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Mystics Club Cambridge / UK
an informal network for mature souls
on R ainbowNetwork Cambridge

generated 6 May 2001

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed." (Albert Einstein)

Something is missing in Cambridge: a forum, network or place, where spiritually interested people can meet, communicate - or at least an organisation or individual helping with communicating and passing on information about interesting events in the Cambridge region.

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Now here is my inspiration:
the "Mystics Club Cambridge" is an email supported information and connection network, which aims for people, groups and events offering spiritual experiences and information, which enables them to make spiritual progress.
The underlying idea is, that we CAN and need spiritual experiences of being close with God or oneness (mystic experience).
Read about or go to a yoga talk - or practice it. You will feel what a difference the experience makes.

Update June 2006:
The place to meet Mystic Minds - visit: www.mysticforums.co.uk
including 'The Mystic Arts discussion forum'
UPDATE January 2006:
I forgot about this web page - but now something found me:
Enlightenment - or the Oneness State - this sounds too good to be true - and yet, it is REAL.
People like you and me CAN reach that state described by mystics, with help of Deeksha energy - read more...

We have already some e-mail lists: Dances of Universal Peace & Chanting" and "Cambridge Inter-Faith", so the focus of the Mystic's club will lie on other possibilities of experience and also include some inspiring talks.


Interested in supporting this network? I do need your support and contributions! Please e-mail Ralph (Subject = 'mystic') with your events, inspirations and suggestions.

Let's see, what will happen - Ralph Nimmann, May 2001

Well - for a long time nothing happened. Until one day in the end of December '01 after meeting some special people I felt inspiried to make a new web site and e-list: Are you hearing voices in your head? Or seeing things?.

Out of the first meeting on 21st Feb '02 a new group was created: sharing special experiences with eachother - a kind of Mystics Club. . .

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What do we have already in Cambridge?

Hello Ralph,
several of your ideas including "university of the heart" and "Mystics club" have a lot in common with what I am trying to start with the full moon meditations. My friend Geoff channels some very advanced entities and they say that schools similar to the mystery schools run by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians will be set up around the country. My idea (spurred on by Geoff and his channelling) was to start with the full moon meditations, which are the most important, and then start holding new moon meditations. Later Sangha meetings would be added so that there would be an event every week. These meditation groups around the country (Geoff is in Stoke) would accelerate the spiritual progress of the members and some of them would later also learn to channel these advanced beings. The groups would then be able to start local schools/universities. However, it appears that many people in Cambridge have already found groups that meet some of their needs and they need a lot of persuading before they commit to extra activities. People MUST come of their own free will. If you are interested, Geoff has channelled a short book that explains a bit more about this and other ideas.
9 May 2001, Robert - phone Cambridge 740 326.

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The groups listed below offer spiritual experiences:

Deeksha - Enlightenment | Dances of Universal Peace | chanting | Brahma Kumaris - "Inner Space" | "The Buddhist Page Cambridge" | Hare Krishna Group | The Quakers | Cambridge Sufi Group | meet Ralph at some of the mentioned groups.

Interested in joining the Mystics Club? E-mail Ralph. You may receive occasional email.

Download religious / spiritual Audio Books on your computer (some for free): www.theaudiobooksuperstore.com
(buying anything via this link will help Ralph to receive a commission)

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