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The Cambridge Centre

Spirit and Culture Programme 2001
at St Edward King and Martyr, Cambridge
- current programme see: www.st-edwards-cam.org.uk -

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The Spirit and Culture programme at St Edward's seeks to foster a spiritual culture for the new millennium. We are committed to Christ and celebrate the glory of the Christian tradition, but we are open to the Spirit of God everywhere, not only in the Church but outside it, including other spiritual practices, and new movements in science, psychology and ecology. We are aware that the Church has often alienated those it seeks to serve, and hope that this programme will embrace spiritual seekers of all kinds in an atmosphere of warmth and openness.

St Edward's stands at the corner of Market Hill next to the Arts Theatre (see Venue location with map). It is an oasis of calm at the heart of Cambridge, and seeks to combine respect for tradition with relevance to modern life.

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Wed 31 Jan evening: visionary meeting to shape the future 'Spirit & Culture' Programme of St. Edward's Church

Fraser Watts, who organised the previous year's 'Spirit & Culture' Programme of St. Edward's Church, in the spirit of the former spiritual Cambridge Centre, wants to find some people, who are willing to create a vision and commit themselves to a certain amount to attending in the next months.
Contact: Revd Dr Fraser Watts: 01223 359223, e-mail: fnw1001@hermes.cam.ac.uk
or: Marella Buckley marellabuckley@hotmail.com
VENUE: St. Edward's Church

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St. Edward's Church has no special programme during summer 2001

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From September 2001: a fortnightly course of talks: "Being a Christian - becoming whole" by Sarah Savage and Fraser Watts, Wednesdays 5:30pm

This fortnightly course of talks: "Being a Christian - becoming whole" is linking Christian faith, personal growth and pastoral care.
Contact: Revd Dr Fraser Watts: 01223 359223, e-mail: fnw1001@hermes.cam.ac.uk
VENUE: St. Edward's Church, between the Guildhall and King's parade.

Dates and themes:

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Guided Meditation
Fridays 5.30 - 6.15 pm

An introduction to Christian mindfulness for those who wish to explore the
spirit in silence. It can help you in your own spiritual practice to
meditate in the company of others and we invite you to come and join us. A
new series of meditations will begin in October. No charge.

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Vicar-Chaplain Revd Dr Fraser Watts: 01223 359223, e-mail: fnw1001@hermes.cam.ac.uk
Assistant Chaplain Revd Dorothy Peyton-Jones: 012233 523485

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