The following article was published in the Subud Britain Bulletin August 2002 on the blue SICA page. If anyone is interested in my background or why I love to be in Subud as well as in the Dances of Universal Peace family, please read.
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Peace dances, Rainbow parties, inter-faith and a full(filled) life

My life seems to be quite colourful - so I follow the invitation to share some experiences with my subud sisters and brothers. May it inspire you to take risks and follow your guidance.

Being born on summer Solstice 1953 I always had a sunny outgoing nature in combination with a quick butterfly Gemini mind.

I spare out all my background: growing up in Berlin, working on and off as a town planner, going to various self experience groups, Gestalt therapy training, meditation groups, healing courses, fire walking, leading the Berlin Chanting group, organising esoteric workshops etc.

I followed my love and moved to England at a point of being jobless: what did I have to lose? Especially since some channelling and clairvoyant friends suggested that my partner and I were soul mates.

After 6 month we split up - just at the point when I gave up my Berlin flat. At this point something told me, that it wasn't right yet to move back to Germany. I wondered why I was guided to move to England.

I decided to stay and move to nearby Cambridge with the intention to get more involved in the Findhorn orientated Cambridge Centre. I also wanted to continue my weekly peace dance group.

The Dances of Universal Peace ( are heart centred, peace in motion, chant, movement and meditation from the world's spiritual traditions. The group moves in unity, with simple steps while singing simple chants. We sing sacred phrases from all over the world. They also include contact with others and create a strong spirit of community. That's why I love them and am teaching them since 1994 in Berlin, Cambridge and Riga.

So I moved to Cambridge in 1997, found a bed-sit and a venue for my peace dances - just round the corner. When booking the rooms, the centre manager mentioned another group, which also did a kind of "chaotic chanting" - so I found Subud. I just felt: this is right for me. As a free spirit in the universe I feel very much at home in subud with it's limitless freedom.

I earn my living with home care, cleaning and gardening jobs. I am amazed, how inspiring simple work can be; when the brain is not too much involved, it is free for inspiration. I had new chants, peace dances and web pages emerging out of nowhere.

What am I really doing in Cambridge? I am a regular Quaker attendee, because I like the silent meditative meetings - a nice completion to the dynamic subud practice. I lead a monthly Taizé harmony-chanting group there. I am involved in organising the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group, which brings together people with different traditional religions as well as those following new spiritual ways. I established my web site Rainbow Network Cambridge ( into an information network for alternative / spiritual / healing groups, connections and events for the Cambridge region. This web site is a rich source, which I use in combination with various email lists (in Cambridge most people are on email).

I have this dream of bringing together people from different cultures, religions or backgrounds in peace and harmony. So I usually open my parties to everyone, call them Rainbow party and invite people from all groups I am somehow involved. So you find Muslims and pagans together with Hare Krishna, Quaker and subud people eating and singing together, chatting about life and everything. As a result I brought 9 new subud members in the last 5 years.

Examples how my web page develops: while riding my bike I get inspired to help spiritual people to find a room or flat with like minded people and set up a web page. Or: while dancing with the broom on my cleaning job I suddenly realise, that everyone struggles with having less and less time - so I arrange an evening discussion on that theme. A friend showed me a new crop circle just south of Cambridge. Think what you want: they are beautiful - and some aspects of them are mysterious. We allow so little mystery in our rational minded world - so I made a crop circle page. Many of my inspirations end up on my web page, now on more than 140 pages.

Actually my idea is to bring people away from the PC and make them do something real. In order to achieve this, I spend hours every day updating my web events, compiling information for my email lists, organising special events, rainbow parties etc. Around midnight, when my eyes go square and my neck gets stiff I wonder if it's worth doing.

This year my Latvian friend Vitalija (also in subud) and I finally got married. And the days still only have 24 hours. Now I don't know: is my life full - or is it fulfilled? I like to conclude this article with some inspiring conclusions:

Hope to see you all at congress in August,

Ralph Nimmann, Cambridge Rainbow connector (and chair Subud Cambridge)

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