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"Enlightenment - The Sacred Marriage of Heaven and Earth"
with enlightened teachers and facilitators Cecil & Bruhn from Denmark
(on the Michael & Mary earth energy Ley lines)

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NEW: 2008 video explaining the philosophy behind working with Oness Blessing on sacred sites – see: www.onenesscenter.org/html/videos.html


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13th - 15th April '07:
enlightened Cecil & Bruhn in Bury Forest Row, London & St. Edmunds (Read more).

May 4-6 '07: Stonehenge and Avebury (see below)
July 11-14th '07: Cornwall (see below)

May 4th - 6th 2007: Retreat with Deeksha on sacred sites, Stonehenge and Avebury, “Marriage of Heaven and Earth” with Bruhn & Cecil (Denmark) in Ridgeway, Wantage, England

With private entrance to Stonehenge at sunrise on Sunday 6th and visiting Avebury landscape temple during Beltane. Price: £ 250/200 concession including food and board.
More at www.onenesscenter.org/Stonehenge_and_Avebury.pdf
Booking with

July 11th - 14th '07, Cornwall: Sacred Sites Deeksha Retreat “Mystical places of Cornwall” with Bruhn & Cecil from Denmark

From our base at the beautiful youth hostel of Lizard Point we will visit sacred sites like Carn Les Boel - where The Michael Line enters UK, Men-An-Tol - sacred stones, St . Michaels Mount - node point of Michael, Mary and the Apollo lines, Tintagel – King Arthurs Castle and other amazing sites… Price: £ 300/250 concession including food and board (10% discount if you book by April 11th).
More at www.onenesscenter.org/Mystical_Places_of_Cornwall.pdf
Booking with

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Deeksha - an energetic blessing that is now scientifically proven to catalyse physiological changes within the brain leading to permanent states of enlightenment – is now being offered for the first time at selected sacred sites along the well known Michael and Mary Ley Line. About Enlightenment / Oneness state

About the Michael and Mary Line

"The Rainbow Serpent is the female aspect of two great energy lines. The other, the Plumed Serpent, is the male aspect (see map). These serpents are themselves made up of male and female currents that intertwine like a Caduceus or Kundalini through the landscape. The Michael and Mary Line is the part of the Rainbow Serpent that travels though England (see UK map) linking many sacred sites from St Michael's Mount, Cornwall, through to Glastonbury, Avebury and many sacred sites up to Bury St. Edmunds and finally, Hopton-on-Sea, where it goes into the North Sea.

Gaia’s energy system is remarkably similar to our own. Our connection to the earth is also far greater than we realise" (from www.rainbowserpent.co.uk/home.html - see their world map)

"The Michael line is the ‘male’ or positive line, while Mary is the ‘female’ or negative line, which equate with the Yin and Yang of Eastern beliefs. The energy lines can also be equated with the dragon lines of Chinese folklore. The dragon and serpent are also terms used to relate to these lines of Earth energy." (from www.apra.org.uk/energies.htm)

For the programme "Enlightenment - The Sacred Marriage of Heaven and Earth" we choose exactly the spots, where the Michael and Mary Line are crossing each other. Like in a computer, the energy is stronger, where two currents come together. At these points "the veil is thin between the worlds" - and it is more likely to have mystical experiences.

Both Deeksha and earth ley lines are naturally occurring and harmonious phenomenon.
Both are Divinely sourced, one from the heart of Heaven, the other from the heart of Gaia, our 3 dimensional world.
More about Oneness / Enlightenment and the deeksha energy - read about some Deeksha Experiences

The programme of events started in 2006 for the first time in the UK. It was a rare opportunity to experience both. One important focus includes visiting various sacred sites along the whole length of the Michael and Mary Ley Lines, from Norfolk and East Anglia via Avebury and Glastonbury to Cornwall, during May and August 2006 - more to come in 2007. It is a powerful mixture of activities aiming to bring the participants permanently into the state of Oneness:
- Pilgrimage with energy work on sacred sites on the Michael and Mary Ley Lines
- Deeksha seminars and workshops
- Retreat near Avebury

See Bruhn's and Cecil's web page programme for upcoming events: www.onenesscenter.org/

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If you missed the previous events and are interested in getting updates for these and future enlightenment / deeksha events,
e-mail Ralph (for Cambridge event) on
or Daniel Rounding (for Norfolk events): , Phone: 0845 4589523
- we'll keep you updated.

Nature in form of a beech tree
            in Wandlebury
    photo: Ralph Nimmann
Nature in form of a beech tree in Wandlebury
Beech tree roots in Wandlebury
      photo: Ralph Nimmann
Beech tree roots in Wandlebury

Working in and with Nature

Cecil and Bruhn have on several occasions expressed their deep connection with the English landscape. They have experienced that working with the Deeksha energy in nature amplifies the effect giving birth to a quantum leap in the consciousness of the participants. Working with this intention at a sacred site also creates a precious healing process for the earth and that part of the landscape - reinvigorating essential life energies and helping to restore its health and balance.

