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The Cambridge Centre / UK - spiritual centre for the region until November 1997

this page is www.rainbow-cambridge.org.uk/tcc/THE_CC.HTM

This is a non official web page dedicated to "The Cambridge Centre" by Ralph Nimmann - Ra in bo w Network Cambridge (updated May 2002). It is meant to be:

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Contents of this page below:

Brief history of The Cambridge Centre
My vision
Official statement of the core group (17.Dec '97)
NEWS (Oct '99), contact, Outlook & other activities around The Cambridge Centre

Brief History of The Cambridge Centre:

The Cambridge Centre has been in Cambridge for about 9 years, at 23 St Andrew's Street, on the first floor. The founders were Roger and Manuela from the Findhorn Community in Scotland (see http://www.findhorn.org). The Centre has been independent and open for all spiritual interested people, providing a meditation space as well as a large collection of spiritual literature, tapes and videos from various paths. Latest NEWS see below!

If you have books or tapes to return to the Cambridge Centre, you can hand them over to me - I'll pass them on. Since April '98 all the books and furniture are stored in a garage in Newnham, and the former venue is rented to someone else.

My Vision:

Rainbow I see a place, where people are meeting, who are open to spiritual development. Individuals finding together on the occasion of an organized event, a regular group, or just by coincidence. An open place where information and energies come together, generating new projects and friendships, opportunities to get in touch with the many spititual paths..

There will be regular events, giving opportunity to celebrate. A smoke free disco evening with multi-cultural and ethnic music to honour the cultural diversity of Cambridge and our planet earth will be part of the programme . This dancing helps to express and feel the joy of life whilst staying grounded. There is so much joy to experience and to share. Especially the visitors from other countries have so much to share emotionally (see Life & Spirituality).

Ralph Nimmann

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Statement of the core group (Abigail, Kim and Roger) December 17th 1997

"What follows is a brief statement, summarizing where we feel the Cambridge Centre is at this pivotal moment in its unfoldment:

We have been unable to negotiate a space within St. Michael's Hall. There are two main reasons for this:

Firstly, since our meeting with Reverend John Bins, he and those determining the use of this space have decided that they don't want to have any one group setting up a permanent residence there for the foreseeable future. In practical terms, this means we won't be able to move our library there, which was a primary reason for wanting the space.

Secondly, Reverend Bins expressed concerns about whether aspects of our work are compatible with his church's interpretation of Christ's teachings. He was particularly unsure about acceptability of the aspects of our work connected with nature and magic.
We feel these are vital areas within the project and we do not wish to compromise the ecumenical nature of the centre.

As was stated in the last "Sacred Culture", we are committed to following our intuitions and flowing with the spirit of the centre.
We still feel here may be future work connected with St. Michael's Hall project, but we are now clear we need to take a longer term view on this.

Right now our clearest need is for rest personally, psychically and for an emptiness that can provide the space for the centre to re-emerge and find its form.

We have perhaps, in the past been too anxious to respond to the pressures of trying to accommodate a diversity of needs and as a result been unrealistic about what we can achieve.

All of our lessons this year seem to convey the same message, which is a need for deeper thoroughness in the way we make decisions and follow them through. In our meditations we have experienced a calling for the slowness, depth and expansiveness which will enable this.

At present these qualities seem essential for our inner recuperation and healing as well as to building solid foundations for our future external work in the city."

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NEWS (Oct'99!), Contact, Outlook & other activities around The Cambridge Centre

Roger, Kim and Manuela are currently living in Switzerland. But there is a new co-operation with the "Spirit and Culture Programme at St. Edwards Church Cambridge ( See Special Events!)

The Autumn Edition of the newsletter "Sacred Culture" No 7 has been sent out to people on the mailing list. Contact: The Cambridge Centre, 25 Pera Place, Camden, Bath, BA1 5NX, ENGLAND.

Nobody came to the "Visions Gathering" on Thu. 18. Dec. 1997 (you were invited to help create something new in a similar spirit), organized by Ralph. We cannot always rely on others to organize something - WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO, to give the spirit of the Cambridge Centre a material expression?

Even though there is no physical space at the moment, we can come together and meet in the spirit of an open centre, eg. at the Dances of Universal Peace & Chanting evenings or on other occasions. By the way: it was in this place, The Cambridge Centre, where Ralph started the Dances of Universal Peace & Chanting in spring 1997.

The person who is currently still in contact with the founders, is Vicar-Chaplain Revd Dr Fraser Watts: 01223 359223, e-mail: fnw1001@hermes.cam.ac.uk.

I'd really like to organize a monthly smoke free disco evening - but I need YOUR help.
And I have the vision of the "University of the Heart"
The Ra in bo w Network Cambridge carries a part of the spirit of The Cambridge Centre on it's web site.
See also Greenwave Relaunch Project - Cambridge Regional Magazine for Alternative Living until 1999

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