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Do you value the information on Rainbow Network Cambridge by Ralph Nimmann? (created 8 December 2001)

Here I am sitting at my PC - the lonely web master. I spent many hours nearly every day to set up and provide the information on Ra in bo w Network Cambridge, the World Peace Pages Cambridge, special Events, Cambridge Inter-Faith Group, Dances of Universal Peace, Spiritual & Meditation groups, Healing, Environment, Prayers, Crop circles - 5000 links on more than 160 files, 7 email lists by December 2001, contacts, parties and events organisation (see more ABOUT the Rainbow Network Cambridge).

Especially since the events from September 11th I set up more than 35 pages in my quest for the truth behind the incomplete information provided by the media (see 'my story').

I actually reduced the hours of my paid work in order to manage this task. It is in a way a sacrifice I make - in the end for you - the reader and user of this web page.

I would very much appreciate, if you would give any voluntary donation towards the time and energy I invested in these web pages providing information and inspiration, invite me for a meal or offer anything else in exchange.

In return for your support I will put your name and link with a paragraph on my new Sponsors Page (

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Ralph Nimmann, in the emotional desert town of Cambridge, England, 8 December 2001

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