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Christmas represents the birth of light and life. I invite you to take some time and reflect about the purpose of your life and life in general. Ralph, 24th December 2007

The Meaning of Life - by Ralph Nimmann

This was the welcoming address from Ralph Nimmann (chair Cambridge Inter-Faith Group) at the yearly "Celebration of Community" on the subject: "The Meaning of Life" on Sunday 18th Nov.'07 in Cambridge, Guildhall
[Cambridge Inter-Faith Group: www.cam.net.uk/home/interfaith]

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Thank you all for coming to the 7th Civic Celebration of the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group - and special welcome to The Right Worshipful the Mayor, Councillor Jenny Bailey.
We are very grateful for Cambridge Community Development, who is sponsoring this event.

What is The Meaning of Life? I can only speak for myself.

What IS life? We don't understand what life life is, nor the life force.
We can't understand the Creator of life.
How can we understand the meaning of life?

Maybe there is no meaning to our life and we are given freedom to do whatever we like?

As a Quaker I believe, that "that of God" is in each of us - so we have inherited all the Divine attributes of our Creator - including the potential to create.

Now what may the creator have thought when creating us? When we construct a car with wheels, doors, steering wheel, gears etc, everything is built for a purpose.
A car is made for driving.
We can assume, that everything we as human beings have, also has a purpose: we have legs to walk, eyes to look and ears to hear, a brain to think, emotions to feel - so in short:
one purpose of us is to use our body (otherwise we wouldn't have one).

I also belong to the spiritual sister- and brotherhood of Subud; our worship involves our whole being and body, with moving about.

I believe, that God, or the force which created us, has given us the main purpose of being creative.
I notice for myself, that doing kind of boring work is tiring - but being creative fills me with deep satisfaction and energises my being.

If I create something, let's say a nice meal, it'll be eaten - and that's it. If I build a house, it'll last much longer - but will eventually crumble, become a ruin and disappear.
If I produce a child, which is able to reproduce itself, or an organisation, which can survive the retirement and death of the people, it gives me a glimpse of eternity and a deep feeling of fulfilment.

And again, if I think how God would feel after creating something really great and beautiful: looking at it gets boring after a while (like toys do for children).

And we have got a free will!
We don't develop according to plan, but make our own decisions - some of them completely unexpected, some silly, some stupid, some wise... one never knows what'll happen next.
Now that is really interesting and exciting - and never boring to watch.

My conclusion is:
The meaning of our life lies in using our creativity in combination with or free will. The Meaning of the Life outside of us, plants and animals, everything which is living: all was somehow created by the creator or creative life force & is also likely to carry God's handwriting in itself.
Maybe its all a kind of stage decoration for us, and we are actors and part of the big play?

Or: maybe God even became part of this creation play, and is not just watching?
Maybe God decided to act through us, see through us and hear through us? God knows....

Hopfully we will hear more views from other's contributions, all adding to complete the giant puzzle, so we may get a glimpse of the whole picture.

Please let us have a minute of silence.


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[This page is: www.rainbow-cambridge.org.uk/spirit/meaningoflife.htm]

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