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"Lonely Hearts": finding a partner for spiritual people around Cambridge / UK

Be honest: aren't we all longing to have a partner beside us?

updated Jan. 2007

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love." (Albert Einstein)

As it happens: within one week I met several of my friends - and they all admitted, that they would be really happy if they would find "the right" partner. I decided to use this as an inspiration and to put this new site on the web. It's aim is to bring searching men and women together.

I have seen many changes in people after they found a partner: the inner light starts shining, the mutual support of a partner helps to unfold the creative potential..

Of course: the best is to do the "traditional" thing: go regularly out to a group like the Dances of Universal Peace & Chanting or any other of the Spiritual & Meditation groups or attend some special events or meet kindred spirits at the Rainbow Party .. and you will eventually make friends and maybe even find a partner. But this shall not stop you to help a coincidence happen by using this web page.

This site is different: it is only for spiritual people. So if you are interested in meditation or any of the many religious or spiritual ways, if you are aware that each of us has inherited a certain divinity, that we HAVE bodies, but are much more in our true nature, if you know that all the daily troubles are just projections of our shadow side onto other people and eventually "polish the inner diamond"...
then you are invited to actively use this site! "Life is just a game".

23 December 2000 Ralph

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Partners for Kindred Spirits

Cambridge spiritual female healer

Hi Ralph... would you put an anonymous add on your \"find a partner \" page for me? Could they leave messages with you to forward to me as you suggested?
I am a \"young\" 51 year old spiritual female healer who would like to meet a man slightly younger or around the same age to build a truly healthy relationship with. Someone who loves deep conversation, laughter spiritual work, personal growth and is interested in the psyche would be great. I believe people come as whole and complete however they are and would like someone who can also think this way. I love classical music, voice, short walks on the beach the occassional glass of wine, open mindedness and laughter..... amongst many other things.

Contact Ralph - code: "partner #1" - I will forward your message

Pat from Dorset

Hi, I am Pat foto of Pat (sorry, the original was not of a good quality)

I would deeply like to meet another spiritually aware male person for shared conversation, understanding and companionship and whatever develops would be right. I have been recently divorced after a 25 year marriage.
A very painful but incredibly powerful learning experience. My marriage was over in 1998, during that time I have faced many of my fears. from this I understand with compassion other peoples fears.

I love my two beautiful daughters aged 20 and 16 years. My eldest daughter has mild learning disabilities and at times struggles in this life. My youngest daughter is studying her A levels at Weymouth College, Dorset where I live.

I was an athiest until 1995 when I received a massive spiritual experience which changed my life. I knew my knowledge boundaries had to go as this new light world unfolded before my staggard eyes.

My husband then and my daughters found this very difficult to cope with as I recognised the light in absultely everything.

I wrote this poem in one minute to try and consolodate what had happened. Please share this with me in a new life which I cannot turn my back on.

I looked up and felt the tingle of the tide of life rushing in.
What beauty in full puffed clouds.
Had I really seen the exquisite detail of that painted leaf before?
Were my dancing feet really greeting the earth with each recognised step ?
Did my human breath join the pulsing sigh of the universe?
What other world was making itself known to me?
Could I catch the flow of this expansive energy ?

What eyes viewed this new terrain with such gratitude ?
What love reached out to me and tiped everything in light ?
What caused this absolute signal that everything is connected ?

Looking out looking in I feel spendid tranquillity.
Bathing now in this enchanting, changing cosmic pool.
Awakened from my sparation and kissed back to the One.

I am the awakener awakening to the awakener.

I work full time with longterm unemployed people and I learn so much from them. I deliver a self development programme, which aims to build up confidence and self esteem. I love my work, it is not paid very well but I am intrinsically rewarded.

I am not motivated by money status or success, just a warm, caring sensible heart.

I see beauty all around me and I have had some incredible moving experiences with mother nature. I love the Dances of Universal Peace and I continue to deepen into them having met the dances in 1995. I am following a sufi path and I go to Zikr ( rememberance of God ) once a month to deepen in atunement.

I am happy with the way I look. I can usually see and feel the light in people with their goodness.

I know about the female and male sides of myself and other folk. So I do not feel locked in any male and female battle which can be so destructive to a couple.

Could someone be there who could share all of what I have to offer and grow with me.

from the heart - Pat.

CONTACT Pat: pvleech@netscapeonline.co.uk (Weymouth / Dorset)

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Richard from Newmarket

Check his own home page: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/r.gilbey/GILBY/ - contact Richard for more information.

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here could be YOUR entry...

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