  Wandlebury Ring
south of Cambridge

The sacred sites ceremonies you will experience are a co-creation between the Auriga Mysteries School Norfolk, Cecil and Bruhn (teachers and Deeksha givers from Oneness Center Denmark), other UK Deeksha givers and a local spiritual teacher. Read more about Cecil & Bruhn

In the activities you will experience:
- Teachings about how to approach working at sacred sites, including the role of ceremony.
- Myths and background regarding the sacred sites
- Connecting with the site through inner silence
- Deekshas - the energy catalysing enlightenment
- Oneness teachings
- Stories explaining the process towards Enlightenment including Q&A
- Guided meditations
- Prayer work in groups

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For Bruhn's & Cecil's 2007 International Seminars, Retreats and Pilgrimages:
please visit www.onenesscenter.org

Below the programme from August 2006:

          Glastonbury Tor
courtesy of sacredsites.com

Glastonbury Tor - courtesy of sacredsites.com

The programme will combine 3 powerful dimensions:

Heaven and Earth
The programme is a unique opportunity to bring heavenly energies (Deekshas) and sacred earth energies (at amazing sacred sites) to meet in your heart facilitating an awakening to your true nature. This is what you will experience as "galactic grounding", "living in a vertical reality" or simply "Enlightenment".

Michael and Mary Ley lines
 location in south England East and West
In May we work in sacred sites on the eastern part of the Michael and Mary Ley lines with Hopton as the one polarity. In August we will visit Lands End at the western polarity - working our way to the middle of the Ley lines near Avebury. Finishing in the middle of England with a 3 day retreat is a physical manifestation of living in your centre, the Oneness State bridging all polarities, transcending the dualistic mind.

Feminine and Masculine
The energies of Amma and Bhagavan transmitted through deeksha manifest the masculine and feminine aspects of the divine. Doing this on the Michael & Mary ley lines (also masculine and feminine) through two enlightened channels Cecil and Bruhn (also masculine and feminine) triples the oneness power and facilitates the sacred marriage within you.
We choose places, where the Michael and Mary ley lines are crossing each other: on these special spots the energy is multiplied, and we can come into resonance with both energies more easily.

Read more at Bruhn's and Cecil's updated web page programme: www.onenesscenter.org/

Sacred Site Schedule, August 2006 Programme Information
(update from 3rd July 2006)

Introduction: The first half of this amazing program celebrating the Michael and Mary Earth Energy Lines happened successfully during 5 - 7 May throughout East Anglia (see white box below). Uniquely, at each sacred site Deeksha was offered to participants, thus also celebrating the marriage between heaven and earth in a very human, very experiential way.

Now it is the turn of the south-western part of the UK to receive our focus. The Michael and Mary Lines make their landfall at Land’s End in Cornwall and pass through some well known land marks. It is intended that the work started in East Anglia will continue throughout Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Oxfordshire during August 2006. You are most welcome to join us.

Bruhn and Cecil from Denmark will be making a welcome return as the principal Deeksha givers, and retreat leaders. It is hoped other UK Deeksha givers will assist in making these events ones to remember. Members of the Auriga Mysteries School will once again participate at each of the sacred sites, involving making magik by creating a welcome with a ceremonial focus, smudging, dressing up, conch blowing and other serious fun activities!

Please note a detailed schedule is also available at www.onenesscenter.org/ - Bruhn's and Cecil’s website.

3 Day Retreat, Ridgeway Youth Hostel, 5 pm Wed 16th to 5 pm Saturday 19th August 2006: this Deeksha retreat, near the Avebury stone circles, has the theme of ‘Bridging and Transcending Polarities’. The event marks the end point of this pilgrimage along the Michael and Mary Lines, geographically situated at the centre of the lines as they travel through the southern UK.

Just as we’ll have celebrated the magik and mystery of the sacred sites visited throughout the pilgrimage, the retreat then invites us to acknowledge and honour our own deeper mysteries.

The physical location, the Deeksha's, exercises and meditations will support the inner realisation of living from the centre of your being.

The retreat will comprise of an intensive program led by Bruhn & Cecil who are skilled and experienced facilitators. To read more about the way they work please visit their website. The cost of the retreat is all inclusive, with full vegetarian board and accommodation.

Accommodation during "Enlightenment – The Sacred Marriage of Heaven & Earth" August 2006 - Preliminary Information from 27 May 2006

Introduction Having somewhere to stay and sleep over is crucial to the success of this wonderful opportunity to visit sacred sites in the south-west and experience Deeksha. This information suggests the hostels some of us will be using. Its anticipated that most of the participants will commit to do the whole duration of the 5 days sacred site schedule.
          Avebury Stones
courtesy of sacredsites.com
Photo: Avebury Stones, courtesy of sacredsites.com

To date most of the interest is from people wishing to celebrate the Michael and Mary Lines and do the 3 days Deeksha focused retreat at Avebury. However, you are free to choose how much or how little involvement you wish. Join us for just a day during the sacred site schedule, or just be a part of the 3 day retreat. It’s entirely up to you. You’ll be made most welcome at any of the events.

