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Spiritual meaning of the current Foot and Mouth crisis

This page was set up as a background information for a Dances of Universal Peace evening with focus on healing. More links at end of page

Ralph Nimmann, March 2001

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Foot and Mouth crisis - time to wake up!

I very strongly feel, that there is an important spiritual aspect behind the current Foot and Mouth disease, and that we have to stop this unnecessary mass killing of animals. Being a German, I still feel traumatic trying to "solve a problem" by mass killing.
Farmers on the continent used to let all their life stock get infected in the past - and after 2-3 weeks it would be over; maybe a few animals would have died, but the others were immune.
Psychologically the killing of animals is a preparative step towards killing human beings.

I asked 2 healers (who are attending my Thursday evening peace dance group) to write some words of insight and inspiration - see below.
Thu 29 March2001 we did focus on healing of the animal kingdom as well as of our attitude and thinking. We sang and danced healing chants and dances and the lines below (details see DUP Programme). I also added a Prayer for healing the animals - Ralph

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Excerpt from the speech of "Chief Seattle" (Sealth), Native American, 1854

Every part of the earth is sacred to my people
We are part of the earth, and it is part of us.
All things share the same breath, all things share the same breath.
If the beasts were gone, we would die from a great loneliness of spirit.
For whatever happens to the beast, soon happens to man...
All things are connected, all things are connected.
This we know, The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth!
We belong to the earth, we belong to the earth.
Our God is the same God, Our God is the same God!

To read all the short version of the speech, see http://members.farmline.com/stress/sunflower/VISIONS/connection.htm

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"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" - by Carmen Lawitzke (Healing Touch for Animals)

As a therapist offering Healing Touch to Animals, I have been asked over and over how I feel about the Foot & Mouth crisis. I reply I don't see it as a crisis rather I feel honor and Deep Gratitude to the animals I believe are offering us a sacred gift. Let me explain what I know to be True.

Animals are magnificant teachers, much wiser than we. I believe they work hand-in-hand with Spirit to translate messages and teach us Earth lessons. Spirit is very loving and gentle and tries to teach us in ways we will most likely be successful however, we don't always "get it" the first time. When this happens we go into remediation class and are offered the same lesson in a different format. If again we don't get it, another tactic is tried. To us humans lessons can appear to get more and more severe, this is because Spirit is relentless. It's mission, as any teacher's, is to teach and it will use any means available. Once we learn the lesson, we graduate to the next. If we die before we learn, we come back with that lesson as one of our Earthly missions. Earth is simply a classroom with pre-agreed lessons to be learned by each of us.

For a long time, been trying to remind us what we used to know - that they are willing to sustain us with their bodies ie. meat but only if we treat them with dignity and respect. They have always offered their meat to each other and to the ancient cultures. I believe the animals have decided to try once more to get our attention regarding this matter. They are trying to get our attention by leaving in mass. This tactic has worked well for other animal species ie. the whales, dolphins etc. and so there is no reason it shouldn't work for the farm animals. The farm animals first offered to remind us to treat them with respect via BSE, but we didn't "get it" so they tried to increase our awareness via Salmoniella, we "didn't get it"; then an odd strain of BSC, again we were "thick"; now they're using an odd strain of Foot & Mouth. The animals have made an agreement to teach us and as any responsible teacher, will only stop when the lesson is learned.

I find it very interesting and am deeply honored that this time the animals have chosen the humans in England as their prime pupils. We would not have been chosen if we weren't ready, for "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." I think we are being told that the Lightbody work we are doing here is impacting and being recognized on a Universal level. I believe we are being recognized as ready to learn and are being rewarded with the opportunity to rise above the old way of working with the animals hence, Earn the right to graduate into higher Ascention Status. But beware - with learning there are tests.

Fear and Drama are the tools used to test our learning. They are not the tools of Spirit. There can be fear and drama around any lesson, to include Foot & Mouth. Part of the lesson here (and in all lessons) is to "see" what is happening in a peace-full manner. This is how Masters interrupt and live through Earth lessons. They trust, as we must, that all is in Divine Right Order and Divine Right Time. Animals also live in this reality and so do children. We can too.

Our peace-full support of these events will set an example for those who are afraid today and in days to come. Our love and gratitude to the animals will support the choice they have made. They have chosen and are acting on what they believe to be the most effective way to help us learn. They have volunteered to leave the planet by sacrificing themselves for the betterment of us and their future generations. I'm very proud and humbled by them and hope you are too. They are magnificant teachers, are you a ready pupil?

Carmen Lawitzke ckolz@aol.com
Please have a look at a Prayer for healing the animals

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Are you Dis-eased by Foot and Mouth? by Mike Meredith

Its hard to say which is more traumatic, the F&M disease or the sometimes brutal actions to control it!

Research into traumatic stress disorder in N. Ireland found that people who witnessed violence were actually more likely to suffer psychological illness than the injured people themselves. Direct sufferers, be they human or animal are identified as needing help and healing, but sensitive and caring souls, forced to look-on helpless, can also experience fear, loss, pain, and powerlessness.

The first step in healing is to find a safe and supportive space (e.g. the 8 pm at the Dances of Universal Peace, Cambridge on Thursday March 29th) in which to fully experience and clarify our feelings. Healing is then a natural and spontaneous process - IF we can let go of our need to be sick. The need to be sick can derive from the unhealed wounds of "yesterday", so the good news is that in healing the present, there is also an opportunity to heal the past. Healing is a miraculous experience - why not start your miracle this Thursday? Open your heart and soul, in loving and peaceful company, to the resonant healing energy of the Dances of Universal Peace & Chanting with my good friend Ralph Nimmann.

Love to all my brothers and sisters!
Mike Meredith - www.stress-counselling.co.uk

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Feedback / additions to the above

Very spiritual words from friends, people think we are going backwards.. now organic farming is coming back, but to us it is the way forward to allow the earth to evolve; the animals have agreed to this sacrifice and we are honoured by this. If only people had honoured the animals to start with...

Connect together at 9am to 9.30 am Sunday mornings, to connect with the animal healing around the world.

29 March 2001 Lesley A.

I think the animals are also telling us that as we are connected to them and to the earth. We are not only not respecting mother earth and the animal kingdom, but we are not respecting ourselves. Their deaths are thus a reflection of the great spiritual death and emptiness of soul in Western society.

29 March 2001 - Carolin Comberti

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