choice.

  6. When you wake up in the morning, thank for this new day and say 'I quickly find this new work which is going to make me happy'. Be firm in your choice and be sure that it is going to be realised. It is the faith.

  7. During the day, as soon as you have a doubt, replace it by 'I know that this work exists for me' and indeed on, look for the work! Have an enormous faith and it will come to you.

  8. As soon as you get it in your life, thank your Spirit for having created this to you and bless this creation.


- - - rainbow line - - -

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