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"Enlightenment or the Oneness State"
Cambridge / London / South England
enlightened teachers and facilitators Cecil & Bruhn from Denmark

ARCHIVE pages - updated April 2012

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Below on this page: What is enlightenment? | About Cecil & Bruhn
PS from Ralph | UPDATED Regional Deeksha Events | Deeksha LINKS

NEW web site: UK Deeksha community: www.deekshagivers.org.uk/

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NEW - Fri 5 Sept. 2008: Seminar & Slide Show “Energy work on Sacred sites” & deeksha with enlightened teachers Bruhn & Cecil, 7pm - 10pm

Enlightened teachers Bruhn & Cecil from Denmark are back in Cambridge with a slideshow about "Oneness Blessing on Sacred Sites” , combined with meditation, dialogue and optional Oneness Blessing / Deeksha.
   -  Cornwall -
  • Why is it so powerful to be on sacred sites?
  • What is Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) – and how does it affect people in a profound way?
  • Why do more and more people combine vacation and spiritual development?
  • The evenings are guided by Cecil and Bruhn, founders of Oneness Center Denmark. Cecil and Bruhn are doing pilgrimages, retreats and seminars in Denmark, England, Peru, Italy, Austria, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Philippines. They have worked on many sacred sites all over the world since their awakening in 2004.
    A very special event - please be on time! Cost: £10 (£7 concession).
    Bruhn & Cecil are giving more workshops in and near Bury St. Edmunds on the weekend Sat/Sun 6/7 Sept. - more on their web site www.onenesscenter.org
    You can see a new video on www.onenesscenter.org/html/videos.html
    Contact: Ralph on 01223 510442
    Venue: Bharat Bhavan, Mill Road / bridge, Cambridge
    PS from Ralph: It was here at Bharat Bhavan, where it started in Oct. 2005 - so I am very happy that Bruhn & Cecil will be back!

    NEW: 2008 videos, explaining the philosophy behind working with Oness Blessing on sacred sites – see: www.onenesscenter.org/html/videos.html

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    Enlightenment - or the Oneness Experience

    The state of Oneness means: to get the ‘filter’ permanently removed between you and Reality, you and the divine source.
    It is the complete absence of negative experiences within and the complete freedom from the contents in the mind and thoughts.
    Enlightenment or the Oneness State is a gift bestowed upon you by Nature, Life, Universal Consciousness, God. Are you ready to receive it?

    Complete inner freedom or Enlightenment as it is called in some traditions is no longer the privilege of a few highly developed masters. It has become the day to day reality of thousands of people around the globe - permanently. And the wave of enlightenment is spreading rapidly.
    More than two thousand people seem to have entered Oneness since August 2003. Several people attending deeksha courses have already received permanent states of total inner freedom - in some traditions called enlightenment. Others have so far been healed from cancer, heart problems, back injuries and more.

    The revolutionary results are due to a phenomenon called Deeksha, a transfer of a divine energy from the two enlightenment avatars, Bhagavan and Amma, located in Golden City, Madras, India.
    Avatars are divine incarnations who with a special task. Jung was for example a psychology avatar, Beethoven and Mozart music avatars. Amma and Bhagavan do not want you to worship them or change your religion or philosophy of life. They just want to reinforce your connection with the divine - and to catalyse a breakthrough to a life free of suffering.
    The energy catalyses the process of enlightenment so that the recipient will permanently enter the state within hours, days, weeks and maximum 7 years.

    In the seminars you will experience:
    - Deeksha - the energy transfer catalysing enlightenment
    - Stories explaining the process including Q&A
    - Guided meditations

    Everyone is welcome - Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, atheists...... This is non-sectarian and non-dogmatic phenomenon - it will only make you wake up to Life - being lived from your heart. Its purpose is to make your own spiritual path open up to you as a direct mystical experience, permanently.

Golden City

    About Sri Bhagavan
    Bhagavan was born on the 7th of March 1949 in the town of Natham, North Arcot District in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India. He was a very unusual child, always introspective and only concerned about how to give mankind total freedom. Today, we recognize Sri Bhagavan and his partner Amma as Divine Avatars, very rare beings who can give liberation to practically anybody. They take complete responsibility for giving complete enlightenment to all seekers and are not satisfied with giving some nice teachings, temporary states or performing some miracles.

    When asked “When did this change in consciousness come to you?”, Sri Bhagavan replies: There has been no change in my consciousness since I was a little child. I never had a guru. Even as a little child riding on the shoulders of a giant-like servant or sitting under a tree while my friends played, my only concern was humanity’s suffering. I would silently sob, choke and faint, experiencing humanity’s suffering. My body does not have a limitation. The conciousness of my body is limitless and hence it experiences all that man experiences.

    "My only passion ever since I came into this planet has been to end humanity’s suffering. And I knew to end suffering, mankind needed to enter into an altered state of consciousness. I also knew that man was helpless and it has to be given to him and I decided to give it.

    "The miracles that Amma and I perform are merely manifestation of the compassion and love we feel for you. It is simply the power of our consciousness that is making this neuro-biological transformation in the brain possible, leading you to enlightenment.”

Golden City
  MadrasAbout Sri Amma
    Sri Amma was born the 15th of August 1954 in the beautiful village Sangham in the state of Andhra Pradesh, South India. She is loved for her wisdom and childlike simplicity. We could say that Bhagavan and Amma are one being in two bodies and both of them can transfer the state of Oneness to any amount of people. Bhagavan is guiding this process while Amma is generating tremendous energy so that the Oneness state will become available for everybody. When asked about healing, Bhagavan often tells people to ask Amma as she will react faster than him since she is an embodiment of Shakti, the feminine divine power. Those who have an inner contact (friendship) with both Bhagavan as well as Amma will get Oneness much easier as there will be harmony of yin and yang within.

