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Spiritual Projects & Ideas for Cambridge / UK
by  R a i n b o w N e t w o r k Cambridge

( created 1998 - updated Dec '01)

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge." (Albert Einstein)

Spring 2002: Peace Gathering centered on the Power of Music

"I am a Singer, Composer, Lightworker and work with the Power of Music. I am inviting kindred spirits to hold a venue for a Peace Gathering centered on the Power of Music in their area, that I may help raise consciousness working with the energy of Radiant Sounds.

"Also any singers or musicians who would like to share their talents please get in touch. Please e-mail me on: theresa.matthew [at] ntlworld.com (replace [at] by @ to e-mail !] or telephone me on: 01622 817136
I look forward to hearing back from my brothers and sisters!
Love Theresa"

[ Theresa can hear the angels sing. She learned many songs from them, which she loves to share. I'd like to organise this voice sharing event in Cambridge at "Bharat Bhavan" (Old Library), which has beautiful acustics. Especially female singers interested in accompanying Theresa: PLEASE contact me or her! - Ralph ]

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Project: Smoke free monthly DISCO evening


We do not have a spiritual centre in Cambridge at the moment - but we could have this:
Lots of people, who love to move, dance and express joy in a smoke-free hall, maybe bare footed. THE place to meet people

The music: Not ear damaging. The best dance hits (old and new) as well as ethnic music (Salsa, Reggae, African and Caribbean rhythms).

The people: Open mind, open heart, life loving, with guests from all over the world, who do not need to get drunk in order to communicate. Children are welcome to lighten up the atmosphere.

The venue: A spacious wooden dance floor in a big hall. Candle light, extra room with tables to sit and have in depth conversation without loud music. Tables or noticeboards with projects ("The Cambridge Centre", workshops, groups..) - a place to exchange news. Centrally located, parking facilities.

In order to realize this vision I need to rent a venue and need your help to organize and run the evenings (Disc jockey, advertizing, bar staff..). Ralph

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PROJECT: The 'University of the Heart' Cambridge

The "University of the Heart" is an umbrella organization. The aim is to teach skills, which enables individuals as well as groups to experience and establish a heart connection, to put love into practice. This involves teachings, healing, experiences, creative techniques, visualizations. The focus lies on the body as well as the soul or spirit, strengthening the right creative, co-operative, holistic part of our brain.

The "University of the Heart" is open to everyone, regardless of age, sex race or spiritual belief. It is run by a network of teachers, offering and sharing their talents at different venues.

The "University of the Heart" is based in Cambridge in order to allow an easy access for students and teaching staff of the established Cambridge universities. It aims to play an important complementary role for the mostly male, left brain dominated university teachings and scientific research in Cambridge.

Interested to join? At the moment the "University of the Heart" is still a vision - but we hopefully will meet soon to set up and strengthen this project. We need someone to run the office, many heart teachers to offer an attractive programme and lots of interested people to participate. Please contact Ralph Nimmann (see below).

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