Sacred Site Visits, 12 – 16 August 2006: To suit your own budget and preferences you are, of course, free to use nearby Youth Hostels or campsites, bed and breakfast or hotels.

You are advised to make your own accommodation and booking arrangements as soon as possible. As you’re only too aware August is the peak holiday season and, for example, already the Land’s End Hostel at St Just is fully booked for this period.

It is also intended that Deeksha will be offered in the evenings at the accommodation where the Deeksha givers will be staying. There will not be a charge for Deeksha in the evenings for those involved with the sacred site visits.

Detailed Joining & Accomodation Instructions are available online at www.onenesscenter.org/

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Programme May 2006

            Abbey Ruins
        Bury St. Edmunds
courtesy of sacredsites.com Mobile for Daniel Rounding for last minute enquiries (will be switched off during the events - times see below): 07814 573 718

  • Friday 5th 19-21.45 Ipswich: Deeksha Seminar - Lecture Hall of the County Library, £12/6
  • Saturday 6th 10-12 Hopton (Norfolk): Ceremony on the most Eastern point of the M&M lines. £10/5 - Meet at the old church ruins, Coast Road, Hopton (Outdoor event)
  • Saturday 6th 14-21 Butley (Norfolk): 'The Path to Enlightenment', Deeksha workshop, Butley Village Hall, Mill Lane, Butley, Suffolk. £50/25 (for those wishing to deepen their experience of Deeksha) - advance booking required! (involves a woodland walk)
  • Sunday 7th 9-11 Royston Cave, Melbourne Street Royston: Deeksha Rebirth Ceremony in the cave - £10/5 plus £1 entry fee. LIMITED PLACES in the cave! (We may have 2 shifts from 9-10 & 10-11am) Call Daniel before.
    The cave is in the very centre, under the "Cave Shop" [about the Royston Cave see: www.indigogroup.co.uk/edge/Royston.htm]
  • Sunday 7th 12.30-14.30 Cambridge: Wandlebury Ring, Deeksha Ceremony in nature, £10/5 (+£2 charge carpark) - outdoor event
    [read more about Gog Magog Hill, Wandlebury Ring, Mary Line and http://www.cpswandlebury.org/page2.html]
  • Sunday 7th 15.30-17.30 Bury St. Edmunds: Deeksha Ceremony in the Abbey ruins, £10/5
  • Sunday 7th 18:15 - 19:30 Cambridge shared meal - place to be arranged by participants
  • Sunday 7th 20-22.00 Cambridge: Deeksha Seminar,
    CHANGE of venue: Centre at St. Paul's, Hills Road / St. Paul's Road
    between the station and city centre - www.centrestpauls.org.uk/ (call Ralph on 01223 510442) - £12/6

    Royston Cave
wall carvings

    - 1 Day Pass: Saturday: £56/28 - Sunday: £38/19 (to access all the activities each day)
    - 3 Day Pass: £100/50 (For Friday, Saturday & Sunday, access to all areas, please pay in advance)
    Concessions (50%) for students, unemployed and retired people.

    It is possible to attend each activity as a single event but we recommed you to participate in the full programme as staying in the deeksha energy over several days is a most powerful experience.
    A car is recommended (perhaps shared) for travelling between the different locations and you should arrange accommodation if you do not have friends you can stay with in the area. Joining the group for 1 full or all 3 days creates powerful synergies.
    Print an A4 poster: A4-poster-Sacred-Marriage-May06.doc
    Wandlebury Ring - April '06
  photo: Ralph Nimmann
    Wandlebury Ring Cambridge - April '06

    Booking & info:

    After booking you will receive more details re. meetings, transport co-ordination, breakes with sharing food by e-mail.

    Sign up/further info/directions for all activities except Cambridge: Daniel Rounding, mobile for Daniel Rounding for last minute enquiries (will be switched off during the events - times see above): 07814 573 718 , phone: 0845 4589523

    Sign up/further info/directions Cambridge evening seminar: Ralph Nimmann, phone: 01223 510 442 - e-mail:
    Planning to travel to Cambridge? Check Useful Links =>Transport
    Need a bed for a night? Contact Ralph (e-mail above - or call 01223 510442).

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    If you are intrigued by the Michael and Mary Ley Line phenomena and wish to gain some insight, one of the best books on the subject is:

    Enlightenment / Oneness | Listing of other deeksha events around Cambridge | Enlightenment / Oneness LINKS | Deeksha Experiences

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