    In the 1980's Amma, Bhagavan, and his friend and disciple from childhood, Shankarji, opened a spiritual school called Jeevashram. The divine phenomenon took birth in July 1989, when suddenly the students began to experience great states of cosmic consciousness. Great miracles became a daily happening in the lives of these students and many of them became like real prophets and mystics.

    After some time Bhagavan and Amma selected six students as their direct disciples and began their real project--to transfer the Oneness state to mankind. From this humble official beginning in 1991 Oneness University has been in contact with approximately 15 million people from all over the world.

    Oneness University is a non-sectarian and non-dogmatic organisation. There are no attachments to the organisation before, during or after the enlightenment process. We experience it as total freedom in its purest inner and outer manifestation. Read more on the Deeksha LINKS below

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    Bruhn from Denmark Cecil from Denmark

    Cecil's and Bruhn's background:

    Bruhn and Cecil are normal people like you and me. Both received the enlightened state of consciousness in India 2004 at an age of 35 and are channels of this enlightenment energy. Since then they have conducted many 1,3 and 7 days courses in Denmark. Bhagavan personally invited Bruhn to expand his geographical work area from Denmark to UK, Germany, Finland and Norway.

    Now they are visiting Cambridge to tell their story of enlightenment and to explain how you can attain this state and give deeksha to everyone who wants it.. Everyone is welcome.

    Bruhn's & Cecil's web page: http://www.onenesscenter.org/
    'Enlightenment - The Sacred Marriage of Heaven and Earth': deeksha and earth energies on the Michael & Mary Ley Line 6 / 7 May '06

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    PS from Ralph:

    Bruhn found me trough my web page Ra in bo w Network Cambridge. He is in Cambridge for a business seminar and takes the chance to share what he has to share. He asked me to organise this event.
    We arranged a meeting before the seminar, and indeed he is very inspired: with radiant eyes he seems to serve the light and humanity with a good sense of humour. Even my friend and landlord Tony, who is known to be a great sceptic, remarked afterwards: "this guy is really genuine."

    Why are we living here? I believe to make use of our live and develop spiritually. And we all will - one day - return to the light, all of humanity. Bruhn seems to offer a shortcut for our long way of spiritual growth - why keep on struggling by ourselves and carry on stressing ourselves & others, when we can get there faster & easier?
    According to Bruhn the enlightenment process shifts the focus from the "ego" area in the back of the brain more towards the front (where this "we"-feeling of compassion, community, oneness etc. resides, and where we were as babies with our awareness).
    This process may need some time and some repeating - we should not expect to get enlightened at the first contact. Many or most people are expected to get Oneness within a few weeks, months or years.
    See you? - Ralph
    Read My Deeksha experience 27th Oct.'05 (Bruhn's 1st evening in Cambridge)

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    Events listing: other upcoming Deekshas around London / Cambridge
    (see "UK Deeksha Schedule" at http://www.onenessuniversity.co.uk/Events/Events.php)

    For more Deeksha events in London, Bristol, Exeter, Glastonbury, Huddersfield, Oxford, Richmond Yorkshire, Warminster and Scotland check the link above).

      NEW: Weekly Oshana Energy Work Class Cambridge with Patrick from Sun 20th Jan 2008 (not sure if this is a deeksha group - Ralph)
      A new moving meditation developed by Enlightened Teacher Dave Oshana to help: restore energy flow, release trapped energy, break unwanted habits, tune into life purpose. Free class with Patrick: Weekly meeting at Downing College, Starting Sunday 20th January. See Patrick's web page: www.srcf.ucam.org/~hc270/EnergyWorkCambridge. For detailed information about Oshana Energy Work please visit http://oshana-energywork.com - please contact Patrick for more information on

    • Some Sundays LONDON: 4.30 / 5pm to 7.30 / 8pm (3 hours) or Deeksha Intensive 1000-1700: deeksha deeksha deeksha with Irena Shutova or others (times and venue may change)
      Cost £15 - Contact & book in advance on 07727077628 - Email
      Venue: 33 Croftdown Road, London NW5 (5 min by buses 214/C2 from Camden or Kentish town stations to Woodsome Road)

    • Tuesdays weekly, Oxford: Deeksha transfer with Blanca Martin, Sarah Wearden, Josh Knight, 8:30pm - 10pm
      Cost £8 (£6 concession) - Contact 01865 794884 (01865 513435) - e-mail (or: )
      Venue: Thrangu House, 42 Magdalen Rd, East Oxford

    • Most Wednesdays (2007), London Kensington, 19:30 - 21.30
      instructor: Irena Shutova or Josh Knight or Robert Greenwood or Brendan MacDonnell or Sarah Wearden or other deeksha giver: "Deeksha is the name for a very simple interpersonal transmission of highly intelligent energy which initiates neurological changes in the brain. Over time this results in a deepening of the recipient's consciuness into the state of Oneness, or inner peace and joy."
      No booking required (contact: 01671 40 14 14 ) cost: £15
      Venue: Maria Assumpta Centre, 23 Kensington Square, nearest Tube High St Kensington, Circle Line.

    • Tuesdays Cambridge: evening with up to 2 deeksha givers: Fateh Beadle and Paul at the Sukhmani Centre (back entrance to Humberstone Rd, # 68 gravel lane, through Cutters Ferry Close off Elizabeth Way) - see www.sukhmani.co.uk
      Cost: £7 (?) or donation Deeksha in Cambridge: Please contact Fateh (Francis) Beadle, if you are interested: 01223 515784 - mobile: 07811 459229 or

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    LINKS & more about enlightenment

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